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  1. The stadium is nice but The area they’re building it in is great. Entertainment district. They opened a top golf down there a couple of years ago. Lots of bars and restaurants. It will be cool.
  2. I get the UT remote campuses confused....I stand corrected.
  3. botching the DC hire has nothing to do with integrity.....Notice I removed "intentionally" There is a good chance this hire will get botched (there's no past evidence to suggest otherwise) and I would think there are many P5s out there that would want him to be OC.
  4. True.... Maybe Wren Baker can put that on some marketing material.... "Come see The Mean Green in the 2021 season! Look at our building and our coach's pay stubs! Now, where would you like your seats at Apogee?"
  5. I thought they were already D1 and in CUSA. Isn't that the Roadrunners?
  6. Why should anyone buy season tickets next season? "It's your duty as an alumnus/fan/resident" is not an answer. If that's Wren Baker's answer, then we're worse off than I thought... So much negativity right now...…can anyone list a positive surrounding the program heading into 2021?
  7. How about: "What if Seth Littrell botches the DC hire and basically has another 4-8 season with gaudy offensive numbers, pockets another $1.8 million from UNT, and then puts himself in a position for a P5 OC gig?" Seems like a VERY safe bet.
  8. Funny.....my mom is really interested in UNT Football all of the sudden. She "broke the news" that The Pioneer Woman's son was playing football for UNT this weekend. 😂
  9. Littrell has made a living on garbage time offense. No one runs an offense down 30 like Seth Littrell
  10. It’s good he checks the boxes and Littrell has him in his sights..... but does this candidate have US in HIS sights?
  11. Ok I’ll give you Briles but Sumlin had them ranked in the top 15 if memory serves. I don’t think his record at Arizona has anything to do with us
  12. The budget argument doesn’t work in the SEC. they all have basically the same....maybe he just wasn’t a fit for Arizona. Who knows. but I do know U of Houston’s modern rise to national prominence started with him....
  13. I don’t know Rob..... SMU seems to be doing fairly well with their retread. Hell Even Bobby Petrino did well at WKU. Hugh Freeze, well see about Willie Taggert at FAU but I don’t want to play them..... I hear you on the falling off the cliff but I would just like to get up on the cliff. We’ve never been there from a national level We’ve never had a 10 win season. Never been ranked (in modern football) Winning the HOD bowl in front of 50 UNLV fans was nice but it wasn’t the top of the cliff. I don’t know if I would list Dan McCarney(if that’s who you’re referring to) he didn’t have su
  14. Although I think you may want to include Littrell’s buyout in UNT’s “out of pocket” in years 1-3?
  15. I was complaining about our current situation to a fellow college football fan.... he said. “Who would you want?” Kevin Sumlin was my answer.
  16. All I’ve heard is how well Littrell has recruited the past 3 years. Now about those X’s and O’s..... I wonder what a good coach could do with all these supposed top recruiting classes....
  17. 1st year HC, 7 win UTSA with loads of players out in this game with Covid including their HC(maybe their coaching staff whined about it this week....Not sure) NOT getting curb stomped by a good Sun Belt Team in their bowl game. Nice job UTSA And leaving the Sunbelt was actually great for UNT. Not because of conference prestige. But much much easier competition. I would hate to see what Littrell would do against that talent and much better coaching....
  18. Let me bold this in case anyone missed it: He has gone 33 games in a row without beating a team with a winning record 33 games in a row 0-33!!!! That is shocking
  19. You seem to have a HORRIBLE opinion of The University of North Texas. But one that has kept us right where we are for a looooong time.
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