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  1. Honestly if you told me two point game at half time, I’d have said I’d take it. Hoping Coach McCasland has them fired up out of the locker room!
  2. Agree. In real time I totally thought it was a charge. But on the replay his left foot seemed like it was still sliding. 50/50 for sure.
  3. Dang that three from Perry was from freaking Haslet.
  4. The people that made this happen are awesome!
  5. I’m right there with you. Upsets = the awesomeness.
  6. Yep I’m done already. But it sure was cool seeing a 2-seed go down!
  7. Wanna go but we blew the remainder of our spring break vacation budget Tuesday night before during and after the game lol. We’ll certainly be watching it though!!
  8. Done! I have a goal of finishing 10th or better. I don’t like my odds.
  9. Man, my son and I were in shock at that shot and giving the dude props … but holy crap, we laughed like loons when they announced it didn’t count!
  10. My Lord they came out flat from the locker room
  11. Haha, nah it’s just a cool little thing to hang on my wall. I’m gonna put it somewhere by my diploma, I think. That way every person I get on Zoom with will see it!
  12. I know it’s a bit early, but we already had the wife’s family Christmas yesterday and I HAD to show this off. My brother-in-law hand made this for me! Freaking cool!
  13. Man, I agree. I don’t think anyone in here is overlooking our horrible start to the season. But Coach Littrell took this team at a VERY low point and turned them around. He did what most of you that wanted him gone five weeks ago gave him no shot at pulling off. Not to mention, it’s what now stands as a win over the highest-ranked opponent in school history, and on top of that it came against a team we all love to hate. I’m not saying he deserves an extension but he’s certainly earned the right to coach one more season from me.
  14. Northwestern State’s horrible clock management was a HUGE gift for us there.
  15. These late calls are gonna give me a coronary. The pork hot links don’t help either, but pay no attention to those.
  16. Here comes the defense we’ve wanted! More of that please!
  17. Really should have gone for the jugular with a deep pass on first down after the fumble. Our running game is solid today but I trust QB1’s arm enough to try and make a statement there. Dang. Field goal felt so disappointing there.
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