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  1. It’s a gimmick offense. Mitch is much better. This team is great JV.
  2. As terrible as this team is, It’s still just a silly game and warrants no other consideration.
  3. No one should be worried about SL leaving. We’ve got him a while. Like all other UNT coaches, he’ll be fired eventually.
  4. This team is awful. Totally misleading numbers. The very worst 7-3 team in the country. Probably more of a 1-9team. Maybe 2-8.
  5. This team is terrible. There is no other answer.
  6. Funny, I quit watching several games ago. Just saw this final. Would never consider following or paying money to see this team play. My intuitions were correct. They are awful.
  7. Coaches kids seem to make great college players/ teammates.
  8. We love us some Duncanville for 2020 don’t we?
  9. Hard to tell. This team seems to have peaked in game 3. I have no idea how to guage them. My gut tells me they lose bad next week. 8-4 is what I think I predicted before the season. Seems what they are on pace for performance wise. They just seemed to have hit a wall the past 3 weeks. Hope I’m wrong.
  10. I’m a complete beer snob, but do hang on to Lone Star for nostalgia.
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