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  1. $MU! Enough said! I hate those douchebagers!
  2. I'm drafting him in the later rounds for fantasy! It's going to freak my league guys out!
  3. Yeah, Brett! Another list item you can take off your list that you always beat it like a dead horse!
  4. 97 Aught 3 is full of shit!
  5. Now that the 2021 schedule is out, does anyone know if tailgating like we know it will be back? Also, did UNT allow RV fans to tailgate in the RV spots last year?
  6. https://www.crosstimbersgazette.com/2019/12/18/argyle-selects-new-police-chief/
  7. Congratulations! I remember you leading The Talons when you were a student at North Texas. I live in the Flower Mound side of Canyon Falls now, but I'll have to stop by someday to say hello.
  8. Mean Green Village was a golf course.
  9. Found an old Denton County Mapsco from 1999. If you didn’t have this you were lost. A few things have changed on the campus.
  10. Looks awesome, but where’s the beautiful drone video? 😝
  11. I drive past it every day to and from work and this week the roof material is being installed. Sorry I have no pics at 70 mph on 35W.
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