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  1. Gary Patterson is such a wild card. I think we all question if he still has the hunger for the the grind to build a program up. I feel like he could be a huge success or a big dud with no in-between.
  2. UNT only had 1 conference loss in October, and was sitting at 6-4 with a very real possibility of running the table to finish 8-4. That would have saved SL's job even with a CCG loss, the university was committed to let SL have a fair shot at keeping his job. The timing isn't perfect for sure, but it's better to do it now than waste another year floundering in the AAC, while having to spend more money because you had to extend your coach. I'd wager a lot of planning and prep had already been put in place by WB, Mosley, and Smatresk.
  3. Last time I checked these students were paying an athletic fee, so your comparison doesn't really work. If for some reason I was the CEO and the employees were paying my salary out of their pocket while I continued to drag the company down, you know I actually would expect to see people show up to chant that I should lose my job.
  4. If the other team can't score you can't lose. I like it.
  5. You've got to rip the bandaid off sometime. This decision has already been delayed a year, we can't afford to delay it for another one. If players leave then so be it, they will do what's best for themselves. I hope whoever is brought in can surprise us in how they can pull guys in from the portal. If the core of this team stays together I would think they would only need to strengthen some spots instead of having to do a full rebuild.
  6. I probably should have made it more obvious that it wasn't a serious post. But I do think he had the hardest hitting defense I've seen.
  7. Maybe not Mac but what's Skladany up to these days? That was the hardest hitting UNT defense I've ever seen.
  8. I wish Seth Littrell nothing but the best. His guys never gave up on him, even when things got grim. We have seen the opposite happen with other coaches, and I think that says more than any words could. Ran a clean program, and was always himself even when people wanted him to be someone in front of the camera that he wasn't, I have a lot of respect for that. I honestly wish he could have been "the guy" and taken to us to mountain top, it just didn't work out. I hope he finds a place to land and can bounce back, I even hope he finds a place and does more than what he did here. Thank you Seth Littrell.
  9. Speak with your wallets. It's the loudest voice you have.
  10. Yes? Some people don't have cable subscriptions so wouldn't be able to watch hence the free stream.
  11. https://js.freestreams-live1.com/ncaab-9/
  12. It's time to change to bowl eligibility rules to 7 wins. Less bowl games means it actually feels like a reward even of you aren't in the playoff.
  13. Whoever downvoted you must have a broken sarcasm detector. 😂
  14. Yet again we go into another year without knowing anything about any other QB because this staff refuses to give them any snaps. Not even when we were up big or against FCS opponents.
  15. People were saying with WB leaving it cuts the buyout in half.
  16. It is glaringly clear that change is needed. So what will the administration do? Will they do what needs to be done? Or continue to say 1 game above .500 and a bowl game is enough, while hemorrhaging fans and interest?
  17. I also don't get why people fear that there will be a mass exodus of players if we fire SL. Some? Yes I can see that, but with the right hire I would hope the majority of players would be excited for the future.
  18. Get someone like Gary Patterson and that momentum swings the other way. Excitement returns to the program. The path is there, it's up to the UNT administration to make it happen.
  19. If SL is back next year for the first time since being a student, I don't know if I can support this program next year.
  20. I've kept quiet this week because even though I've been advocating that SL be let go I wanted to let the chips fall where they may and let the game play out. Like I said in various threads, this CCG run is the same as the run to get bowl eligible last year. Now will we be fooled by the same thing again or does can everyone finally get on the same page and see this staff for what it is?
  21. Agree, a real search needs to be done to make sure we get the best candidate. Not saying Mosely wouldn't be a great hire, but you need to do your due diligence. I'd take a look at the App. State AD, Doug Gillin. He's been there for 8 years and knows how to build a program up, his base salary is $470k.
  22. I've been saying it since we announced our move to the AAC. The expanded playoff is a real chance for G5s to make a name for themselves. I'd guess that in a decade there will be "mid-major" type teams like in basketball, Gonzaga/Villanova types that are respected outside of the traditional powers. UNT needs to strive to be one of those teams.
  23. The bolded part is something I would really like to see.
  24. I'm sure they will try to accommodate them by having a Pac12 team be in it when possible, but with the expanding playoff I just don't see how it would be possible to keep the old traditions. Maybe if they cut out the G5 entirely and basically moved us down to Div II, you could have an 8 team playoff and their 5 champions can keep their traditional bowl tie ins. I think we have to look at it as a new era and the things that worked before don't anymore. I think we all would pick the expanded playoff over what we've had, even if we are sad to see those traditions go away.
  25. I didn't know Bernardo Rodriquez was 5'10. It makes that 1 handed grab even more impressive.
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