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  1. Overall talent level, maybe. Hard to make the argument that they aren’t massively loaded at the most important position after trotting out Mahomes, Webb, and Mayfield the past 5+ years. QB covers up a lot of weakness areas. See Mason Fine...
  2. We’re not having this debate if we just kick a field goal and take the three points. Coaches let the team down yesterday. Not Mason Fine.
  3. I don’t know that it’s play calling, or the philosophy. We take what the defense gives too often when we should be throwing it over the top. We blew the Rice game open only after we finally threw one deep to Lawrence. We did none of that against LaTech or in the second half yesterday (I don’t have beIN so couldn’t watch UAB). We’re giving the opposition what they want when we don’t stretch the field. I watched the Briles Baylor teams do the same thing. They would also blow big leads routinely. The difference is that they’d make a play or two down the stretch to hang on a lot of the time. So I think this is just something we’re going to have to get used to as long as we’re running with a staff from that Leach/Mumme coaching tree.
  4. Nice try. That loss is on Littrell. Kick the field goal and we don't lose. Especially concerning after listening to him talking to Fine about little momentum swings on Beyond the Green. He single handedly swung the momentum away from his own team.
  5. This is on the coaches. Worst coached half I've ever seen
  6. They're all just so new to this thing called college football. I'd feel bad for them if they weren't such dills.
  7. We’ve been pretty spoiled with RB talent since I’ve been following. Give me ANY of our #1s since the late 90’s and we might be undefeated. Ja’quay Wilburn Galbreath Pat Cobbs Super Jamario Thomas Cam Montgomery Dunbar Byrd Wilson
  8. I'll be honest that the announcement of our OOC schedule took some wind out of my sails. I'm glad that we should have a schedule that allows us to win most of the games, but I'm not making any plans to attend a game until January.
  9. Best news from the weekend? This thread had dropped to page 5 before the bump! You're welcome! 🙂
  10. I think we whip Rice this weekend. But if both UAB and LaTech win again, we're going to see at least one more loss before the season closes out. It's inevitable that this team has a letdown game at some point if and when the division is lost. Looking ahead, Nov 24 is setup to be a really interesting day if UAB slips up once before then. They finish against MTSU, who is one game back in the east and tied with Marshall. FIU is in first place in the east and has Marshall that day. There is potentially going to be a divisional crown on the line for MTSU, so they are going to give it their best shot. The big problem is where the other loss from UAB comes from. Maybe they have the same kind of game we had against UTEP this weekend only Chico and crew come through with the win this time?
  11. It's crazy to see how far FAU has fallen since last season. Especially their defense, where they returned almost the entire 2-deep. We're a much better team than we were a year ago due to the improvement of our defense, but we're still getting beat for the same basic reasons. Against the better teams on our schedule we are still inferior to them in the trenches. All the skill position talent in the world doesn't add up enough unless you can stop the run, run when you HAVE to, and protect the QB. Same as it's ever been....
  12. The answer is that eventually you hope to improve recruiting to the point that WE are the team with the best offensive and defensive lines (or in the top 2-3) year in and year out. THAT is what leads to consistent winning. You absolutely need a very good QB to compete for conference championships, but you don't replace Mason Fine. You build the entire team around him so that the QB doesn't have to carry the entire program on his back.
  13. I'd never trade a win over dirty smu. The Arkansas win and punt return likely gets most of our staff poached. There's no guarantee they stay with that stuff not happening, but you're basically putting the DD scenario in front of us. They couldn't ever beat anyone OOC.
  14. This year's team would beat last year's team. The question now is what happens to them when they don't have a conference championship to play for. I still think they have a lot to play for, but I wonder if that is how they feel.
  15. So hold on. Our AD does not have access to home attendance numbers for every game since the Advent of time? Why does he need to play with different times? Look it up, man! History is your friend.
  16. I'm right there with you. I was bugging my group all morning trying to get them to actually look at the radar with future sims running and not just read the hour by hour forecast (which just said ~50% rain all day). They were just not having it. When 1pm rolled around, I sent them all a bunch of 'told you so' texts and actually got a couple who live in the area to make it by halftime. Sometimes it doesn't matter how much technology you have access to. Weather like that tends to put people into "slumber" mode and once you've made up your mind that you're in for a day of indoor activities it's hard to switch back. I was getting hollered at by my wife on the drive up while tornado warnings were being broadcast over the radio. Never mind that they were for Hico/Hamilton (at the time) and on a trajectory to move through south of Dallas. Just the fact that tornado weather was somewhere in the REGION made her uneasy. All that to say, the weather really sucked right up to the original kickoff. It happens. It will happen again. Move on and hope for better weather and a better turnout next game.
  17. Looking bad for kickoff but hopefully this pushes past after about a quarter. My daughter, 14, made clear on Thursday that rain wasn’t going to stop her from coming. So I guess I’ll be there to. 🙂
  18. We're in bigger trouble than I thought if we're relying on speeches to turn us around.
  19. That's because it IS different. We were rolling through the season relatively unscathed on the injury front. We've now lost our RB, the backup that is expected to take most of the carries had a pivotal lost fumble and Fine is definitely playing hurt. Our coaches took an entire quarter to adjust to the opposition's adjustments and lost the game in the process. Our front seven barely got any pressure and we are banged up at LB and corner. We're not done by any stretch but there are serious cracks emerging. I don't see this team winning out from here but it'll still be fun to watch them try. That's the big thing that has changed in #NewDenton.... We are exciting to watch, are pretty well coached and our players play their freaking guts out. For once we're really easy for casual fans to latch onto.
  20. Maybe I'm easy to please, but I thought the band did a great job Saturday night. They were loud and helped fire up the crowd on 3rd downs. It would be cool if we could figure out how to tell our crowd to shut-up on 4th downs when we're going for it. Maybe they could play something to stifle the crowd like they do to bring an end to the 'North - Texas' chant?
  21. I’m pretty sure I jinxed the team by claiming that Mason Fine is better than Baker Mayfield, and that he would prove it last night while on a good tailgate rant to a t-shirt OU fan before the game. Where is that option?
  22. Those saying college football is borked are not wrong. The 4 team playoff is the worst thing to ever happen in college football. I'll not come off that stance. Eff the power schools. Eff em all fricken day long. They are evil. Still, yesterday was a great day and bittersweet all the same. I wouldn't support another school and am not going away anytime soon (Good Lord willing). And LaTech is a school I definitely like being associated with. They are tough, smart and get more out of their resources than almost anyone else in the country.
  23. I thought Roberts was one of the few really big surprises last night. He seemed to gain confidence the more he was out there. He is a player to watch going forward. Also thought Bryce English showed up big time...so much so that they replaced Tua with him eventually. Easly would have been another bright spot. Huge loss there. He was fun to watch last night. Really, really physical. That last TD drive we had he was running like beast mode.
  24. We’ve fielded a couple of punts inside the 10 this year and tonight we were way too slow in pulling the left tackle. I think you have to let a kid try to step up and rise to the challenge but that second quarter was tough to watch. As soon as we brought on Murray they moved 45 back to the other side. Thought Mayfield handled him better. The biggest thing tonight was that we didn’t just lose “The 8,” we got blown out in that stretch. LaTech adjusted, made plays, and we didn’t.
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