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  1. SEC, AAC and Big 10 have cancelled too. The others will follow. I'm going to say there's a very good chance March Madness ain't happening.....
  2. If you view the 8/9 game as a toss-up....there were no upsets in the first round. When's the last time that happened?
  3. Stadium is over the air on channel 47 locally
  4. I don’t know what it means for MGSF members but it’s awesome
  5. Seriously! That would be awesome.
  6. I'm no fan of hers....but if the governing body makes a recommendation I'm not sure I would go against it. Not in the public scrutiny age we live in today. All executives cover their butts first. Regardless of the danger or non danger, I don't think she would put herself out on a limb like that. But who knows.....
  7. Isn't the cusa tourney an "upcoming championship event?"
  8. They cancelled the rodeo..... https://twitter.com/i/events/1237800911386402816
  9. Possible... I can't really think of a reason why but maybe they're not. If so, then I'll stand corrected...
  10. At this point....I would be surprised too. People are probably already in town for it...
  11. https://www.wfaa.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/three-confirmed-cases-of-covid-19-in-collin-county-health-officials-say/287-7cc0418e-0102-4fde-a0ec-22c789e235d6 This sucks..... It's not a problem for most people (I surely don't want elderly folks or those with underlying issues to get it) but as a parent to elementary aged kids, the biggest threat to getting it is not the illness itself (everything I've read says that this virus is actually not as threatening to kids as the flu) but it's if/when you get it...having to stay home for weeks due to the hysteria about it. This guy in Frisco has been home for a week....did he go to the grocery store? Church? kid's ball game? The kids went to school? (edit: evidently they didn't according to that interview) Etc. Etc. With it confirmed in Frisco (and that's just confirmed, I'm sure it's all over by now) the Conference has a decision to make and they better make it fast.... Tough deal
  12. Difficult to help the university if they don’t Help themselves.
  13. Still doesn't look like you can buy single game tickets from the ticket office.... If you want people to buy from you, make it possible...
  14. Charlotte seems to have left it all on the floor in Charlotte.... They're getting destroyed by La Tech 40-13 one minute into the 2nd half. Charlotte scored 13 points in the first half...
  15. Was curious how the regular season champ fared the past few years: 2014: #1 Seed La Tech --- Lost in Finals to #2 Tulsa -- Champ #2 Tulsa 2015: #1 Seed La Tech --- Lost in semis to #4 UAB --- Champ was #4 UAB 2016: #1 Seed UAB --- Lost in qtrs to #8 WKU -- Champ was #2 MTSU 2017: #1 Seed MTSU --- Won it all 2018: #1 Seed MTSU --- Lost in qtrs to #9 USM -- Champ was #4 Marshall 2019: #1 Seed ODU --- Won it all 2020: #1 Seed UNT --- ??????? Past 6 years, #1 seed has won it all twice, lost their first game twice lost in the finals once and lost in the semis once. The past 4 years the #1 seed has either won it all or got bounced in their first game..... This year's tourney really is anyone's to win. I hope the Mean Green are locked in...if they're hitting 3's they'll win the tourney. If not....
  16. Is the Marriot property behind the Star an easy walk? Anyone know?
  17. Had no plans for Spring Break.....but now we got a little stay-cation in Frisco, TX. We may make Thursday's game but I'm sure hoping we're playing Friday and Saturday....plan to be there for both.
  18. It's weird to think that my 1st grader will be able to drive us to that game.....
  19. Now on 3/5, it has La Tech in the NCAA and us NOT in the NIT The robots don't know what they're doing
  20. Good point.... Fitting that the top 3 teams will have the most fans. This is gonna be fun.
  21. With this conference...we can't take anyone for granted. I think they are all potential trouble for us. I'm going to guess 98% of the crowd will be UNT and La Tech fans? Anyone else travel well? The tourney has to be happy that UNT is the #1 seed....I would think it will boost attendance
  22. Visual from another thread: Could be some jockeying on Saturday.....
  23. Updated Standings: The last week's schedule Looks like there could be some seeding battles this weekend.... Marshall or ODU could find themselves with a bye? (not sure where the tie breaks are)
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