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  1. Here's another issue.....we can talk about how great Littrell's recruiting has been. But at this point....UTSA and their first year head coach (who blew out Littrell this year) is ranked higher. First year HC, shit facilities, no stadium. He's out recruiting Littrell.
  2. So at what point do you expect the AD to address our football coach? He's been here for 5 years...is one of the highest paid coaches in G5. He's never won ANYTHING. Five years. when would you expect Wren Baker to address it? All those shiny buildings have to be paid for...and if no one is buying tickets or donating to the program....is that not Wren Baker's responsibility? Don't give me Covid. Everyone dealt with Covid.
  3. What about the guy that hired the D Coordinator?
  4. It's almost like money isn't the issue currently
  5. I agree.....Money is not a problem with this program.....
  6. You're excluding 80% of an Athletic Department's life blood. Probably more like 90% but I'm being generous. If football is bad....the rest doesn't matter.
  7. The sad thing is...I'm not really frustrated. I do want them to do well and I think the pieces are in place for our program to blossom...but today was absolutely expected. Because Seth Littrell has a 100% track record in these games. Not sure what your definition of "walk away" is. If it's buy season tickets and donate....I walked away several years ago. I'm not blindly giving this joke of a program any more money. They have enough to win. They just need to do a better job. I know he's put on a pedestal here but if the guy in charge (the athletic director) can't get our football team
  8. I would love to know how much $$ Littrell is getting for this bowl appearance. He has a bowl bonus. @Brett Vito what say you? and follow up question....will he give it back?
  9. actually I mean "anyone excited about donating money period" next year.
  10. Not only should his seat obviously be scorching hot....Wren Baker's should be too. He runs this athletic department and the most important part of it is in absolute shambles. I don't want to hear about the buildings and how good soccer and basketball are. If your football program is a joke then none of the rest matters. Donors and $$ will absolutely vanish if this garbage continues. I'm sure they already have. Anyone excited about writing a check for (MG Club or season tickets) next year? This is now finding its way onto Wren Baker's door step if he doesn't do something about this jo
  11. the trickle down on this COULD be tough on conferences and pro leagues and coaches salaries and player contracts The TV money is so huge.....if it is at risk at the same time no one is buying tickets, etc. That seems like a tough situation. How much money is UNT athletics going to bleed this year? And I think we're in pretty good position compared to others like us....I would think there will be more programs shut down
  12. I know we can't say anything here anymore.... so... election.....stuff going on....votes ok you can lock the thread now
  13. If we even play....not looking good
  14. Man....funny thing is UNT is not technically out of this this thing. Seems USM’s wheels are falling off and we have everyone else in front of us left to play.
  15. There are good conferences, then there are bad conferences....
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