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  1. This coaching staff has a long ways to go. Horrible way to lose. I think they'll improve from this experience.
  2. Thanks, I don't have it but just saw someone had already shared this free link streaming the Stadium 3 content: http://www.wccsports.com/gamecenter/m-baskbl/gc-121617-usd.html
  3. Isn't there a 15k average attendance minimum or something like that imposed by the NCAA for FBS football program? If so, how are schools like Charlotte at the FBS level?
  4. Let's remember our attendance average is a record average and we are still not at the top of our conference that already has attendance issues. We have a LONG way to go until we are forced to expand our stadium to around 40-45k and compete with top-tier G5 programs mainly in the MWC and AAC. Those are the only programs that will have any chance of being considered into a future power conference. That's where we realistically want to be, right?
  5. Ok, great. Now it's time to ask Wren to reach a deal having him help promote the program and attend some games, ideally starting with the NO bowl. We need everything and everyone we can get behind this momentum. Cease all opportunities... Too bad we don't have a billionaire alum interested in athletics yet. We could easily be equal or even more successful than TCU/Houston/TT with the right support. Let's keep going.
  6. Not sure what you're arguing about here honestly. I never said they aren't more athletic but they are in no way leaps and bounds more athletic. Inspiration and passion deals with a lot of factors in a game and now late in the game their intensity has made them play better which is proof that it is not just FAU being so much more athletic than us to merit an embarrassing blowout twide in a season. But yeah man, lets just say FAU deserves to be mentioned as a playoff contender since they're so darn athetlic.
  7. No. They are absolutely not leaps and bounds more athletic. I've been an athlete my whole life and I can clearly see lack of passion and inspiration from another athlete. That's understanding sports, not just football. They are a better team but nowhere near 34-0 better in the third quarter...that is also much on our lack of inspired football. They still have time to at least show that in this game.
  8. I couldn't care less how good now everyone is saying FAU is. There's no excuse for our pathetic play and bad coaching. This is team isn't even playing physical...what a joke.
  9. Whoever says FAU is just much better than us doesn't understand football. They don't have a sizable advantage in athleticism, they're just way more disciplined and passionate about the game. Very disappointing we are playing this way. Not to mention being out-coached.
  10. Comparing his "lateral" move from OC to OC position is a very different animal to a HC to HC lateral move--you don't have to implement an entirely new system/program as an assistant along with other factors making the move much easier. Also, "national exposure" is received from a coaching perspective based on how drastically you turn a program around, whom you've beat and what situation you inherited (how bad/good), not whether a conference has better TV contract deals/exposure or call themselves "P6." Say SL goes undefeated next season or the next (hypothetically)...a big time program will very easily be watering their mouth with the possibility of hiring him and the exposure will be there for everyone to see very clearly. And honestly, I see UNT as a faster way to get to that level than SMU...we actually have more things going for us as a program than SMU does, i.e. facilities, fan base, a fully supportive administration, etc. The only thing that you could argue is them paying him more...but UNT has recently shown it can compete in that respect so I don't think the pay difference would be that big for it to be the deciding factor. And strategically, if you can get hired out of UNT in a year or two from now by a solid P5, makes no sense to risk transitioning to another lateral school to hope that happens within virtually the same time frame. The only reason I would see this becoming plausible is if SL knows he just can't recruit the players at UNT he needs to become a CUSA powerhouse G5 program with plenty of exposure...but I think the evidence is slowly starting to disprove that quickly and I think our players are right up there with SMU's current players. I think if we play them now, we can win. Also, we're all assuming SL is desperately seeking a bigger, better HC job. I think he truly is more comfortable at UNT than he has ever been as a coach and that that is not just coach speak. Environment, proximity to home, colleagues, etc...it all matters to a person. So I think he'll stick around for a while until a truly "big" opportunity comes knocking his door. Not a mediocre P5 school and sure as heck not a mediocre self-proclaimed P6 school like SMU.
  11. They can dream and throw all the money they want but Littrell will not leave UNT to go to SMU. He is aiming much higher for whenever he does leave and I hope it takes a few more years by time we are a top G5 powerhouse with P5 conferences giving us a hard, long look.
  12. If you haven't made your choice yet, I know of a very good framing place with unbeatable prices off of harry haynes in Dallas.
  13. Oh ok, no wonder it looks like rust, haha. I just think it looks very unappealing and it's right at the entrance of our university so if they plan on keeping the building for a lengthy period of time, I'd consider replacing the material with something else. But that's just my opinion.
  14. Yes, I'm fully aware it is booked for "100s" of events every year. At least paint the rusted metal look of the outside. The inside is fine for another decade or two.
  15. Seems odd there'd be a basketball coliseum still in place without an athletic use. If the university wants to use it as a convention center type of building, then I hope they end up fully renovating it so it looks up to par. Besides, that building is quite aesthetically unappealing.
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