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  1. I'd bet he ends up at Michigan. FAU is losing their coach, so it's natural that some of them would transfer out. I think it's more telling that none of them didn't when May stayed last year.
  2. None of us like this new NIL era, but we have to play in the system that's in place. The top spenders in our conference in Memphis, USF, and most likely Tulane, have the most history of success over many years. ECU is strange, they are definitely not getting their money's worth considering how much they are spending. The loss of so many good players in FB and now BB makes me worried we won't be able to compete in the long run.
  3. Since NIL is a major focus right now, I posted a topic in the FB forum, I didn't want to make a duplicate topic for the BB forum so I'll link it below.
  4. I ran across this and wondered how accurate is it? https://nil-ncaa.com/ The site itself admits it uses what's available to the public as well as guesses based on what they see. If this is accurate and we are bottom of the AAC that's a huge problem.
  5. Out of everyone this one is the only real surprise to me. I feel like we all thought he would be here next year.
  6. That does seem a bit strange, but in this day and age it seems rare for players to enter without having a solid plan already in place.
  7. Did I hit a nerve? So with your name all you think about is old women and old royal dudes? Which one gets you going? King Charles? Or are you more of a Harald guy? Lucky for you we are pretty open at GMG, there's no shame.
  8. How sad must your life be that you spend your time on another team's fanboard?
  9. What Z said. And if for some reason he wasn't he'd have a long line of big name suitors with deep NIL pockets.
  10. I think we all saw it. Good luck to him.
  11. A true center is the top of my wishlist too. 6-11 or 7ft, just so we can see for once what someone with that size can do on this team.
  12. Well Edwards is out. Cotton redshirted so I can see him staying around this year to see if he can fit into the team.
  13. Buyout clauses for NIL would be great for us. If we are going to develop and find them, might as well get a chunk of money for it. Promotion and relegation would never happen in a million lifetimes. Why would any SEC team volunteer to be relegated and lose tens of millions of dollars? You'd never get any of those schools to agree to that.
  14. I wish him the best, and hope he finds a place that he can flourish. I would not be surprised to see Moore go the same way, he did not get any playtime even when two starters were out. Stone also didn't see any playtime at the end of the year, so I wonder if he moves on as well.
  15. If this team stays together we need a legit big man with post presence and an athletic power forward in the mold of Thomas Bell. If we get these 2 positions we are going to be looking very good next year.
  16. The frustrating thing about today wasn't the loss, but not doing the simple things like making layups and timing our rebounds right. Too many times we seemed out of control and trying hard, but not playing smart. We really need to clean that kind of thing up because it's putting unneeded pressure on the team.
  17. I posted this in another thread but a conference challenge would be good vs the MWC, like the ACC vs Big Ten or Big12 vs Big East. Use conference rankings at the end of the year to seed the match ups for next year. 2024 would be: USF vs Utah State FAU vs Nevada Clt vs Boise St. UAB vs UNLV Memphis vs SDSU UNT vs NM ECU vs CSU Tulsa vs Wyoming Tulane vs Fresno Temple vs SJSU WSU vs AF
  18. The only way to change it is to not offer the option. It's pretty clear the players love them for both FB and BB.
  19. Opinion, but there is no other reason why we have seen the disproportionate amount of black compared to the other away jerseys. Here's the breakdown for this year: Black: 10 Green: 6 Grey: 4 Weirdly we wore the grey 3 times at home this year, and green would be 1 lower if we didn't wear them at home vs. SMU when we played them at home.
  20. I've watched a few Kstate games and maybe I'm wrong, but you can tell TP's heart isn't in in. He plays hard, he tries hard, but he doesn't have that magic because he really did love UNT. Take that (or don't) however you want.
  21. Not as long as the players are picking the jerseys, which is clear that they are. They love the black jerseys.
  22. You're missing the point that the Pit would remain, and could be used for whatever university events they wanted to while a new arena would have the freedom to heavily prioritize men and women's basketball.
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