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  1. ?? It's an artist rendering from the athletic master plan. It gives an idea of what the dept. wants to do. We've never needed those extra 2k-3k seats. Have we ever even been close to selling out the Pit? We are in one of the best eras of UNT basketball and we struggle to look even half full. An arena with better sight-lines, closer seating, better lighting, luxury boxes, better training/locker rooms, more concessions, etc. It'd say that's a good trade off. The small drop in capacity is heavily outweighed by a purpose built tailored facility.
  2. Does something like this really look like we are building down?
  3. Another thing we tend to overlook is what else does the new arena bring? Basketball locker rooms? Basketball training facilities/courts? Basketball weight rooms? Those things can be huge for recruiting.
  4. While I agree, I think 8k would be a happy medium. Our current crowds would look better and more impressive in that type of arena. Make some provisions so that if it the AAC really brings attendance up you can add in 2k more seats to get to 10k and I think most would be happy.
  5. Seeing as how they have renders they must be pretty close to getting the AC going. A couple of things I notice, I wish there would be a little more glass. I feel like most modern ACs use lots of large glass windows to show off the modern interiors. Second is I'm surprised the weight room isn't facing the stadium, I feel like that's the usual set up for todays ACs.
  6. The Mean Greenbacks Collective. This whole thing is about money right?
  7. Glad to see Sissoko get some quality minutes. He needs more time in the game IMO, especially when Ousmane needs a break/is struggling. Eady is continuing his good form and contributing, so let's hope he keeps it up.
  8. I can't wait to get out of this conference with its sh***y refs.
  9. You guys have heard the reputation their fans have right? It would make for an eventful visit at least
  10. I'd say Sissoko is the biggest bust of the transfers so far. We really need another big man off the bench since Ousmane has been struggling. From the eye test he looked like he could come in and really contribute, but he barely sees the floor.
  11. Also this game has convinced me that we need a modern 5-6k arena with fans close to the action. It creates a much better atmosphere.
  12. Especially in the last minute if the game. Why would we drain the clock while needing as much time as possible since we are down?
  13. Agreed, needed Ousmane to show up today. He hasn't looked aggressive or confident all year.
  14. The four back to back turnovers did it. We had been playing well until then.
  15. Because you keep talking about it in every game thread. Again everyone has told you how the NET works with facts and numbers, your argument is to ignore that and go just off of what you feel is right. Have some self awareness of how those two arguments stack up.
  16. Agreed. Hopefully we can get rid of that circus sounding song they play all of the time, I've always hated that. Play something to get the crowd pumped.
  17. People dismiss the Big XII even though they have the 3rd strongest conference. They will increase their payouts even after OU/UT leave, they will still have great bowl tie ins, their basketball credits will still be significant, and most importantly they have the eyeballs. https://theathletic.com/3976714/2022/12/06/college-football-nfl-tv-ratings/ They were close to drawing what the Big 10 and SEC did while almost doubling what they Pac did. The Big XII is going to be #3 in the pecking order but there is going to be a big drop off from 3 to 4.
  18. Why are you refusing to see the solution put in front of you? Multiple posters have shown you the formulas, shown the quad wins and losses, etc. This is pretty much it here. There is nothing else to it. What would it take for you to see that the above is the case? Beating the spread and moving down?
  19. Great effort by the guys. Glad we pulled that one out, and the defense played hard. Scott reminds me of Dennis Rodman, just gives 100% on every play and never gives up. Huntsberry looked off tonight, I just hope it was a 1 game thing. Ousmane did really well controlling his body and playing smart on defense. The long droughts are still a concern, we just need to score a few in those instances and this team is in a really good place.
  20. IMO the droughts that are happening before the end of the halves is the biggest issue. These long stretches are putting a lot of pressure on the team and letting opponents back in games. We went the whole last 6 minutes of the 1st half without scoring, and in the 2nd between 7:34 and 2:31 we had 2 points from 2 free throws made by Huntsberry. Our slow pace makes it costly when you miss a few chances back to back.
  21. I agree with what others have said, I'd like to see the team attack the basket when it can instead of kicking it out to reset, especially when they broke the 1-3-1 and had a chance for a quick 2. I get that the coaches want to control the pace, but just get the easy points.
  22. I think they meant practice as in reps in a real game so I don't think out of game practice is what they are talking about. I did a quick search and this is what a 7 win requirement would look like. X means that bowl would not happen and / means one of the teams was 6-6 which would need to be replaced by a 7 win team. We would lose 9 bowls with 6 of those featuring two 6-6 teams.
  23. The scenario above would still make players opt out if they aren't in the real playoff. I think moving the wins to 7 is a good idea, bowls are becoming less and less important if they aren't part of the playoff so less of them is a good thing.
  24. We better be ready to compete, the AAC is going to be a big step up in competition across the board. I've talked about this before but we have reached as far as our potential can take us. Large metro, top recruiting area, 45k students, large alumni base, good facilities, etc. Those got us here, not our record. Now we actually have to turn that potential into something or forever float in limbo with no direction. USF comes to mind, they are similar to us and look how UCF passed them up. We need results on the fields/courts to either be a nationally recognized team in the American or to be ready for the next shake up.
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