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  1. Yes, but for an even more practical reason; to help distinguish the teams. I must imagine the QBs are having to really make sure who's who before they make throws.
  2. Teams really need to get together and work out uniforms better. Why are both teams wearing white helmets? UAB should have their gold helmets on.
  3. I think the Pac will survive in some form, but it will be watered down. The question is how watered down will it be? Just USC/UCLA or will other also leave? I don't see quality replacements left on the level of UCF/Cincy/Houston if they can't get BYU to join. Who can they really pull from? SDSU is not on that level and they are their best choice. I don't see any current or future Big12 members taking that deal. Plus the Big12 payout is huge, something like $80m, the Pac12's is running out in 2025 with no penalty if they leave. As to why it hasn't happened yet conferences need time to crunch the numbers and get their deals in place. No one is going to move without having everything hammered out, they have no urgency to. Honestly if I were BYU I'd want to stick it to the Pac for leaving them out for so many years.
  4. For the reasons stated above I don't see them taking that deal. BYU may have wanted to join the current Pac12 and would do it in a heart beat, but with UCLA/USC leaving the risk is too high that you get stuck in a conference that everyone left. Losing the 4 corner schools is a real possibility, and Oregon/Washington will jump if there is a chance in the B1G10. BYU would get stuck in a MWC+ and that scenario, although far off, is too much of a gamble.
  5. This, why would you want to leave the 3rd strongest conference to go to a place where everyone is looking to bail at the next possible time? You have a much better chance of getting recognition playing against nationally respected names in; TCU, Ok. State, Baylor, Cincy, Houston, UCF than; Oregon, Washington, and Utah. Who's really left in the Pac12 to build upon? Not to even mention basketball.
  6. With the deal the Big12 got vs what they Pac12 is likely to get I think they made the right choice.
  7. I don't see how UA, ASU, CO, and Utah stay with the release of how much the Big12 are going to be making (assuming the Big12 wants them.) I think the payout is going to be $50m per school, surprisingly going up even after OU and UT left. The MW or the Pac12 might fall apart if this news is true. Look for the AAC to poach some of those teams like Air Force/Colorado state if things start to move quickly.
  8. Yeah, I think it's a pretty good indicator of the decline in interest over the years.
  9. The's a pretty strange coincidence. The homecoming game pic I posted in the FIU game thread was the game right before this Navy game. I remember we had a really big crowd, which was surprising since we lost that homecoming game and were 1-7.
  10. One thing we do all have to commend is SL knows how to keep his lockeroom united. We were all surprised by the comeback sweep last year and the refocus after OOC this year. We've all seen how teams give up and quit many times here, so outside of whatever happens the rest of this season I have to tip my hat to him and his staff for that.
  11. Might be a factor, as many do not want to sit out in the sun. I still feel like homecoming always brought a good bump in attendance in the past, which we don't get now.
  12. I'm still not convinced until I see the Ws on the left hand column. 8-4, make it happen.
  13. Someone else jog my memory, but I remember the homecoming games at Fouts brought in decent to good crowds even when our record was mediocre/poor. Homecoming 2007: Looks like a pretty good crowd for a 1-6 team.
  14. You're right. I guess I should be mad at myself for thinking he would do something different.
  15. That's fine and understandable. Let him run some clock down and waste some time to put the game away. However when we are 3rd and long and you are forced to throw the ball, why pull him out? If Earle is the guy next year these are invaluable real game snaps that we are just throwing away. On top of that there is almost no risk if he screws up with such a large lead. IMO golden chances to build for next year just wasted.
  16. It's still maddening that Litrell won't let another QB throw. I get Earle is there to run, but when things get long they throw Aune back in there? Let him throw, or put any of the other QBs in if Earle is only ever going to run it.
  17. What does he have to do with this game? He was a player here and left our team. He had his reasons and did what was best for himself, but this isn't a place to discuss old players.
  18. It's time to put the backup QBs in. Ruder, Gunnell, Earle, etc., they need valuable reps and experience for next year.
  19. This. I bet WKU felt the same way about us before our game in Bowling Green.
  20. Isn't their burnt orange jersey their home? *Just saw your edit. I was interested and looked it up and found: "Saturday's vintage white uniforms, featuring white pants, white jerseys along with burnt orange numbers and trim, will mark the first time that the Longhorns have worn their famously referenced "icy white" uniforms for a home game since Sept. 30, 1950, vs. Purdue. The Longhorns won that game, 34-26. " I think our situation is still a little bit different. We aren't commemorating a specific game where we wore white and I'm assuming (someone who knows correct me if I'm wrong) we usually wore green at home during those years. If what @tmjerm says is true the team would have likely chosen green as the jersey color if they could have. All that to say I still think they look really good and glad we are doing something special for homecoming haha. Hopefully they advertise it as a white out.
  21. Agree, it's weird to wear white at home.
  22. It usually takes them a while to get a replay up. I'll link the schedule page below, just put in the date of the game, and the sport and our game should show up. As of right now the replay is still not up, but eventually it will be. https://watchstadium.com/schedule/
  23. Bullshit. Needs to be sent to the conference office for a review.
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