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  1. Big 3 followed by missed FT and a really bad foul. 79-77 with 14 seconds. wild finish
  2. Not over yet. la Tech up 76-72 27.6 to go edit-2 FT hit 78-72
  3. La Tech seems like a team no one is gonna want to play in the tourney...
  4. If UNT and La Tech both win out....it looks like we'll be #1 and #2 seeds in Frisco..... Would sure make for an entertaining championship game if they get to the finals.....given how our 2 matchups went this year. I would imagine that game would be packed..... I know that's a long way away but I sure hope we end up there.
  5. My only complaint was on Bracey’s game winning shot. Hamlet was guarding him. Hamlet was basically playing on 1 leg at that point. Admired his guts on the offensive end. Didn’t like seeing him 1 on 1 trying to defend a guy in crunch time that couldn’t miss.
  6. The "Muslim ban" has been my favorite talking point of Trump's presidency... If he hates Muslims.....Trump is doing a HORRIBLE job of keeping Muslims out. The countries above that are highlighted are in his ban. Plus Venezuela and North Korea (fairly certain the Muslim population of N Korea is 0.0%) and others that don't make the top list.... Maybe I don't understand when people say "Trump wants to keep Muslims out" If that's true...why wouldn't he ban more countries with more Muslims? Bangladesh has 9.2% of the worlds population of Muslims....he could knock out a pretty good chunk right there. Nigeria is half Muslim...and they are new to the list....what about the other half of Nigerians that aren't Muslim, do they get to come? Or maybe Trump, who is so unbelievably dumb, is actually really smart and his secret plan to turn us into "literal Nazis" is so complex we can't even understand it.
  7. The universities did this to themselves. I don't feel a bit sorry for them. The gov't gives out loans like candy and Universities pounced. The cost of tuition goes up and up and up. The gov't loans more. The universities keep on raising the price. Why not? Helluva business model. Get your money from gov't loans and leave the students to pay it back for the next 30 years. Oh, and then ask for them to give back? LMAO There's no gov't loans for donations going back to the university that just fleeced the very person they want to now "give back." As far as I'm concerned, you got your money from the graduate before they graduated. I would say you'll get a donation from me when I'm done paying off the outrageous tuition and fees you charged me. I graduated in 2000 with no debt by working during school and working extra in the summer. I literally wrote a check for my tuition and books with the money I earned over the summer. If memory serves it was....$2500 a semester or something? I paid rent, etc by working in school. Crazy to think about it being that low now. And then I got my MBA in 2005 (company paid for it). I can be critical of some things millennial and roll my eyes at times, but they're getting screwed by universities. I wouldn't have been able to graduate without loads of debt if tuition was as high as it is now. I love UNT but as a whole, college is such a scam today. The ROI is not as good for college degrees today... If I were a recent graduate I would give a big middle finger to them as well.
  8. Held off a good team that was out of their minds from the 3 point Line tonight Still won by 9 Good W
  9. Looks like they’ll just try to trade 3s for 2s
  10. Their 3 point shooting is absolutely maddening. from that same spot. Someone on D stand there
  11. If he ends up at a P5....I don't like the precedent being set
  12. That's disappointing....I was hoping to have him back with our other weapons that emerged last year... I guess he's immediately eligible?
  13. Gibson was horrible...but he's a good shooter. Any basketball coach is going to tell a good shooter to keep shooting their way out of it... Good teams have to win ugly sometimes. And this was one of those games. I'll take the road W. Need to play better in Birmingham though.
  14. 4 of 16 from 3 gonna have to keep slugging
  15. I don't like CUSA either...but look at it through the eyes of better conferences. Why would they want UNT? We have our bar at 9-3. That doesn't get it done. For us to get attention, we have to win 10-11 games a year consistently to get attention. We have a looooong way to go. Here we are rebuilding in Littrell's 5th season and possibly rebuilding again in his 6th? We will more than likely be ranked #100+ out of 132 teams preseason. Picked toward the bottom of the worst conference...in his 5th year. If he goes 5-7 this year (I think that's going to be tough) Our record in the Littrell era will be: 32-32 over 5 years. No bowl wins. No attention grabbing upsets. Absolutely destroyed in meaningful games. That's so mediocre it's not even funny. No TV market can overcome that. We have to have SUSTAINED success...not flash in the pans that get us on ESPN one week only to fall on our face over and over and over again. 11 win seasons...that's season(S), not flukes, that's the bar if you want serious national attention. The G5 darling, UCF...got no attention last year. The difference is they only went 10-3....vs the year before when they went 12-1 and before that 13-0. 12 win UCF: attention, 10 win UCF: meh. There's no room for error and certainly no room for mediocrity. If you want to see where we are in the pecking order, look at this program from an outsider's view...not through the lens of our horrible history. Celebrating 9 win seasons like we've arrived doesn't get any attention elsewhere.
  16. I don't know about Baylor... They've rebuilt their football program, played in a NY6 Bowl this past year and their basketball team has been #1.
  17. It’s absolutely amazing. EVERY SINGLE TIME
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