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  1. I know Tony personally. He's graduating in the spring and won't use his final year of eligibility.
  2. As many as it takes to make us a football powerhouse. I'll help fund 40 if we need them or I'll take down the 3 that are up there. It's all about wins, baby. Man, that's a tough order. So, considering I went on record as calling dibs first, I have to decline.
  3. I just want to let everyone know that when I win the Powerball tomorrow night, I plan on becoming UNT's T Boone Pickens. It's gon' be fun, y'all.
  4. I salute you for including a gif from "The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad." I only recognize this gif because I watched the movie last night. One of my all-time favorites.
  5. So sad. I didn't know Sara, but I have a couple of former classmates of mind that did. I hope these heartless scumbags are found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  6. I'll echo this. Yeah, we got our teeth kicked in 11 times this past season, but I still flew my Mean Green lawn flag every game day in my neighborhood. You know why? A fan base that will support its team through all the crap and idiocracy is still a lot more attractive than a fan base that completely shuts up and disappears when things get bad. Sure, a lot of people don't know who we are outside of Texas, but if we all just ran off now and quit donating, then nobody inside D/FW will know who we are. Sure, this means I will take it in the shorts every time I'm around my TCU, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Texas and (holding back a vurp) SMU alumni friends/family. But every single one of them were LOUDLY supportive of their schools through the muck and mire, too. Times like this galvanize a fan base. Honestly, I don't care who the A. D. is. Yes, I believe R. V. has done a terrible job in the past with football and basketball. But frankly, I don't care who gets the credit if Coach Littrell turns this ship around. (And honestly, I'm all-in on the dude. I truly believe in him to do this and like what he brings to the table). I just care that this ship gets turned around. That's why you'll never see me whiz all over my own team. I'm going to support them regardless of what happens. However, that doesn't mean I'm "happy" with any shortcomings. And I can promise you that's more appealing to a recruit looking to come to UNT. If they know the fans have their backs even when wins are hard to come by, they will salivate over the thoughts of what that fanbase would look like when they're competing for a conference championship. If they treat the players like kings when they lose 11 games, the fans will treat them like gods when they win 11.
  7. If I'm Graham Harrell on a recruiting visit to a QB, this is what I'd say . . . "You know, *insert player name*, I was once a high school senior like yourself and had aspirations to throw for a crap-ton of yards in college, set a bunch of NCAA records, go pro and win a Super Bowl. I had a coach that believed I could do that." Harrell then shows the kid his Super Bowl ring and a picture of his trophy case at home. "I know a thing or two about what that takes and I believe in you to do what I did. Come to UNT and let's make it happen." Boom, rinse, wash and repeat and start hauling in all the good local QB recruits.
  8. I talked with a defensive player that will be returning next year. He seems pretty optimistic about Coach Littrell and that he's going to get the offense fired up. We both agreed that we're interested in seeing who he brings in to coach the defense. With this player in particular, that will really sell him.
  9. Holy crap, I was so zoned in and didn't really look around much. That, and I don't know many faces from the board. Feel free to say hi next time you see me, though! That, and I've got a serious case of "McCarney Neck" going on. Man, I need to fix my posture.
  10. I'll echo what Ben said, but there was a decent line to meet Coach Littrell. He was talking and laughing with a lot of us, so I thought that was pretty cool. He has to be exhausted, though. But man, he is a super approachable guy. I'd love to run into him at a local watering hole and just sit and have a drink with the dude. I could hear him talk X's and O's all day and have a blast.
  11. Took a few pics this afternoon when Coach Seth Littrell came and met us in the new Union. Mr. and Mrs. Littrell laughing, having a good time! You can tell he doesn't like being talked about that much. I think he's a "Down to business" dude. Quality of this one is not nearly as good, but that's because it's a phone pic. I got to meet the dude. Coach Littrell is a really cool guy. I think fans are going to love him!
