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  1. meanrob's post in The "Say what?" Thread was marked as the answer   
    There isn't a bigger indictment of our program than we shouldn't play a very good team at home. Which is confusing because a few of you who think this were huge supporters of the person running the program and got us into this situation. 
    You don't get to pick when you're going to be good. If a great team will come here then do it and let the chips fall where they may. 
  2. meanrob's post in Season ticket number per CUSAabbs twitter was marked as the answer   
    Two other things I noticed from that chart-
    UAB sold 45% more season tickets than we did in the year they decided to shut down the program. 
    We need to hire the sales guy at FIU. 12K in 2013?! They only averaged 15K at the gate that year. So a lot of tickets aren't being used but they sure do sell a fair share. 
  3. meanrob's post in Southern Miss (2/25/17) was marked as the answer   
    Been here for 24 years. 
    People can talk about money, budgets, facilities, conference-affiliation, fan support and whatever else excuse you can come up for not winning. The reason for the failure of UNT Athletics is nothing but poor decision-making and gutless leadership. And letting Benford coach this year, much less finishing out the season is at the top of that list. 
    Whether it was the firing of RV, Helwig, Trilli, Benford, Dodge, or Mac, UNT let it get to the worst possible point before making a move. It had to get to rock bottom before deciding enough was enough. You can have all the shiny buildings you want, you don't fix that, nothing changes. 
  4. meanrob's post in Disillusioned was marked as the answer   
    While it bothers me emotionally to lose so many games, it bothers me more intellectually that we have a department at UNT that is so poorly mismanaged. 
    Im not sure Wren fully comprehends the frustration of the fan base extends beyond wins and losses. 
  5. meanrob's post in MGB: Sunday night recruiting tidbit was marked as the answer   
    That's the one big difference between you and me. I believe it's only minimally related to caring. I think most in the administration just didn't know any better or were smoke screened by RV's bs. Maybe that's just a matter of semantics but I think our poor performance is more due to lousy hiring than caring or money. If we were constantly going .500 and refused to make the investment to get better, then I'd say we didn't care. But we've been so bad it's been more about lousy leadership/management than apathy. 
  6. meanrob's post in DRC: UNT on hook for $90,000 monthly in buyouts in wake of Villareal's departure was marked as the answer   
    I said it then and still believe it now. If given a choice between keeping Dickey or RV I would have helped RV pack and paid for his bus ticket. 
  7. meanrob's post in **Important Meeting for All UNT Alumni, Boosters and Fans** was marked as the answer   
    For a couple of reasons.
    First off, the person who could affect any kind of change hasn't even been hired yet. So what's going to happen tonight- somebody from Trip's group will be in the corner taking notes and when the new AD comes in they're going to say "hey, before you were hired we met with some fans and here's their gripes." Maybe. But even if that does happen I'm pretty sure the complaint "Ticket office sucks" will be watered down to "Challenges with ticket office."
    Secondly, the main problem with the UNT Athletic Department isn't they don't listen to the fans. Or that the fans are disgruntled. That's the symptom. The disease has been ineffective, disorganized, unimaginative, and lousy decision-making leadership. If you don't fix that, it doesn't matter that oldguystudent gets to get things off his chest tonight. 
    I get that people are frustrated and getting to voice their complaints tonight makes them feel better, good for them. But....
    85% of the problems complained about on this board can be fixed with a competent AD. The other 15% will always be bitched about (including myself) because not everybody sees eye to eye on every issue. Considering the person to fix these issues has yet to be hired, I'm not sure how letting UNT90 vent about the schedule is solving anything. If anything, have this meeting about six months AFTER the new guy has been on the job. Or better yet, have an "Ask the AD" page on the web site and let him hear grievances through there. 
  8. meanrob's post in College AD business model was marked as the answer   
    I doubt a 17yr old kid chooses not to go to UNT due to apathetic alumni.

    I seriously doubt apathetic alumni is the reason several of Mac's classes haven't panned out.

    We shouldn't be crying poor here. Our budget is mid to upper half CUSA. I'd say our facilities are definitely upper half. Our results are....
  9. meanrob's post in Disappointment was marked as the answer   
    No but he can build a football program by himself and he's yet to show he can do that. I was on board when Mac was hired and I said unless he was a disaster I'd give him seven years to get this thing on solid ground and entering year five I have a lot of concerns.
    Quit bitching about a fan base that has always been fickle to say the least and get a quarterback. Or a DLine. Or a better offensive scheme.
    And if Mac didn't know the challenges of taking a Sun Belt/CUSA job, that's his fault. Nobody at this level has it easy.
  10. meanrob's post in UNT Flying Worm t-shirt available! was marked as the answer   
    You mean like this?

    We created this in five minutes back in the old MGC days. Was hoping they would make a green version of it but guess not.
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