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Censored by Laurie
Despite my never wanting a family of my own...perhaps a wife (or an Anais Nin-like muse), but never children...this question has recently occurred to me as I see my younger cousins growing up, and close friends popping out babies at an alarming rate...

Would you want your son/daughter going to the University of North Texas?

I do mean this question with the utmost respect and deference to UNT...I loved my time there, and am so incredibly grateful for what it has helped me achieve and for the experiences that helped to turn me into the person I am today (say what you will...), but in the end, UNT does hold it's limitations as an institution. And this isn't meant as a question between sending one's child to UT or UNT, or A&M or UNT...I think those types of options are rather simple and I trust your children will love Denton for their decisions.

But let's, money not with-standing, say Rice accepts your child...or Stanford...or an Ivy league school not named "Brown"...does the promise of a higher academic plane and a more prestigious degree out-weigh one's own loyalties/biases/experiences?

Again, I tread lightly with this question and don't want it taken the wrong way...just curious. I've had the opportunity to experience both and I really don't have any answer...but then I don't measure success in life in a similar manner than many of you, or at least what you envision success being like for your children.

2. Dan McCarney, North Texas
Career Record: 56-85
It’s not like things got that stale at Iowa State. McCarney had come up with five seven-plus winning campaigns in seven years at a tough place to consistently win, and then he was dumped. After bouncing around as a defensive line coach, he’s getting another shot at North Texas and he might be fantastic. Only 58 when the season starts, there’s still time for him to make the Mean Green shine.
Hot Seat Status: None. After the Todd Dodge disaster, McCarney will get at least three years to make everything better.
The Coaching Change Will Come … In ten years. At his age, McCarney isn’t going anywhere, but he’s young enough to build up the program and make it his for the next decade. It was an underappreciated hire.


I was excited to go to the Post Office this morning (W) to get my letter. They brought out a bunch of Mean Green and I saw lots of names I knew. But mine wasn't among them. When I turned around, I saw a Mean Green friend and she said she was there for her letter. Then, 5 or 6 other people in line chimed in that they too wee there for their seat letter. I felt like I was in a great fun gang of NT friends.

This method probably isn't perfect, but the Post Office did call me and they found my letter. Yippee.


As a true freshman, Franklin played behind James Anderson, who was drafted #20 in the first round of the NBA draft. In fact, I was hoping that he was going to be around for the Mavericks. Marshall Moses, (All Big 12 this year) backed Anderson up. (I think) Anyway, Moses was their best player this year with All Big 12 Defender Jean-Paul Olukemi, further limiting minutes

All OSU fans are eagerly waiting on the arrival next year of Dallas' 6-7 McDonald's All-American LeBryan Nash; to step right into that spot. He is Rivals #4 recruit with 5 Stars. (Which I don't don't pay attention to) These fans, in opinion, will be very disappointed in Nash.

At any rate, Roger didn't want to possibly waste his junior year and felt that Travis Ford would feel forced to play Nash. Now, to hopefully temper Mean Greens fan's enthusiasm, Franklin will not be a star. He is, as you mentioned, a tweaner. He will, however, bring the necessary hustle and intensity that this team has lacked. He'll be more than a role player but should not be mentioned in the same breath as T. Mitch. I think the Sunbelt is more suited for his talents than the Big 12. Like many kids, he just over signed at OSU. Good player but a small forward (only) at 6-4.

I've enjoyed watching Roger since both he and Shawn Williams starred at Duncanville freshmen. They reloaded and help DHS capture state in their Soph season.

In my mock lineup, I have Franklin starting ahead of Jordan Williams at the 3. Roger, I feel is more D1 ready than Williams.

As for as the last ship, I agree with everyone that we must find a big. I have now had an opportunity to watch 3 of Midland's playoff games. I haven't seen anything from Dwight Miller to get excited about. I would not be opposed to JJ signing the best player available, regardless of position. The 2012 class maybe where we land the big men we desire. (To replace Alonzo Edwards, K. Hogan and possibly Knox due to graduation)





DENTON, Texas- North Texas head women's basketball coach Karen Aston announced her first assistant coach hires on Monday as Angela Ortega and Wesley Brooks have joined the coaching staff. Ortega, who served as an assistant coach under Aston at Charlotte after spending 15 years as a North Texas assistant joins Brooks, who comes to the Mean Green after spending three seasons as an assistant at Texas Southern.


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