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  1. Offense down the stretch. Atrocious
  2. He's talking about our "big rival" How embarrassing
  3. New HC at Mississippi State. WOW
  4. UAB would've gone 1-3 with our non conference last year just like we did and would go 1-3 with our non conference next year just like we will. Their non conference is really easy again next year
  5. That's a tough first half.... 1-4 going into the Charlotte game very likely Littrell's toughest schedule to date?
  6. Starkel would be a great pickup. But it doesn't matter because if we don't fix our OLine....Joe Burrow wouldn't help us. If we have 10 pressing issues to fix, QB is probably #8 on that list.
  7. Oh....I thought he was done... disregard
  8. So my question was gonna be when you say “hold out”.......hold out for what? But I think you answered it. the problem with waiting on the bottom P5s is they’re not going to change. The top G5’s won’t even change....
  9. Play Akron (bit of a stretch but I'll go with it) for a championship or Play Akron for a meaningless bowl game ??
  10. Can't imagine what they're thinking....you know....the players that got him the SEC job
  11. I used to be opposed to it....but I've changed my mind. I don't see any other option. (Please someone convince me otherwise)
  12. Lane Kiffin’s press conference.....ugh Said something was missing in him for 3 years(because he wasn’t in the SEC), walked into CUSA stadiums and tailgates and something was missing. Said they “developed 0 star players” at FAU. He obviously never really cared about FAU. That in itself is not all that shocking but...What he’s saying is he basically half assed it and went through the motions at FAU Yet he still pretty much destroyed the conference 2 out of 3 years. Not a good look for CUSA and the other coaches (including ours)
  13. The challenge is....the top 5-10 "G5" programs would be the ones against it.....because they would think they're above it. In which I still don't understand why they think that. AAC is better than CUSA.....but it doesn't mean anything. A 2 loss SEC team will get in over an undefeated G5 every single time. So what are we talking about?
  14. It seems to me they would? So the next question is: "ESPN brass....what would you rather televise? the Boca and Frisco bowl or a playoff?" I honestly don't know the answer.....someone is making money off these poorly attended and watched games...still don't understand who or how.
  15. The real question here....if there was a "G5 Playoff" would TV carry it and give attention to it? That's the real question. Is there a scenario where the media would support it? Yes? Then it's worth a look. If no....then you have to ask is it more or less than they cover us now. (trick question....it CAN'T be less that zero) Seems to me that the FCS playoff is getting more coverage than it used to....
  16. I guess my question for those that are opposed to this scenario....what other REALISTIC option do we have? We could go 12-0 three years in a row....and we would still not get in the playoff. *edit* We could get into the AAC or MWC....go 12-0 three years in a row...and we still would not get in the playoff. So what other option do we have? "A G5 playoff would "officially" separate us." What difference does it make if we're officially or unofficially separated. We're still separated. And always will be. It seems to me that P5 will never ever expand again. So even UCF, Memphis, Boise....those that have dreams of getting to P5 won't. I got into a discussion with a Memphis fan about this. My argument was (and this goes for Houston too): like it or not....in the grand scheme of things....we're equal. He then went on to to tell me about his facilities....and coaching salaries....and record......he was in denial. Just like Houston. You can pay your coach $4 million. You can pay your coach $10 million. Yes...AAC is better than CUSA. But the SEC and the Big 12 don't care about either one of us equally. Alabama doesn't see a difference between the AAC and CUSA because they're not P5. The big 12 still doesn't want you because it doesn't need you. Memphis will never be P5 because P5 doesn't need them. So there's not reason for the top 5 conferences to include the bottom 5 conferences. Trust me....I don't like it either. For "G5" schools to demand inclusion.....we have to have leverage. What is our leverage? "Hey NCAA....put us in or else" Or else what?
  17. Not necessarily. He’s still a candidate for FAU’s HC job. Seeing him on lists as potential candidates.
  18. Wow! that’s strong with LSU’s resurgence.....Bama’s arrow may be Pointing down. Saban gonna get the pressure cranked up a little...
  19. I wonder if Kendall Briles will get the call from FAU
  20. Take the 40 year olds from Bill Clark and he is Seth Littrell
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