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  1. These refs are calling every bump now?
  2. It's like the guy is a really good coach or something. 😉 He now just has a plethora of resources and can build a top level team.
  3. Just watched it again since I had it recorded. When the shot clock reset for us to :20 it was about a 5.5 second differential. Edit: ah I get what you are asking. We did get a a :20 shot clock, but what I was saying is that they (FAU) would have had 5.5 seconds to get the last shot even if we would have drained the shot clock down to 0.
  4. Agree with CMJ here. There were some very bad calls, but we didn't manage the game well. Sloppy passing at crucial times, and poor management let the game get away from us. After re-watching Buggs' shot they would have had about 8 seconds left, and I do think we should have worked it around to drain the clock, but I don't think it was a bad choice. We just needed to make it to put the pressure on them.
  5. Ah thanks. Maybe it's just the Mean Green glasses, but it just feels like we were getting called for every little thing.
  6. I don't know what a foul is anymore. Can a player not jump into the air to block a shot? I feel like I see this every game, not just ours, when a player jumps up and the attacking player initiates contact, but it's called a foul on the defense. How are you supposed to defend any shot?
  7. I thought it was a clear foul when he was hanging on Nolan's back on the out of bounds play that hit Edwards on the shoulder. They reviewed it and didn't call it.
  8. We aren't getting any calls.
  9. Rubin's Reuben does have a nice ring.
  10. Same with Sissoko. I pray these constant errors are autocorrect from phones. Or maybe he was in the middle of ordering from NY Sub Hub.
  11. We haven't been a strong post team all year, not just about this game. Luckily we have been good at shooting, but tonight we had an off night, and one of the best ways to break out of that is relying on your big man to make some buckets down low and take some of that mental pressure off of the shooters. It's just something we aren't strong in, and that's always going to be a glaring issue when we have off shooting nights.
  12. These are the games that really make the hole in the paint stand out. That go to player that you can dish it to score regularly to get the momentum back when shooting isn't going well. We don't have that this year.
  13. I feel like it's always tough to play in CLT. Hopefully Buggs is back, or if neither are playing that they got enough rest. I like the AAC scheduling, it's nice they have an extra day between games. It must be brutal to play Thursday, fly out that night and play again Saturday, then fly out and be back in school Monday.
  14. For the 1st time since the injuries I felt like the short rotation affected the team, particularly Edwards. He played 39 minutes tonight. Really hope one of the two gets back soon.
  15. StatBroadcast. Someone on here linked it once, it's a great site. Gets stats up way faster than ESPN.
  16. Need to settle in and play with no fear. Shoot if you have a good look.
  17. The NCAA has no power in enforcing rules that big name schools don't want enforced. Everyone knew what would happen with NIL, this isn't some, "Oh my! We didn't think this would happen" situation. This is what the P5 wanted, and if the NCAA would have tried to stop them they could just split off and form their own playoff. If anything starts hurting the big schools they will pass regulations to dial it back. I've talked about this exact subject in another recent thread, the NCAA can only enforce what it's allowed to, and they take their orders from the programs that have all the money.
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