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Nice BV article in the DRC regarding three Denton Guyer commits for the Class of 2012. Link: http://www.dentonrc.com/sharedcontent/dws/drc/sports/college/stories/DRC_untsoccer_0529.368091e2b.html .
Coach Hedlund and women’s soccer program is really doing well in landing early recruits. The 2011 class was announced last February, 2012 is all wrapped up and the program even has one of the stronger players in the Metroplex signed for 2013. I agree with BV’s article in that recruits want to play soccer at UNT because: 1.) It’s a winning program. 2.) They play a tough D1 schedule… and beat larger conference teams. 3.) Very nice facilities (Although a permanent ticket office with snack bar and restrooms would be nice..hint, hint)
Hopefully in the not too distant future this model will work for Coach Mac and the football program. Basketball, Soccer, Golf, T&F are all doing a great job of recruiting some of the highest D1 caliber athletes. All it takes is a few wins to open the flood gates………GMG

All About UNT
So there has been a bunch of talk about weak SOS recently and weak attendance. The games against OSU and TTU show that the student body is engaged and most esp when our opponents in The Pit are recognizable names. Others counter with the "well we can't get anyone to show up and play us in The Pit" argument. This lead me to question what do the mid-majors out there get for their own home games and are Big 6 teams equally as scared to play them in their own home. Someone.....please tell me why these teams hosted major schools on their home court during 2010-2011. Is it money? Is it something else I am missing?

Mid-Majors Home Games of Interest 2010-2011:

Butler: Duke, Stanford, Utah, Florida St., Washington State

VCU: UCLA, Tenn.

George Mason: nothing too crazy

ODU: Georgetown, Clemson, Xavier, Richmond (cross-town rival)

Wichita State: UConn, UVA, LSU, Tulsa

Gonzaga: Marquette, K-State, SDSU, Illinois, Baylor, OK-State, Xavier

and so on.....I can't continue all night cause the Mavs are about to play

So maybe Home and Homes with these teams is what we need most....and are most realistic to achieve.

Side Show Joe
I just got back from the new stadium. I had to go see first hand how that field looks. It is nice.

While I was there, I was able to walk around the site a little. Behind the visitors side, they are working on the landscaping. Lighted sidewalks extend into the rolling hills of the old Eagle Point Golf Course, allowing for perfect tree shaded views of the stadium. Even new trees have been planted. From the Alumni Pavilion you have a wonderful view of the video board. I thought the secondary scoreboard would block the view, but it does not. On the home side the two ponds look nice, and they are putting down grass right now. The stadium is wonderful. I truly feel it will be one of the top college stadiums in the southwest.

I have to give RV and the administration a lot of credit for not stopping with just the stadium. With this creation, UNT is playing to their strengths. We have land around our stadium, and are going to use that land to enhance the gameday experience for every fan. SMU, TCU, and most other universities don't have land available to create what our university is creating.

Like I said, I feel our stadium will be one of the finest in the southwest, but I honestly believe our gameday experience will rank as one of the greatest in all of college football. The web cam can't show it, but what is being created around the stadium is impressive too. Fans like me, who tailgate will be in heaven, and Houston will leave Denton green with envy.

We are getting more than a new stadium. It really is a football venue.

I just thought you guys might want to hear about this.

Seven Texas universities will meet in the Capitol today, all seeking the most coveted of higher education grails: so-called tier-one status.

The seven universities in the “emerging research” category — one sizable step below tier-one — battling it out in the metaphorical ring are Texas Tech University, the University of Houston, the University of North Texas, and University of Texas campuses in Dallas, Arlington, San Antonio and El Paso.


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