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  1. Put a fountain of yellow flags that shoot up around the statue.
  2. So, if you win the trip with the team to FIU, does the prize package include coaching the game?
  3. Holy hell, the TuneIn Radio feed is way behind. It literally just started.
  4. To be fair, anything over $5 is overpriced with Judy in charge.
  5. Still the Ballpark in Arlington, aka The Temple. The new barn feels like the world's largest Tractor Supply Company.
  6. Chad Morris' W-L record is impressive...... For the teams he plays against.
  7. So, not ONLY is it possible to fire a coach at this point in the season, but it's possible to HIRE a coach too???? Woah!!
  8. Serious question, what is the negative against Levitt?
  9. And yet, most of us wish Seth would do the same thing.
  10. Jim Levitt may be available if Dykes moves on from $mut.
  11. They'd better step up sales of 10 piece extra crispy buckets.
  12. It's been explained. Question my intellect all you want. Let me see if I can't put this so you understand. Keeping Seth is bad for the program and the university. Whatever it takes to get the administration to fire Littrell is not necessarily pleasant, but necessary. Making a change in head football coach at UNT is good. I think we're all happy that NT won yesterday, but we can't root for shallow, meaningless wins if it means keeping Seth. No one WANTS to lose. But we can not keep Seth around. Do you understand yet? If not, maybe someone can explain it in crayon.
  13. You're inability to grasp this concept is amazing. Truly, I'm actually impressed. Bravo.
  14. Exactly, which is why NT winning out is NOT in the best interest of the program or the University.
  15. Seriously? YOU are the one who made the McCasland comparison. You seem to be the only one who isn't understanding my statement, soooooo....
  16. So you'd rather us win 6 games, keep Seth, and remain in mediocrity, at. Best? Pretty selfish but ok. Good for you.
  17. NOT. EVEN. CLOSE. We want what is BEST for the program. You want McCasland to succeed and build up the program. If he leaves, he's elevated the program. By winning out, people who make decisions to keep or fire Seth may think he's turned the corner. If he can win out and admin still see it's time to make the change, great. But many don't have that confidence, and for good reason. So if it takes us losing out to make the donors see that Seth needs to go, then unfortunately that is what needs to happen for the better of the University of North Texas. I hate that for the players, as they deserve better. But this goes beyond what is best for an individual. That's why the best thing is to fire Seth now, so the change has been made and we can still root to win games. You're comparing apples to dog shit and you are smarter than that.
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