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  1. Why does it seem like our schedule takes so long to release? Is it just me or does it feel like everyone else has theirs out already?
  2. Why would I need to DM them? Several posters on here have asked questions and clarification about this, why not address it in the thread? If deleting the threads is justified then there's nothing to hide from the public right?
  3. We've still had zero engagement from any mods or admins on this subject.
  4. There have been several topics either deleted or moved to obscure forums. I remember the thread of the UNT booster that made some racist remarks on twitter after the UTSA game, and that was quickly moved away from the FB forum. So it's happened on more than one occasion. That's the thing I don't get. None of the admins are saying this, it's some random fan. Why would it bother their inside sources? The coaches themselves have said their performance was atrocious. I've asked various times for clarification in this very thread. Not in PMs, not secretly, but here out in the open. I don't pretend to know everything that goes on behind the scenes, it could be as simple and overblown as they just got tired of hearing about it, but as a poster who's spent countless hours here supporting NT I would like to know the reasoning.
  5. Then @Harry or whomever else is responsible needs to come out and define what the purpose of this board is. Is it to freely discuss UNT and its athletics? Or is it a promotion for the university? I thought it was the former and we were allowed to discuss whatever subject we wanted as long as it was inside the rules of the forum. You should care, our voices here should be our own. Otherwise what's the point of even discussing?
  6. So we should all just hold hands and smile? Is this board's or this athletic department's mentality so fragile that 1 fan's opinion is going to make the whole thing come crashing down? You can feel any way you like about the thread, but everyone on this board should have a problem with unwarranted censorship. This kind of thing should be unacceptable.
  7. It is asinine, but people should be able to post their asinine opinions as long as they don't contain threats or anything inappropriate.
  8. There was not a single personal or dangerous thing said in the thread. I can agree 100% that threats, or personal attacks on any of the staff should not be tolerated, but everything in the thread was about the team's performance. It's mind boggling that some people think editing and deleting posts to hide fan discontent is ok. I was honestly expecting major backlash from the posters on here.
  9. Yes, for the person making it. So why was it deleted? Let them be embarrassed. Are the mods/site owners embarrassed by it? They are not the ones posting it or saying it. Nothing about the thread was against the rules, but it's ok to delete it because you don't agree with it?
  10. We need to push for this to be addressed. This is embarrassing and frankly disappointing.
  11. Pathetic from the mods here. Give us the god damn reason.
  12. Really? I thought last week's game was miles better.
  13. + is just the local stadium feed IIRC. Did Stadium bring their own camera crews for streams?
  14. We had 115 yards of penalties to their 41. What bullsh*t.
  15. I get Earle made a great effort in practice, but Rogers is the starter. He looks to have great poise and a fluid throwing motion. Also I don't remember UNT having a duel threat style QB ever, it makes a nice wrinkle in the offense.
  16. I just want to say I'm so glad to be out of CUSA and their terrible officiating. PI in the endzone, offensive PI, roughing the passer which wasn't close, offside on the onside kick which didn't go 10 yards. They even picked the flag up on the last one. All of those plays extended their drives. Just pure incompetence.
  17. Really good numbers on graduate students. That's where all of the research and grant dollars are, so a very important metric in raising your school's academic profile.
  18. I can't agree with this more. We always seem to go the low cost route, and that sends a message that we are a program trying to do things on the cheap. Then at the same time Herman went to FAU for 750k, which is 200k less than what we are paying Morris, so I don't know.
  19. Rogers needs to be the starter going forward, and if he's not and we continue to play terrible this staff needs to go at the end of the season.
  20. I would have sat Earle after the back to back interceptions. Inexcusable.
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