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  1. I don’t remember being more disgusted with a season like I’ve been this one. And I’ve seen some bad ones. I’m actually glad it’s over. Can’t take anymore.
  2. It DOES NOT MATTER who our QB is next year. upset about Renfro de-committing? who cares. It doesn’t matter
  3. The second one was more of a punt return for a TD
  4. UAB is a really dumb team they big and they strong and they fast but they dumb
  5. Is there a worse screen team in the country? we literally cannot execute a screen
  6. That HC was an assistant at 2 CUSA schools, LaTech and UTSA
  7. I could see us beating them. It just looks like one of those games. Prediction: if we DO beat them. It will be because we threw caution to the wind. I predict Mason Fine is gonna throw until his arm falls off. After we’ll say “why didn’t they play with this mentality all year?!” UAB has to be concerned about this game. They’re playing a team with nothing to lose. Or.....we’ll get down early and quit. all options are in the table.
  8. TRUTH So there are two different ways to look at it. A coach is either: #1 an outstanding coach or #2 an outstanding coach FOR NORTH TEXAS I've been mistakenly judging Littrell through #1. I guess I need to stop doing that. But I thought we were investing everything we're investing (facilities, salaries, infrastructure) to have a #1. Not a just a #2. We don't have to act like a big boy if we're just going to accept #2.
  9. definitely didn't age well.... But I want my head coach to have that mentality and put it out there... Just make sure you follow through
  10. I wonder what Dykes will be able to do with HS recruits when he walks in with top 25 ranking to sell and also....most of those transfers will be back next year....
  11. Hiring the recruiting coordinator and revamping that process was a big time positive. Littrell started out poorly in recruiting and addressed it. I'll give him major credit for that. We haven't seen the results yet (meaning can he develop them and win games with them) but that may be the most important thing he's done. We'll soon see if he takes that same strategy and revamps his coordinators. Especially on the defensive side.
  12. But it didn't stay there long.... I still say (in hindsight of course) that Littrell was the beneficiary of a horribly easy schedule. That's been evident by the way his teams have played against good competition. Again...what he's done is beat up on FCS teams, really really bad FBS teams...and everyone else blows him out. Any coach that wasn't a complete disaster (HS assistants or looking to retirement) could've done what Littrell did. And we certainly don't need to give Littrell the deal we gave him (sorry Adler) to give us what he's given us. (barely above .500) This is year 4 with the greatest QB in school history and we're not going to make a bowl. Half the teams in college football make bowls. My bar is not "it's better than Portland State" especially with the investment here.
  13. I'm curious.....how do you know he's an outstanding coach for North Texas?
  14. I tend to agree with this... I think most outsiders would be SHOCKED that Littrell is getting criticism... Because UNT has been bad for so long and doesn't deserve Seth Littrell...he beat Arkansas and won 9 games...that rarely if ever happens at UNT...
  15. That’s a pretty low bar is all I’m saying....
  16. I mean. Is Skip Holtz a defensive first coach? I honestly don’t know. He sure scores points though. And he wins. Offensively. Defensively. He just wins
  17. I don’t know....whatever wins. McCarney was Defense first. That didn’t work out. And it’s not like our offense is the best in the conference. It’s not. just win.
  18. And here’s the other thing. I think Littrell IS performing to the best of his abilities.
  19. I just have a problem with how he and his agent did it. And the subsequent “Littrell is too good for UNT” talk.....he won’t be here long. So you better pay me. rubs me the wrong way. That’s all.
  20. Littrell got out coached and out prepared today by a 2nd year head coach of a program That has recruited at the bottom of the conference for the last 4 years. in 4 years, he’s never beat anyone with substance.
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