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  1. A lot of dumb fouls by our guys, but a lot of them were minimal. Look at the stat sheet, I don't remember a game that had so many starters in foul trouble all year.
  2. We need to up our budget across the board, but particularly in basketball. According to this article we spent $3.5m https://www.collegefactual.com/colleges/university-of-north-texas/student-life/sports/ And this older article had us ranked around 130 https://www.three-man-weave.com/3mw/college-basketball-budgets-2022 The problem is we are well bellow the AAC's average budget of $5.5m. For reference Memphis' budget is $13.7m and USF's is $4.9m.
  3. Everyone voiced concerns of what would happen of NIL was approved. I don't think for a second that teams didn't know how this was going to go. They could have easily put restrictions and rules to prevent such a free for all system, and like you said the timing of changing the transfer rules seems just a tiiiiiiiny bit suspect right? The system in place now isn't some unforeseen consequence, it's the outcome they wanted.
  4. Next time you ask yourself that, think about this. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/2024/03/01/after-loss-in-court-the-ncaa-is-pausing-investigations-into-third-party-nil-deals-with-athletes/72810794007/ Anytime they have tried to wrangle in NIL they have been unable to, due to the antitrust laws in this country. It's simply not possible to enforce rules that hinder a person's ability to be compensated. The big schools want it to be this way, they knew what this would bring. So can we collectively agree that the problem is not from a lack of trying from the NCAA?
  5. If they do break off for football I hope the NCAA immediately kicks them out for all sports. No more NCAA tournament or CWS.
  6. What's a foul? I can't be the only one who feels like they are going crazy right? You can't have your feet planted and hands in the air while the offensive player initiates contact? How are you supposed to defend anything?
  7. What's the story with the AC expansion? I thought they had a goal to start at the end of the 2023 FB season? This is definitely 1 area where we really need some improvement.
  8. You're welcome! Take it for what it's worth, but I've heard people say conferences added privates schools to hide contracts/payouts/anything else they didn't want public since they were not obligated to show public records. Again, take it as just a myth, it's just something I've heard quite a few times.
  9. This is what USF does, first game is at USF even for a 2-1. We should do the same and only schedule teams that will go to Denton first or have an exorbitant buyout clause like $5-10m if they want to cancel the game in Denton.
  10. I'd say no to UConn as FB only. They don't care about FB and we also don't have the money to add another team. 1 non-FB add works because they are essentially splitting SMU's full share of $7m and giving about 2/3 to Army, leaving about 1/3 for a non-FB member.
  11. The A10 doesn't officially disclose finances, but people have been able to get their numbers from tax filings. Last year each team made $380k from media payout, and they signed a new deal last December that is rumored to be about $500k. The money left over from SMU leaving and Army joining is about $2.1M, quadruple what they get now, plus whatever tourney credits/other conference payouts there are. I'll say that I've been pleasantly surprised by the amount of national broadcasts we've had since joining the AAC. It's really up to them if they think the extra travel would be worth the money and exposure.
  12. F this. I hate when teams do this. Make them come to Denton no matter what they offer.
  13. Only if we can get someone like Dayton or VCU. Those are very strong programs that would bolster the conference.
  14. You can tell neither Jones or Noland are 100%. They need to take their time if they aren't ready yet. We have poor game management at the end of games and its cost us a few games this year.
  15. We should do a AAC-MWC challenge like the other conferences do. Use regular season standings from last year to pick the pairs.
  16. To go along with what you are saying about players returning next year, there is an intangible thing I don't quite know how to quantify or if it's even matters. Looking at who would return next year would it be the first time in quite a few season that we don't have wholesale roster changes? And because of the large changes we have always had to wait for the team to "gel." We always got better as the season went on and the players got to know each other, only to have to build up that familiarity and understanding the next season. Will we finally have a roster that can hit the ground running?
  17. I'll also add our schedule takes forever to be released. This season we were filling in slots 8 days before the season opener. Others had their schedules set for months.
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