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Recap of 2010 - In a nutshell It wasn’t really that ugly, but it was disappointing. Above all else, last fall’s slide to 4-8 ended Florida Atlantic’s climb up the Sun Belt; even in 2009, when the Owls finished below .500, Schnellenberger led his team to five wins in conference play. There was far less competitiveness in last year’s team, which won a game outside of the Sun Belt but couldn’t get to that sixth win even as the conference as whole failed to put together more than three teams worthy of bowl consideration. So that’s the bottom line, sadly. In terms of the on-field product, the Owls were poor defensively and awful offensively, with the former largely expected and the latter a serious disappointment — that word again. Think the Owls can turn it around in 2011? It’s going to take substantial improvement on both sides of the ball.


Thus Far:

106. Florida Atlantic
107. San Jose State
108. Eastern Michigan
109. Western Kentucky
110. Vanderbilt
111. Buffalo
112. New Mexico
113. Kent State
114. Tulane
115. Central Michigan
116. U.N.L.V.
117. Louisiana-Lafayette
118. New Mexico State
119. Akron
120. Memphis

Mean Green Matt
The outdoor track and field just finished. I have not actually plugged the numbers into my spreadsheet yet, but a very disappointing performance for the men (picked 2nd finished 8th) appears to have sealed our fate for fourth place, which is a step down from last year. ASU is the team to pass us.

This can be blamed on several things. Even though we made the tournament title game for mens basketball, we only received 6 points for it...ASU and ULL and FAU (who all were eliminated in the first game they played) both received 11 points because they won or tied for their divisions. UALR only got 3 points and they won the whole thing. Despite my effort, I have yet to truly figure out how they calculate points for men's and women's basketball...all I know is that it is some combination between divisional and tournament finish.

Also, performances that were not only disappointing, but unexpected from softball and men's track did us in. Plus, we could have used more than 1.5 points from women's basketball. Also, fielding a baseball team would help enormously. I'm just rambling now...

The good news is that the Bubus Cup really isn't a big deal, it is just pretty fun to follow.

I asked Brett(DJ MC L.D.) about a uniform update and this is what he could find out.
"For what it's worth, I talked to Rick Villarreal the other day and he said that green helmet in his office isn't the final product and that UNT is still working with Nike on the design. I'm sure UNT will trot out the new uniforms around the kickoff luncheon in August and try to squeeze every bit of pomp and circumstance and coverage as it can get out of it, which is smart on their part."

Sounds like the green helmet seems like it is coming back in some fashion.

Mean Green Matt
Pretty cool to get the chance to represent the USA (he also did at the U-18 level) and a real testament to his skill. 12 of the 17 players invited will make the U-19 world championship team for the tournament this summer. This could be a great opportunity for him to get sharp again before December.

Mean Green Sports

P.S. - I wish the board would let USA and UNT be capitalized in topic titles...

Today was the big day, the day that I was assigned a time to visit Denton and select my Mean Green Club seats. It was truly a fun day and despite the rain I left in plenty enough time to arrive about five minutes early. I felt like a kid waking up on Christmas morning as I exited off of I-35.

As I was driving down Bonnie Brae I had an immediate panic attack because it was pouring down rain and I feared the athletic center parking lot would be packed. Luckily the AD had marked off parking spaces for ticket purchasers which put me in the best spot I've ever landed there, right by the front entrance. I also noticed that they had well placed direction signs on Bonnie Brae which would be helpful for someone who hadn't been there before.

When you enter the AC you are met by a nice guy at a table named Alan who checks your name off a list and gives you a premade name tag. He then directs you to the main press room which is through the double doors to your left, down the hallway past the weight room on the right and to the right until you dead end. I was already familiar with where the room is located since they hold a lot of the press conferences and events in there.

When I entered the main room, I was welcomed by a number of AD staff, including Cooper Jones, Eric Capper, Matt Stittsinger, John Burkett and several others. There is a handy bar including soft drinks, wine and beers as well as some tasty snacks. All of this is free and in my opinion a nice touch. I felt very welcomed and at home.... click here for the entire article.

UNT 90 Grad
I was really impressed with the Coaches Caravan in Denton tonight. Everyone should go to one if you are able. My take aways:

1. It was great to see some current and former players there (Lance Dunbar, Royce Hill, & Johnny Quinn).
2. I finally heard Coach Mac repeat a joke (Coach: How many really good college coaches are there? Wife: One less than you think.)
3. The golf coach did a great job considering he had to follow Coach Mac.
4. Good to see Scrappy, some of the cheer leaders, and some of the dance team there.
5. Johnny Jones is much more funny and entertaining to hear speak than I was expecting. I suppose I've only really heard him speak on the Mean Green Insider.
6. I thought the Mean Green Club did a top notch job with setting things up and providing door prizes.
7. In light of the fact I knew going in there would not be complimentary alcoholic drinks, it was nice that they had a cash bar.

the concern about" UNT "on helment, i'm told, is that unless you are from Texas and surrounding area, you might not know what it stands for. personaly, i would like the eagle talon on the helment. i have never seen one, it is different, and i think our current eagle look like charlie the chicken hawk from the fog horn/leg horn cartoons of my childhood.just an old mans opinion.

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