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  1. Things were going too good. We needed something to whine about. It’s our way.
  2. Green92

    Covering your bases

    Kind of pointless to commit. Wish the coaches could come out and say that if someone better than him at his position commits then his offer is rescinded.
  3. Wow. This is awesome. 🙂
  4. Green92

    Recruiting Update 6/19

    Glad to see Mike Fisher reference. I haven’t listened to sports talk radio in 15+ years but did enjoy his shows.
  5. Makes me sad that kids can’t even meet the minimum. It’s a failure at some level.
  6. We’ll need about 3 years to correct all the issues from the prior regime.
  7. Green92

    Ladies Hammer LaSalle

    Over 20 at one point, I think. Shots just wouldn’t fall but they refused to mail it in. Love this team.
  8. Green92

    Texas has a new AD

    I guess Texas plans to bring back their men’s varsity programs?
  9. Green92

    UNT Holiday Message

    The albino squirrel!! Lol That was greatness.
  10. Green92

    Grambling State (11/27/17)

    And the melt down... :-(
  11. Green92

    '18 ATH Antonio Gage (Dallas Madison)

    This guy gave me bad vibes for a long time. I wish him well but grow up and go to class.
  12. Poor taste and shows poor character.