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The offense will put up crazy numbers again as usual. Looking forward to getting Keenum back. He hasn't played as all world since that horrendous bowl game in 2009 where he threw all the interceptions, but at a minimum he'll be solid. Hopefully he'll be great again. I think he's been trying to do too much which leads to bad passes. Hopefully he'll trust his teammates more to make the plays and play within himself. If he does that he'll be amazing. We're worried about his knee. One of his biggest strengths is the ability to create on the move. He's not the fastest QB but he has an AMAZING pocket presence that keeps him out of trouble. Hopefully his knee will allow him to still do that.

The WRs will be deep as usual, but a little less experienced than in the past. Patrick Edwards will be great again this year as the primary receiver. If you want to lose your lunch, watch the youtube video of him breaking his leg 2 years ago. It's worse than watching the Theisman video. I don't know he came back and still seems to be as fast as ever.

One of the surprising bright spots will be the RBs. We'll be getting Sims back who was CUSA freshman of the year in 2009. He's very explosive. The main workhorse back Beall was CUSA freshman of the year before that. And we have an all around back that got a lot of time last year.

The OLine we don't know much about yet. We lost plenty there but hopefully they'll at least be average. If they can do that, it should give Keenum enough time because he is such a fast decision maker. A new Center is scary is this offense because the snaps have to be on.

The defense will determine whether UH is good or great. If the defense is even average, UH will be great this year. If they're anywhere near as bad as they've been the last couple of years, we'll be good. We can score with anyone even with a bad defense, but if we have a decent defense, no one can keep up with our offense. Run defense has been the Achilles heel. And even worse, running QBs really hurt UH. I'm curious how Dunbar will do against the UH D. I'm sure he'll get his yards. He's too good not to. But if that's all UNT has, UH will be able to outscore them.

I can't wait to see Carrier returning kicks again. You don't want to miss him if he touches the ball on kickoffs. He's returned 6 kicks for TDs in his career including 4 in 2009 and is looking to break the record. He runs track for the UH track team and is one of the fastest guys in Track, not just football. He's a solid receiver too.

I'm so tired of endless conference realignment discussions. What did we ever discuss during the offseason before that?

I'm ready for some football!!! I can't wait for my UH Coogs to play at UNT! I lived in Denton for several years and have lived in Providence Village for even more now. Living so close to UNT and being a hardcore college football fan, I follow UNT a little more than the casual college fan.

I went to the UNT-Rice game at Fouts and had a great time. It will be even better at the new stadium with my team playing in it.

Hopefully I'll make some other UNT games this season too. I've been to games at smaller, older stadiums like Fouts. I've been to giant stadiums like UT's and aTm's. I've been to games involving my team and games where I had no affiliation at all. I've been to games in beautiful weather in crowded stadiums and games during hurricanes with a few hundred people in an emergency stadium relocation. And I've loved them all, even if I didn't always enjoy the results because my team lost. In my opinion, if you can't enjoy any college game in any stadium, you're just not a college football fan.

I'm sure we'll talk more about the actual game itself as it gets closer, but I was just bored during the offseason and thought I'd check in here. Looking forward to talking more on this forum and seeing you in at least one game.

For those of you that have never been to a game at CH Collins (probably very few if you have lived in Denton for the past 7 years), you will be in for a nice treat. I've always loved the atmosphere this place has to offer and every seat has a great view. I would not have been ashamed if the university had asked for Denton ISD's permission to add 3K seats and start using this place for our games back in 2004. So what if we would have been the only division 1 team to use a high school field (someone should look into that, didn't check my facts - just seemed right)... that place is a monumental improvement over fouts.

Great news for JJ and his team. Well deserved, well earned. UNT is making some increased financial commitments to its coaching staff these days, and that say a good deal about what the university thinks can happen with the entire athletic program in relation to the university itself...what it can do to help attract students, donors, active alums, etc. It seems that so many good things are happening at UNT these days that it is kind of hard to keep up with it all. Man, there just does not seem to have been a better time to be a member of the Mean green nation...BUT....

OK, you know where I am going with this, right?

It is also time that the members of the Mean Green Nation step up and support the program as well. While Mean green Club new membership applications and membership renewals are off to a very nice start this year, the support is no where near what is needed to help support our scholarship athletes. EACH and every dollar raised through the Mean Green Club relieves the athletic dept. budget of that $1.00 it would have had to use to pay for student scholarships. As members of the great Mean green nation our goal should be that Mean Green Club memberships fund all athletic scholarships at UNT 100%.

I am very proud to be a member of the Mean Green Club and proud that I was able to raise my contribution level this year a small amount, but I am even more proud of being able to get to know so many other long time Mean Green Club members and many who have just recently joined. UNT needs you, me and every other supporter more now than ever. If you are not a member of the Mean Green Club, PM me and I'll get you any information you need. Never before has the time been better to support the Mean Green. I am 100% certain that the support I provide will be returned to me many times over in the enjoyment and pride I get from knowing that I am supporting our student athletes and that the small amount that I can give is actually doing some good.

