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  1. 4 of 16 from 3 gonna have to keep slugging
  2. I don't like CUSA either...but look at it through the eyes of better conferences. Why would they want UNT? We have our bar at 9-3. That doesn't get it done. For us to get attention, we have to win 10-11 games a year consistently to get attention. We have a looooong way to go. Here we are rebuilding in Littrell's 5th season and possibly rebuilding again in his 6th? We will more than likely be ranked #100+ out of 132 teams preseason. Picked toward the bottom of the worst conference...in his 5th year. If he goes 5-7 this year (I think that's going to be tough) Our record in the Littrell era will be: 32-32 over 5 years. No bowl wins. No attention grabbing upsets. Absolutely destroyed in meaningful games. That's so mediocre it's not even funny. No TV market can overcome that. We have to have SUSTAINED success...not flash in the pans that get us on ESPN one week only to fall on our face over and over and over again. 11 win seasons...that's season(S), not flukes, that's the bar if you want serious national attention. The G5 darling, UCF...got no attention last year. The difference is they only went 10-3....vs the year before when they went 12-1 and before that 13-0. 12 win UCF: attention, 10 win UCF: meh. There's no room for error and certainly no room for mediocrity. If you want to see where we are in the pecking order, look at this program from an outsider's view...not through the lens of our horrible history. Celebrating 9 win seasons like we've arrived doesn't get any attention elsewhere.
  3. I don't know about Baylor... They've rebuilt their football program, played in a NY6 Bowl this past year and their basketball team has been #1.
  4. It’s absolutely amazing. EVERY SINGLE TIME
  5. A Legit tourney team or conference contender shouldn’t have to be sharp to beat that team.
  6. Piss poor today they weren’t ready to play looks like we spent the week looking at bracket projections
  7. Why is Gibson guarding #23?
  8. If you’re a legit tourney team, you shouldn’t lose this game
  9. This has to be the game of the season for Rice.
  10. Horrible shot by Gibson
  11. This is so frustrating to watch
  12. Are they tired? They should be rested leaving A LOT of shots short
  13. So the indoor facility and soccer/track stadiums are done. I believe the athletic center expansion is next. Any word on starting?
  14. I thought that was their proper name
  15. Thanks! Schedule looks good down the stretch....gotta keep the momentum going and stay focused. Gonna try to make the trek up to Denton Thursday...
  16. I'm sure this has been posted before.... Looks like there are 5 Pod games to finish the year. How do they determine where the games are played? Home vs Away.
  17. Officials said good. YOU CANNOT TAKE THAT BASKET OFF
  18. Sucks we depend on this the refs here. it was good but I don’t trust them
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