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  1. I don’t know....whatever wins. McCarney was Defense first. That didn’t work out. And it’s not like our offense is the best in the conference. It’s not. just win.
  2. And here’s the other thing. I think Littrell IS performing to the best of his abilities.
  3. I just have a problem with how he and his agent did it. And the subsequent “Littrell is too good for UNT” talk.....he won’t be here long. So you better pay me. rubs me the wrong way. That’s all.
  4. Littrell got out coached and out prepared today by a 2nd year head coach of a program That has recruited at the bottom of the conference for the last 4 years. in 4 years, he’s never beat anyone with substance.
  5. If we were any worse we would need to Just give up and shut down the program we literally couldn’t get any worse
  6. Don’t forget Wren Baker is a young, inexperienced AD. He basically got “bullied” into that extension by a seasoned agent and media hype. I know Wren has been great and I’m not taking anything away from what he’s done. But if this doesn’t have a miraculous turn around in the next 2 years....he’s going to have to own this too.
  7. I’ve learned my lesson. I will NEVER make a judgment on a coach without looking at his schedule. I don’t care if he goes 12-0. Any number of coaches could’ve done what Littrell had done the last couple of years.
  8. Don’t worry. We’ll be out from under his contract in only 4 more years
  9. It’s like Littrell forgot to tell them to be the most excited to play
  10. “I think you just like to torture yourself” my wife just now
  11. I have to think he’s in one ear and out the other by now
  12. Don’t know. the coach got an extension though.....don’t know who we were bidding against but he got it.
  13. “They are moving the ball with ease” gonna guess that’s the first time all season that’s been said about Rice
  14. Rice recruiting ranks 2016 14th 2017 12th 2018 12th 2019 11th Second year head coach Hopefully the highest paid coach in the conference who’s in year 4 can turn it around this game
  15. I learned today that foreign aid had also been withheld from Honduras and Lebanon at the same time. Lebanon STILL hasn’t gotten their aid! I for one am really upset about it. I mean...we are not doing our moral duty! We have got to get that guy out of office so we can go back to the way it was. He’s so uncouth!
  16. You know it is actually. I shouldn’t get ahead of myself. Maybe the Democrats are saving the bombshell evidence for the end. I like the build up. I have learned a lot. And this can’t be disputed: #1 ukraine is the most important country on the world #2 we hate how Trump handles it I mean....that’s not impeachable but he is a big jerk
  17. Same thing happened last year. While we can’t seem to attack the other team just puts us under siege and eventually the D just can’t hold forever.
  18. With his strength as well. He’s gonna be dangerous.
  19. talk about a sttttrrrrrreeettttttttchhh And we have a coach that beat Arkansas. He just can’t beat Charlotte
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