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  1. We’ve fielded a couple of punts inside the 10 this year and tonight we were way too slow in pulling the left tackle. I think you have to let a kid try to step up and rise to the challenge but that second quarter was tough to watch. As soon as we brought on Murray they moved 45 back to the other side. Thought Mayfield handled him better. The biggest thing tonight was that we didn’t just lose “The 8,” we got blown out in that stretch. LaTech adjusted, made plays, and we didn’t.
  2. Please let that be part of the pre-game video intro. Right before the team walks out of the locker room. Warm-ups should be in shells
  3. I watched it on my TV via PS4's WatchESPN application, on my iPad via the WatchESPN app and my phone through the general ESPN scores app (which I guess just launches the same video player that is in the WatchESPN app). Anyways, 3 different pieces of hardware, all on my home internet (TV on wired LAN, ipad/iphone via wifi) and all ran perfectly smooth.
  4. Admittedly I missed a bunch tonight, but from what I saw their defense doesn't tackle. At all. They are night and day from last year. OC and DC losses are looking significant.
  5. I was at that 97 win over Tech. Great football game. Still remember our dline rocking Zebbie Lethridge (sp) all night. That was also the game that immortalized Dunham's "Do you believe in the Mean Green" call. But what stands out to me was the following morning. My gf (at the time) was a tech student and we went to her local church for the Sunday service. In the opening prayer the pastor of the church actually prayed for the Tech football team to get over such a devastating loss and right the season. Maybe that's something he did/does after every loss, I couldn't tell you as that was the only time I visited that church....but I couldn't help but bust out laughing. Funniest thing I've ever heard. Got me in plenty of trouble, as you can imagine. Was also at the 99 game (but went with fellow UNT buddies). Walking up to the stadium before the game we were flipped off by a 3 fingered guy wearing a giant Pizza (Pizza hut mascot). I assume b/c we were wearing green. Also one of my top 5 favorite away game moments. Then I missed the game there in 2000 against Leach and jinxed the team. 😞
  6. Well, you gotta start sometime. Why not now?
  7. This. Everyone talks about hoping Littrell can be the next Patterson, while forgetting that Dennis Franchione got the ball rolling at TCU. Dirk Koetter was first up at Boise, not Chris Petersen. Ark St has had so many coaches I can't even keep track or remember who kicked off their turnaround (think it was Malzahn?). UH was bad for a decade (or more?) before hiring Art Briles. While they have been up and down since they are never terrible. When you look across the G5 landscape there are a few programs who stand out and are consistent winners. None of them have had the same coach for very long or still have the coach who started their positive turnaround. One thing that does stand out is that, when they do have a coach/staff poached by a bigger school, they hire coaches that bring continuity to the program while also pushing the envelope in terms of progressive schemes.
  8. Forget score. I agree that we're going to run the ball. If the weather is dicey (rain) we may see a lot more of the running game. I'd like to see this thing wrapped up in under 2 and a half hours with no injuries on either side.
  9. SMU was definitely focused on the running game, but I still didn't like seeing so much rotation. 2-3 guys, ok. 4-5? Way too many.
  10. That was the most shocking turnaround I think I’ve ever seen. Defense was bad last year. I thought they outplayed our offense last night. Never expected that. Credit those players and coaches and hope they can keep it up.
  11. Our oline was badly outmatched last year. Should be closer to even this year. Both teams lost their most explosive offensive playmaker. This is an even game, unless our defense just completely craps the bed.
  12. I have yet to see this new oline in action, but on paper this looks like an improvement.
  13. Forget secondary. The ENTIRE defense is a huge question mark until proven otherwise.
  14. Undefeated. It’s almost not fair to pair Booger with an actual offense.
  15. Yep, she does. Mine went to Baylor. She still loves them more but she's into every UNT home game. She definitely likes UNT more than I like Baylor. Just don't tell her I said that.
  16. Erdely is the only reason I'm even remotely worried about UAB. Their line was Swiss cheese if you don't recall. We hit that guy on nearly every down. Our dline, which was thoroughly out manned many times last year, made their oline look high school. Erdely is one tough SOB. He took shot after shot and kept firing. I think we blow the doors off of them this year. Brooks single handedly kept them in that game. He'll have something to prove.
  17. Wait...Dykes is not going to run the spread? I'm thoroughly confused.
  18. From a Tech alum at my office...apparently Brown did not leave Lubbock on good terms and would be a stretch to heal/make work.
  19. Coach Littrell's last 3 stops are: North Texas North Carolina Indiana Notice a trend? He ain't necessarily looking for an easy place to coach/win. He appears to be looking for a place where he can leave a mark. Kansas absolutely fits that profile. ...AND it's still close to his hometown. Put me down for Kansas at $2.7 mil per, Bob.
  20. It just looks more like an NFL style end zone. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/look-the-nfl-forgot-to-paint-hashmarks-on-part-of-the-field-at-the-super-bowl/ Looks fine to me.
  21. Has anyone on the board gone back and broken down those two FAU games? I couldn't stomach going back through them back when I had them on DVR, but the thing I remember most was just how quickly they played, both between plays and getting the ball out. When they threw the ball it seemed like the QB had it out of his hands inside of 3 seconds, if not less, every time. Hard for a dline to disrupt much in that amount of time.
  22. Morris has pretty well owned us. Now he's got even better athletes than he had at dirty schmoo. I dismiss the whole rebuilding angle as it relates to us. Maybe in week 1 they'll struggle with the new systems, but by week 3 they should be settling in much better. Also, if their staff really believes it's a rebuilding year, they'll be looking harder at those sure wins that they'll need to keep their record from looking just completely dreadful. We're one of those sure wins they'll have circled.
  23. If we win on it, I'm sure I'll grow to love it. Winning is what matters. Take the grey uniforms. They looked awesome until dirty schmoo beat our @sses in them. I can't stand Boise's blue turf, but I bet those folks up there love it with all the winning that they do on it.
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