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  1. This. I feel like they were trying to find the FB equivalent of McCasland. I would have rather they go with an experienced head coach than a young up and comer, unless Garret Riley was an option. My preferred list was Fuente, Herman, or Riley.
  2. Caponi definitely needs to go.
  3. I feel like it's a running gag.
  4. I guess for me I wouldn't attend or spend my time on anything I didn't care about. I'd find another thing to do if I just wanted to have a good time; a brewery, a cookout, bowling, festivals, etc. But I do appreciate your insight as to how others view things.
  5. But for it to be more important than the game? At that point why not just have a get together at your place and avoid the hassle of getting to the game?
  6. But to care more about that then the game? That's the part that always stumped me.
  7. As someone who couldn't care less about tailgating, I've always wondered why people thought this way. What's the reason?
  8. Great national exposure. I don't care if the game is early as long as we can keep pilling up those national tv appearances.
  9. Yeah, let an FCS score 31 points to lure other teams into a false sense of security. They won't know what hit them.
  10. Which is understandable at the time. Even a game every few years or to get 7 home games isn't bad, but we should definitely move away from it as the CFP expands. We don't have the marquee programs in conference to justify not playing a stronger opponent if we can get them.
  11. Using Miami as an example was a bad choice 😅 I've just never been a big fan of Adidas.
  12. No, but we've discussed on this board before that people push for playing Texas FCS teams because according to them our fans are familiar with them and will get our fans to come out, as well as that they bring a good away crowd. I don't recall ever seeing a large number of away fans for an FCS game, maybe some sparse ones here and there, but nothing that was notable.
  13. It's hard to know with scheduling and seeing what teams are open on specific dates. With time though I would think we should be able to schedule any G5 that has an open date on for a home and home. Just looking quickly in 2026 instead of HCU why not try to get a game with Air Force, Boise State, Coastal Carolina, or Ohio? All of those have an opening for an away game on 9/26 in 2026. With all of the realignment there may also be good chances to schedule P5s, which we did already with WSU.
  14. You missed that in a different thread people were saying scheduling Texas FCS teams was good and we should schedule more because they bring good crowds. They don't, from all the years I have been watching I don't recall a notable FCS crowd, and playing these teams also leads to low interest for our fans.
  15. Where are those that were saying Texas FCS schools bring good crowds and it's a good reason to keep scheduling them? From what I saw it didn't look like many were in the stands.
  16. No thanks. Nike makes the best looking uniforms. The others always look cheap when I see other teams.
  17. Probably not this game, but expect it for 10/28 vs Memphis. That's right before halloween and they will definitely do a black out.
  18. I'd figure FAU and UAB would have the same problem, but their full schedules are out. I went through every team in the AAC and I think they all have their complete schedules ready as of a week ago?
  19. Why does it seem like our schedule takes so long to release? Is it just me or does it feel like everyone else has theirs out already?
  20. Why would I need to DM them? Several posters on here have asked questions and clarification about this, why not address it in the thread? If deleting the threads is justified then there's nothing to hide from the public right?
  21. We've still had zero engagement from any mods or admins on this subject.
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