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  1. I want to get excited...but this is year 5 and we've seen this before. I've learned my lesson This team can very easily go get blown out by La Tech and UAB. History says they will. And then there's the annual "how did they lose that game" game in which UTSA or Rice are prime for that one. I would love to be proven wrong but we have a 4+ year track record here. Maybe all the sudden Littrell figured it out...
  2. Proud of the players. Good effort today.
  3. I haven’t read the entire thread so this may have been said already..... but Beans confidence seems to really be higher since he’s running the ball. He looks more comfortable. His TD pass was excellent. Stood on there and slung it
  4. Are we going to win? Lose? Is Vito giving a serious prediction, trying to right his past wrongs by keeping the tradition of being wrong which would mean they would win...or...trying to get one right so he's predicting a loss.
  5. There are so many issues with our program that came right out of this
  6. We SHOULD be a stepping stone. We LOOK LIKE a stepping stone. We spend money like we're a stepping stone. But the expectations say other wise. If we're not going to align expectations with our investment...then what are we doing here? Quit flushing money down the toilet. Might as well get rid of football, turn Apogee into a baseball stadium and put the money toward baseball and basketball and compete for national championships. I think 100 years is long enough to decide if football is going to work here or not.
  7. I didn't say THE reason. But as much as college football has changed over the past 20 years....Clemson and Alabama win games because they control the line of scrimmage. It still gets down to the trenches....even with big offenses that sling it around. So when the top DL recruits every single year are looking at Bama/Clemson or USC or OU or Oregon, etc....they're going to go to the school that takes DL seriously...they're #1 and #2 in the nation every year because they have the best DLs in the nation every year. I wonder if we had the best DL in CUSA or G5 if we would win more?
  8. Wren Baker actually needs to get a little more cocky and see NO coach as bigger than him and the program. That might change some things around here...
  9. I don't know....I see our program as a heck of an opportunity. We should be cycling through stud G5 coaches every few years as they move up to big jobs. There's only one Gary Patterson. We seem to be scared of the former holding out for the latter. As for a hottest girl analogy, we get one we think is hot...and we beg her not to leave because we think we'll never get another one. Then she turns out to not be so hot...but we're still buying her shit because we think she's the best we'll ever get.
  10. 100% Two stages to Littrell's tenure: Stage 1, get us out of the toilet. He did that. Then he took that and went to stage 2, Pay me more for doing what I was hired to do or I'm leaving. UNT held up it's end...Seth Littrell certainly did not.
  11. This is where I am now in talking to our next potential head coach. I think Wren Baker should have this mindset... These are minimums. Bare minimum expectations that come with your salary, your facilities, the support from this administration: Bowl game every year Win more bowls than you lose. Win CUSA West EVERY YEAR....do not ever finish less than 2nd place. Win CUSA every 2 years Players graduate Top 10 G5 program That's what you will need to do to earn your $1.5 million to $2 million per year. If you don't, you'll get replaced. How many good coaches
  12. Yep....the funny thing is...the 2 most dominate teams in the country the past several years (Bama and Clemson) run a 4-3 and all they do is have the best defenses in the country every year. Seems that would be "it" Some might say "yeah but they recruit 1st round DL talent every year" Yeah...I wonder why? Maybe they want to play in a 4-3.
  13. I hope Wren learned something from this as well...so next time he can tell a coach "thanks for what you did getting us here, good luck at KState, we'll be fine with the list of coaches I have here." He has to have confidence in the infrastructure that's here now...one that can have exciting coaches WANTING to come here. A few of those Sunbelt teams seem to change coaches every few years and don't skip a beat...no reason we can't with what we have with this program now. Honestly, if we could afford to cut ties with LIttrell...do it sooner than later. I don't think we have to worr
  14. Littrell and his agent aren't the first to pull the wool over people's eyes. Like I've said...he and Sexton were able to dangle KState (I'm still not convinced they were going to hire him....but that's just my opinion) in front of UNT and threaten to walk unless they got more money. Most looked at a 9 win season (which we've never had a 10 win season) and go "well we have to extend him." So he and his agent were able to hold UNT hostage. I got suckered too. Most didn't look at what he had actually done. Was it him or was it the HORRIBLE teams he was playing. Because even then....he was no
  15. Only caveat is what Dickey had to work with vs. What Littrell has....from facilities, to money, to support. Night and Day. Dickey was racing against corvettes in a ford focus (or Buick.....if you will) Littrell got handed a corvette but doesn't seem to know what to do with it
  16. I watched my 6 year old’s 6U soccer game today. It was more entertaining than this. It’s 10 kids that all run to the ball and basically fall down.
  17. Charlotte obviously hasn’t seen the plans for our new weight room
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