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  1. Yeah I don't understand Sissoko and Moore not seeing more playing time, especially when we are up big. What is it with UNT coaches and never trying new players?
  2. Agreed. We haven't been a drive it to the basket team all season.
  3. Really good turn out and thank you for the pic. I think it backs up what I was saying though, I don't think there's only 1,500 empty seats left. If you zoom in you can see a lot of the empty season ticket seats that have the white ribbon on them.
  4. I guess you can just fall away as you shot and get it called a foul. utsa players were looking for those fouls all game long.
  5. The reason I brought up numbers is because of your post saying we would be losing 1,500-2500 fans for a game like LA Tech, and IMO wouldn't be that high. I would guess a 7k arena would have been able to accommodate the crowd from that night. I would hope attendance improves in the AAC, but at the end of the year we had ACC powerhouse Virginia AT the Super Pit and only pulled in 4,800 fans for an NIT knock out game. How much better of a team do you need to get people excited?
  6. We all know that 1 game was an outlier. It was to clinch the regular season championship, senior night, and the last home game of the season. The game 2 nights before that had 4,100. We all complained last year about the low attendance for a team that up to that point had 4 losses. Let's be honest as well, we know how counting works with season ticket holders, if you were there can you say there were only 1,500 empty seats in the Pit?
  7. We all know the Pit is plenty big capacity wise, I was talking about there not being enough room to have all of the team amenities in 1 place. It's really just a matter of time, it's a 50 year old building that hasn't had a major renovation in its history. I guessed it had about a decade before the school really has to start looking at what to do, bringing its age to 60. That's a pretty long time for a sports facility.
  8. But we can make it work right? It's the same argument as the Pit. It's just a matter of how long do you want to stretch it out for. I know someone has a pic of the weight room the basketball team uses and probably other areas to get a glimpse at other parts of the Pit that we don't usually see. I love the venue, but we are going to come up with this question more and more as more years pass.
  9. Yes, that's all true. Those days were decades ago, and now their stadium looks cavernous for what they pull in. What I'm saying is that large capacity did nothing for them and I'm confused as to why some are stuck on the 10k seating number.
  10. We're not going to build a $375m multi purpose arena, something within our budget that competes with what others have in the American. With your line of thinking why even expand the AC? They are making it work right now right? As the SP is 50 years old there will be a time in the near future where UNT will have to make a choice to fully renovate, a topic that has been exhausted on here, or build a new facility. They will then need to decide ff basketball is better served with having their own facility and building a new arena. The question will come to a head in the next decade or so.
  11. UT's Frank Erwin Center was built in 1974, The Coliseum was built in 1973. They had a capacity of 16.5k and their new arena holds 10k for basketball. I guess they didn't need it either? If you want to run with the big boys, you need to keep up facilities with the big boys.
  12. Did Rice having a 70k football stadium help them in any way? Again, what's the point of having the empty seats that we can't fill?
  13. Did a quick search for that 1977 SMU game and didn't see anything. Would love to see what that crowd looked like.
  14. ?? It's an artist rendering from the athletic master plan. It gives an idea of what the dept. wants to do. We've never needed those extra 2k-3k seats. Have we ever even been close to selling out the Pit? We are in one of the best eras of UNT basketball and we struggle to look even half full. An arena with better sight-lines, closer seating, better lighting, luxury boxes, better training/locker rooms, more concessions, etc. It'd say that's a good trade off. The small drop in capacity is heavily outweighed by a purpose built tailored facility.
  15. Another thing we tend to overlook is what else does the new arena bring? Basketball locker rooms? Basketball training facilities/courts? Basketball weight rooms? Those things can be huge for recruiting.
  16. While I agree, I think 8k would be a happy medium. Our current crowds would look better and more impressive in that type of arena. Make some provisions so that if it the AAC really brings attendance up you can add in 2k more seats to get to 10k and I think most would be happy.
  17. Seeing as how they have renders they must be pretty close to getting the AC going. A couple of things I notice, I wish there would be a little more glass. I feel like most modern ACs use lots of large glass windows to show off the modern interiors. Second is I'm surprised the weight room isn't facing the stadium, I feel like that's the usual set up for todays ACs.
  18. The Mean Greenbacks Collective. This whole thing is about money right?
  19. Glad to see Sissoko get some quality minutes. He needs more time in the game IMO, especially when Ousmane needs a break/is struggling. Eady is continuing his good form and contributing, so let's hope he keeps it up.
  20. I can't wait to get out of this conference with its sh***y refs.
  21. You guys have heard the reputation their fans have right? It would make for an eventful visit at least
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