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  1. Now on 3/5, it has La Tech in the NCAA and us NOT in the NIT The robots don't know what they're doing
  2. Good point.... Fitting that the top 3 teams will have the most fans. This is gonna be fun.
  3. With this conference...we can't take anyone for granted. I think they are all potential trouble for us. I'm going to guess 98% of the crowd will be UNT and La Tech fans? Anyone else travel well? The tourney has to be happy that UNT is the #1 seed....I would think it will boost attendance
  4. Visual from another thread: Could be some jockeying on Saturday.....
  5. Updated Standings: The last week's schedule Looks like there could be some seeding battles this weekend.... Marshall or ODU could find themselves with a bye? (not sure where the tie breaks are)
  6. I called the ticket office....I wouldn't say she sounded 100% confident but this is what I was told.... After the quarters, you should be able to call the ticket office and buy tickets to the semis....same after semis for finals. I asked if the tickets would be available via mobile and she said she believed so. That's all I got
  7. I hope the players don’t think the regular season championship is good enough. party! they sure looked like they think that tonight.....
  8. man...and he's getting wide open looks
  9. I don't know if it's my internet but there's a "chop" every 5 seconds...I've noticed it before when I try to watch it on facebook...not so much on ESPN+ Makes it unwatchable
  10. This board tonight is the equivalent of scoring 23 points in a half
  11. Probably need to call the ticket office....only option on the website is the full tourney blocks....
  12. that's my plan...just trying to time it. I should be able to go online and get them right? Love the purchase and download on the phone option for home games. I wonder if we can have that option for the tourney
  13. So we're making plans for Frisco.....I don't think we'll be able to make the quarterfinal game so my question is.....is it difficult to get tickets to the semis after the quarters are over? And same for the finals?
  14. Not crazy about the long wait. between our last game of the season and first game of the tourney. I know rest is good but we're fairly healthy and haven't fared well coming off long breaks. Quirk in the schedule has us off on Saturday the 7th...wouldn't mind actually playing that day but it is what it is.
  15. Remaining Schedule: http://conferenceusa.com/calendar.aspx?path=mbball&
  16. So with the #1 seed and 1st round bye locked in....we start in the quarterfinals on Thursday 3/12. Current Standings: (Side note...looks like our game vs Charlotte could be big for them...playing for a bye?) After the first round plays on Wed (3/11) do we then get the lowest seeded first round winner? If the season ended today the first round would be FIU vs UTEP Marshall vs Rice ODU vs UTSA FAU vs UAB right?
  17. It’s a universal truth: Ball don’t lie.
  18. EVERY SINGLE DRIVE. And what makes it even better is he gets serious separation with his elbow
  19. I know we may be disappointed in the attendance given the stakes. But that 4500 was LOUD. My kids were covering their ears. When the Pit is loud it’s so electric. 8,000+ would be un-manageable by a road team. I haven’t had that much fun there since the OK State win. And it was my youngest’s first game at the Pit. They had a blast and can’t wait to go to Frisco
  20. It’s amazing how many times we get the ball knocked out of our hands in the paint.
  21. Since Hamlet got #4 the whole stadium deflated
  22. Gonna be a parade to the FT line for WKU
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