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  1. So the band sounds great … at least there’s that …
  2. It’s gameday … I’m in a good mood and I’m munching some pregame fajitas before heading to the stayjum … I’m gonna say 9-3!
  3. I’m floating right now .. wow!
  4. Scott has come out hot in the second half!
  5. Man I’m not usually that SEC-like “go, *insert the name of my conference*, beat the other conferences SOUNDLY” guy, but dammit I’m PROUD of this conference y’all!!! And I’m even more excited that all four of our schools that have dominated the postseason are headed to the American together! This is unreal!!
  6. What a game, what a team, what a season!! DO YOU BELIEVE IN THE MEAN GREEN!?!?!?
  7. And yet here you are talking about your team on our board. You couldn’t wait to see what we had here to say about li’l ol’ Houston that needed you to come avenge their honor. You seriously enjoy it around here? I feel like you come in and try to kick everyone in the nuts yet every time your tactics end up getting everyone to kick you in the nuts.
  8. I got that one as a Christmas gift one year! It’s in my standard rotation haha …
  9. Anyone else go into cardiac arrest every time Perry shoots that long-ass three!? But dang if it doesn’t go in often! That aside, I freaking LOVE watching this team. And yeah I want us to crank it up in football, but I’m all for us becoming a basketball school! Let’s go Mean Green!!
  10. I'm happy with the result, but dude -- I cackled like a loon when that dude missed that stupid run-up-the-score dunk at the end.
  11. I'm honestly conflicted about this game. I love me a Cinderella upset ... but man, I also want FAU to show that our conference deserved more than one bid
  12. Man ... all I'm gonna say is, this was a clinic on how to kick another team's teeth in on the basketball court. Was it perfect? No, of course not! But dang, it was really fun to watch our boys dominate like that!
  13. Took the man cub today to BrickFest and thought I’d leave behind a fun mark on the building wall!
  14. Call me crazy, but it looks like all the 2 and 3s were “re-seeded” simply because the selection show had their seedings labeled wrong? Cuz it appears they just had all the 2s and 3s flipped previously. I say this because nothing changed other than the number beside us. I think ESPN simply screwed up. I mean, would this honestly surprise any of us if this was the case?
  15. Someone cancelled from our group and can’t make it with us today, so I’ve got a solo seat (121, P, 7) — Asking for $17 OBO if possible.
  16. Just ignore me. I’m an idiot — that had to be the Woodford Reserve typing. Fisher. Fisher.
  17. I’d turn down 2 mil a year from A&M. Their fan base is SUUUUPER weird … including my brother-in-law. I love the guy but man … “Herman is gonna be the guy to turn this program around. I can’t wait to see what he does … “ then … “I can’t believe we hired that guy. Who’s idea was that? He’s horrible. I can’t believe we’re paying him that much …” Who am I kidding … I’d do just about any job offered for $2 mil a year.
  18. Honestly if you told me two point game at half time, I’d have said I’d take it. Hoping Coach McCasland has them fired up out of the locker room!
  19. Agree. In real time I totally thought it was a charge. But on the replay his left foot seemed like it was still sliding. 50/50 for sure.
  20. Dang that three from Perry was from freaking Haslet.
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