  12. "Hahaha, Oh what a day!! We sittin' up here, look at this draft guru, Gil Brandt. The late, the great Gil Brandt. This man has seen more talent than anybody el . . . Oh! A phong is ringin'. Michael Crabtree, hello? They won't say who it is. I bet you wanna know also. I wanna know, who is that guy callin' Michael Trabtree? And when is he gon' go? We'll be back after these messages."
  13. I'd take Harrell in a heartbeat as OC, just because the guy knows a thing or two about QBs. The more QB expertise we can get walking around Apogee and the practice fields, the better, in my opinion. As for DC, I like Zac Spavital because his squads got freakin' turnovers. I want a defense that goes after the ball, period!
  14. Because quite frankly, we suck right now and have no really good comeback for it. There, I said it. We can only fire back when we have ammo. We have no ammo.
  15. Regarding the bolded part, it could have been an actual student that brought their kids to the game. I have often used my student ticket and then gotten in my family as "guests" for just ten bucks each. Those "guest" tickets are also for sitting in the student section. I'm willing to bet that's why they'd bring their kids to the student section.
  16. I like Haikus, dude Great ones done with attitude give me a good mood Gifs are greatness, too Funny ones make me not blue Bad ones make me spew
  17. Nah, since I'm one of those 3,000, I can assure you the number will be no more than 2,999.
  18. Your cryptic responses have me thinking really hard, which is really hard. The only theories I can come up with revolve around Connie Britton or Brad Leland since they both appeared in both, the film and the TV series. So the best theory based on that I have is that Connie Britton is going to come to Denton and do some kind of special "Nashville" shoot with a guest appearance from Tim McGraw. Other than that, I got nothin' you guys.
  19. Not quite. They've stopped having the huge University-wide commencement in the Summer and Fall. They will now have one University-wide commencement in May where nobody walks the stage. It's just a guest speaker and a little more pomp and circumstance and everyone separated by degree type. However, those wanting to have their name called and walk the stage will still have a commencement ceremony with their respective college (Engineering, Arts & Science, Journalism, etc . . .) and those will take place in May and December. Hope that clears it up a bit.
  20. I'm fine with going through this in four years . . . if said young P5 coordinator has turned this program around and is now getting poached to be the HC at a P5 school.
  21. Like I've said before, it's absolutely GARBAGE that we don't have some kind of local broadcast deal in place with TXA-21, KDFI, CW-33, or any of the local broadcast channels. It's absolutely stupid that a top 5 media market school cannot be watched locally but is airing in effing Des Moines, Iowa. Des Moines!?!? Are you serious with this crap? It's unacceptable. I mean, if this was a home game, I could kind of understand not airing it locally, but man, it's a road game! In fact, I'd venture to say I could go out there, myself and swing some kind of local broadcast deal with one of these channels. But if I did that, I'd want all the money from it and see that RV sees none of it.
  22. I'm pretty sure that's not the article he's talking about. However, doing a google search of Jenna Duncan's name and searching the DR-C's website yields me nothing but this article for me as well. So yeah, unless KRAM can find a link, himself, I'm not sure we'll be able to see it. Exactly.
  23. I want someone who's done well as a HC with "not much" or "next to nothing." Whether that means he's won at the G5 level or the FCS level, it really doesn't matter to me. Just someone who's had some coaching experience and made things happen by having a few winning seasons. I'd also prefer Texas ties, although that's not totally a deal-breaker to me if he's proven at other jobs that he can get out and get to know the HS coaches in Texas and get them talking about UNT to their kids. If we can get a guy that does that, we'll certainly be headed in the right direction.
  24. That's a really nice-looking ring, too! I debated the thought of the white spinel, but ultimately went with the emerald because I wanted some green. A few of the other recipients and I were looking at each others' designs and loved what we saw. But as with your bride's and mine, I still favor the original design that has all of the traditional trademarks of our ring. Just awesome.
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