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  1. I just assumed that the NFL was trying to more closely emulate FIFA/World Cup soccer watching that Saints debacle. /s I can't ever remember an NFL game that felt so rigged....but I've sure seen some international soccer games that were. The larger problem with the NFL is that is it so over officiated now with all of the super precise language in the rule-book that the games have an ever increasing probability of the officiating deciding the outcome of games. There was a stretch of game during the middle of the 4th quarter of the AFC championship where they went to video review 3 different times for 5 minutes (real-world time delays) each, then the refs blew a roughing the passer call on Brady that gave the Pats a first down they otherwise wouldn't have had . The typical league response to the missed PI in the Saints game will be to add replays on some penalties (missed or called). I really hope not, though. I'm just sick of watching refs and replays at this point. Yesterday was outright off-putting. The league had a better product 20 years ago in regard to games being decided on the field and not by whistles. Now get off my lawn.
  2. OU had a Todd Dodge level bad defense this year.... And the secondary was putrid. I am confused.
  3. And both McVea and Nagy cut their teeth in the NFL... @MeanGreenTexan nailed it. This is looking more and more like the Dodge hire here. It's going to end badly.
  4. Copycat move that looks ultra desperate on the surface. Who is going to run the defense? Has that been finalized or announced?
  5. This is what super agents like Sexton are paid to do. Create a market. Drive up interest and potential $$.
  6. Did he get any 2H minutes against LaTech? I don't remember it, if so. We need more of this guy.
  7. This was the best part for me. Took about a year for that Benford hangover to clear, but we’re back to JJ era attendance. Shocked at the size of that crowd for a non-P5 school during winter break. Great sign of the changing times at UNT and Denton. Also, LaTech is starting more and more to feel like a rival. A rivalry I can actually stomach (unlike the forced nutsack one).
  8. Wonder if this hire helps us sell out next year's game with UH. That's gonna be an offensive firework show for the ages. We'll need a good showing against Cal, obviously... But I am already looking forward to this.
  9. Virtually no traveling fans, though. If you had traveled in from Ohio or San Diego (granted, why would you?!) would a light drizzle stop you from attending? No.
  10. Somehow, even with all of the turnovers, this team seems very poised and able to control the pace of games. Every time UNM started to creep back into the game we'd respond with a run---usually sparked by a drive and layup by Woolridge. Woolridge, in particular, has really matured these past couple of years. This is a really fun team to watch.
  11. First time I had seen this quote: “I am verbally committed, but I am still open in case God offers me another situation that I feel better about,” Johnson said when he committed. “North Texas is where I feel best now.” I agree with @Big Z ...and this kid was never "committed" spewing crap like that. Why even "commit"?
  12. Distraction is the word I'd use to describe 2018. Once the punt return heard round the world happened, we were up and down. Media attention like we've never seen, new agent shopping our HC, rumors of schools recruiting Fine, etc. It all points to a team that had to deal with too many distractions and that ultimately is what did them in.
  13. Got lots of negatives from this post and will probably get more for this one... But I think we know where our coaches head's were now. Yesterday's game made that abundantly clear.
  14. Maybe. But we looked totally unprepared to defend USU running game. That looked like last year's FAU games.
  15. This. He needs to retire from the game. Or decide to be fearless. There can't be any in between... Which is where he was all season.
  16. You have to wonder what the psyche of our assistants is right now. If it indeed really came down to Sean Snyder or bust you have to think a good number of our assistants were expecting to be coaching in the Big 12 next year and getting a big pay bump. I would think at least some of them are bummed. Maybe that's not how they are wired, but if we the fans were on pins and needles all week, how do you think the guys actually being affected by all this reacted?
  17. We've got other big men... Why not play them? We went totally small and nearly blew it. Also... The big Russian hardly plays. Thought he was supposed to be a gamer. What's going on?
  18. Their coach sure doesn't pull any punches...
  19. I guess you missed the 90s. KSU is a different animal than most P5 schools. They really relied more heavily on the JUCO schools in Kansas providing them talent back then. I don't know if that is as viable in 2018 as it was in 1996, though. Those JUCOs are still there, and are still loaded, but the internet happened...
  20. Did it really "fall in his lap", though? Didn't he start all this by hiring Jimmy Sexton right after we became the media darling after the Peter Pan play and 4-0 start?
  21. I remember the KSU fans that came to fouts in 2010. They were nice people. Those that are here now rubbing our noses in them stealing our coach halfway through the season can kiss my... How about you give us a mooning emoji for the next 7 days, instead @Harry
  22. Can’t find that thread with our rumored targets, so please merge.... but who are we hiring and when?
  23. ...and back to the discussion on this system being a joke....
  24. The sooner this is over the better. Let's rip the band-aid off and move on.
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