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  1. Also....I usually try not to be too tough on the players unless they have a bad attitude or act selfish....but I've seen it said several times how "soft" they looked yesterday.... I have never watched a football game and thought: "it's almost as if they don't want to tackle....they literally looked scared to make contact" until yesterday. We supposedly have this "tough" head coach...well it's not translating to the players.
  2. One thing I'm tired of hearing is what a great motivator Littrell is. I'm glad I don't have to watch Beyond the Green and see the same pre game speech from him...the same halftime speech. The sideline reporter yesterday talked about Littrell's "quiet intensity....wow I want to run through a wall." She was so impressed with him. But it comes off as disingenuous... It obviously doesn't work. It seems superficial and the players don't respond in big games because there is a 100% track record of NEVER coming out prepared to play. He's basically blowing hot air and it's going in one ear and o
  3. I’m going to be curious to hear what Littrell says about practice. The Davis’s being out is weird. I don’t want to speculate on their “undisclosed medical situation” but it’s like the whole team was affected by it. No we’re not as good as SMU obviously but man they look even more unprepared than they have previously.
  4. I mean the 2 most important players on the defense aren’t playing. that’s not the only reason but it’s a big one but this game is looking like typical Littrell when he plays a team that’s not FCS or bottom of FBS. He beats up bad teams and gets absolutely destroyed by decent to good teams. He doesn’t even lose. He always gets embarrassed.
  5. Several Baylor players who were set to miss the game did not receive a single positive test, and despite also receiving multiple negative tests in the same time frame, were not allowed to return to team activities because of local regulations in place for contact tracing.
  6. agree and there are NTSU grads that are more upset about UNT then the other way around... Let's embrace both
  7. It's actually smart....takes it away from them a little when we call ourselves NTSU this week....
  8. In July, the council took several steps toward dismantling the city's police department, including approving an amendment to remove $1 million from the police department and reallocate it toward the health department to hire "violence interrupters" who are intended to defuse potentially violent situations.
  9. That's not very much face smashing....
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