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  1. Is there any doubt in any player on that Charlotte sideline that they’re going to win this game tonight?
  2. A few things stick out about his last 14 games. 1. it's not that he loses....it's that he's not even competitive. averaging getting beaten by nearly 3 TDS per game in that span. 2. the defense is obviously bad....but where's the offense from this "offensive coach?" 24 points per game when he's not playing FCS or the UTEPs of the world
  3. Since the 2018 regular season ended, Littrell is: 3-11 vs FBS Competition Avg score in those losses: Opp: 42 UNT: 24
  4. Yep. I wonder if he has pelts on the wall. Wrens has to be prominent.
  5. It’s not Seth Littrell’s fault that our program is in this shape. It’s Wren Baker’s. Littrell’s agent completely used him. Wren was not prepared to handle Jimmy Sexton. What a scam.
  6. The expectation against this team should be: you gave it a good effort in the first half. But we should dominate this team in the second half if our $2 million HC is with it.
  7. Siggers has the look. He’s going to be difficult to deal with.
  8. Is our athletic department going to lose this year? How does it survive?
  9. I hope Littrell’s agent is looking for open OC positions. Littrell’s done here. That fake fair catch was so awesome He’ll be gone in 3 more years and $6 million later when we can afford to get rid of him.
  10. I wish our team was as focused as the one with an interim coach
  11. I think it's different though....we played between weeks 1 and 3. See that was the problem.....
  12. This program like it's head coach is all superficial....nothing genuine. Shiny buildings, fancy stadium, $2million head coach, private jets.....all superficial But nothing to show for it.... I wish our program had half the heart of a La Tech
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