The Mean Green is fast getting away from being a "beer budget program" and it is moving toward being in the "champagne budget" realm. Can you help? Will you help? Any amount...large or small is a BIG deal to UNT. It would be both appreciated and very much needed.

And with that, I will leave you with...GREAT things are happening at UNT these days...& GO MEAN GREEN!

4ever niner
Firstly, congratulations Mean Green on your hire of Karen Aston. What you are getting is a coach both difficult and easy to understand. She will demand total dedication from her players, both on the court and in the classroom. If they miss class, they will be suspended. If they don't write a paper on time, they will be suspended. If they disrespect the coaches, they will be suspended. If they don't hustle and play attention in practice, they will be embarrassed in front of their peers. Do not be surprised if some of them can't take all that and decide to transfer. What they get in return for their dedication is a chance to learn basketball and life from someone who has quite an understanding of both. How many people in this world would win 27 games, be in position to contend the following year for a league championship, and give that all up to take on a major rebuild just from a sense of responsibility to family? Not too many. I think. So, welcome her, embrace her, and support her and your team. Some of us here in Charlotte surely wish we still had that opportunity.


Vernon Payne

By NT03, in GoMeanGreen.com,

Cape Fear CC (NC) F Vernon Payne reported to visit UNT on Thursday.

Vernon Payne – Cape Fear CC (NC) – NJCAA D1 – Head Coach: Ryan Mantlo

Height: 6'6 Weight: 215 Position: 3/4 PPG: 13 RPG: 6 APG: 1.2 FG%: 47% % FT% 61

Notes: First team all region last season, great body and athleticism. Anticipates well and finishes above the rim. Creates mismatches because of his size and athleticism. According to Coach Mantlo Vernon is currently being recruited by; Wichita State, North Carolina Central,Kennesaw State, Iona, Appalachian State, Montana State, along with a long list of NCAA D2′s. Georgia State has already offered. Will be close to graduating on time without summer work.

CUSA had two teams in the NCAA tournament where we've had one most years since UNT joined. They appeared in six bowl games last year where the SBC was in three. CUSA schools average just a hair less than 10k per football game more than SBC schools. They average almost 3k more per basketball game than the SBC; 2k more if you remove Memphis from the equation. They just got a $43 million contract with FSN, and I can't find any information about how much the SBC's is currently worth.

The SBC is coming along, especially in facilities, but the conference as a whole is not on the same level as CUSA. Now if you're talking strictly perception, I doubt your average joe sees much of any difference between CUSA and SBC, since most average joes are all about the big six conferences.

The main problem with the SBC is there are certain schools that underfund their programs either by choice or by lack of options. The smallest athletic budget at any CUSA school is $19.5m at Southern Miss. The smallest in the SBC are Louisiana-Monroe at $10.7 million, Louisiana-Lafayette at $12.3m and Arkansas State at $13.3m. We've been at about $17 million, and next year I'd imagine it'll be $24-25 million. You basically have NT, WKU, MTSU, FAU, and FIU pumping cash into athletics (all spending in the low to mid $20m range), and then it falls off a cliff from there.

Edit: Another thought is that the SBC is barely on TV compared with CUSA. An SBC basketball or football game on ESPN is an event, because it doesn't happen but half a dozen times a year for both sports combined. Hopefully that changes as ESPN attempts to put the screws to CUSA and the MWC via the SBC and MAC (or maybe WAC still instead of MAC?). Good timing on our contract being up for re-negotiation. It'd be great to see one of our games this year on ESPN2 or ESPNU. Bet that stadium is gonna look as amazing on TV as in person.

The best solution would be to add the four eastern-most members of the WAC; La Tech, UTSA, Texas St, and New Mexico St, and put the WAC out of it's misery.

Before any of you start moaning and complaining about the possibility of adding two teams moving up to FBS, please consider this: The WAC in it's current desperation mode has not only offered FBS membership to UTSA and Texas St, but WAC Commissioner Karl Benson is also talking to Lamar, Sam Houston, and Stephen F Austin. I believe that the Texas market is already fairly saturated with ten existing FBS schools, and the result of all five of these teams moving up will be far too many teams and too much competition for limited resources. Moving the additional Southland schools up to the FBS is not good for us, and it's not good long-term for the current WAC schools.

Eliminating the WAC while bringing these new programs into the Sun Belt will increase the value of the Sun Belt's media package through added markets while eliminating the competition for exposure.

Arkansas State
New Mexico St
North Texas
Texas St
La Tech

Florida Atlantic
Florida International
South Alabama
Western Kentucky

In football this divisional play, roughly divided by the Mississippi River would save most schools enormously on travel costs.
A fifteen school basketball conference (including UALR) would give seven home conference games and seven road conference games to each school. The "WKU never has to travel to Denton" issue would be permanently solved.

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