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Hoops Update

By UNTMike81, in GoMeanGreen.com,

If CLA was the issue and not "late qualifier for Big XII" then in my mind Tony Mitchell wouldn't have a HS diploma, right? How could the NCAA refuse to allow an athlete to play if they've completed lets say 24 hrs. of course work, or the NCAA minimum requirement with an acceptable GPA of 2.5 or again whatever the NCAA has state as their minimum requirements for students grades?

I've always thought that Tony Mitchell is smart enough to make his grades in college. Mr. Mitchell is no different than any of us that have goals life. First and foremost Mr. Mitchell needs to make his grades so he can get on the court. Once Mr. Mitchell does this he can improve his BB skills and show NBA teams over the long haul he has what it takes on the court to be successful in the NBA. At the same time being a success in the classroom will show the NBA teams they can trust him to successfully represent them off the court. If successfully done this means more money in Mr. Mitchell's pocket later in life!!! I for one am willing to let the past be the past and support Mr. Mitchell in becoming all he can be on and off the court. Without Mr. Mitchell's past hurdles regarding the CLA and being a late qualifier are the only reasons the UNT nation are fortunate enough to be bless with Mr. Mitchell's involvement with UNT. I'm not interested in anything else but supporting him to get on the court and enjoying a great experience at UNT. Mr. Mitchell's course work and grades at UNT just a part of the requirements to be here and a success within our program. I have just as much faith in Mr. Mitchell's ability to do this as I do in his abilities on the court.

Green Jackal
Yea! Yea! And what about Dr. Phil? Is it too much to ask him to jump on his private jet and come to Denton for a couple of hours? What about Don Henley? What, he puts out a new album every 28 years and all of sudden he's too busy? And the guys who played Robo Cop, what is he doing tomorrow at 1:00? What about Charles "Tex" Watson? He has to be out of prison by now, right? He could coach the defense.

When you visit with North Texas Head Coach Dan McCarney you understand quickly that he is a man on a mission. We were warmly greeted with a big bear handshake and smile, and he immediately made us feel at home in his neatly kept office. He's on his feet a lot; you don't see him sitting down much. After providing cold drinks and getting us settled he immediately starts moving, be it taking a phone call from a coach, discussing issues with an assistant coach, outlining a communication with his assistant Mary Hardin or shooting off some rapid fire emails. The man is in perpetual motion.

As we set up our recording equipment for the interview it is hard not to notice the panorama of a beautiful 80 million dollar football facility through the full glass window facing north. It's a mixture of impressive and surreal. "You guys need anything at all just let me know!" he offers as he paces out his door to answer a question from his assistant.

As we sit down to start the interview, the last thing we are worried about is the sound volume. Coach McCarney has a booming voice that demands attention but also a sincerity that only comes from one who truly has passion and believes in what they are doing. Instead of talking about himself he focuses on his outstanding staff. He makes a point to thank the UNT Administration (Dr. Rawlins) as well as AD Rick Villarreal and his entire staff before he says a word about himself. He doesn't sugarcoat things and yet he cares. In the end, as an alumni/fan you come away feeling like this program is in really good, good hands with him at the helm.

We would like to sincerely thank Coach Dan McCarney, Mary Hardin and Senior Associate Athletic Director Eric Capper for helping us to make this interview happen. GO MEAN GREEN!

When I was little, one of my favorite books was "Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel." Mike and his steam shovel were known far and wide as the best at digging. So, upon this occasion, they were digging the basement for a big building and they were up against a deadline. So Mike and his steam shovel dug, and dug and dug and the basement was finished and the building completed on time. And under budget (I made that part up).

But when the smoke cleared, Mike and the Steam Shovel was stuck in the basement with no was to get out. Sooooo...the steam shovel bucket was removed and the steam shovel's boiler used to heat the building. Happy ending.

So my question to you is, how are those 6 or 8 big earth moving machines going to get out of the playing area ? Will they be air lifted out ? Be buried ? Is there need for a boiler in the middle of a football field ? I've looked around the sides of the playing surface and I don't see how these big machines get out. Dissambled ?


Micah Mosely...UNT's very own outstanding football player and scholar will be honored along with a few other local area athletes at Cowboy Stadium next Wednesday. It will take place during the third annual banquet of the National Football Foundation Gridiron Club of Dallas. Micah and eight other scholar-athletes will be honored for their achievements.

Way to go Micah...you make the entire Mean Green nation very proud. Thanks so much for what you have done...and will continue to do...to shine a positive light on North Texas!

SUPER young man, great athlete, great student...and...a member of the Mean Green's very own. CONGRATULATIONS and very well done. This honor is earned...it is not simply handed out like candy at a homecoming day parade. Micah, you earned it...GO MEAN GREEN!

The offense will put up crazy numbers again as usual. Looking forward to getting Keenum back. He hasn't played as all world since that horrendous bowl game in 2009 where he threw all the interceptions, but at a minimum he'll be solid. Hopefully he'll be great again. I think he's been trying to do too much which leads to bad passes. Hopefully he'll trust his teammates more to make the plays and play within himself. If he does that he'll be amazing. We're worried about his knee. One of his biggest strengths is the ability to create on the move. He's not the fastest QB but he has an AMAZING pocket presence that keeps him out of trouble. Hopefully his knee will allow him to still do that.

The WRs will be deep as usual, but a little less experienced than in the past. Patrick Edwards will be great again this year as the primary receiver. If you want to lose your lunch, watch the youtube video of him breaking his leg 2 years ago. It's worse than watching the Theisman video. I don't know he came back and still seems to be as fast as ever.

One of the surprising bright spots will be the RBs. We'll be getting Sims back who was CUSA freshman of the year in 2009. He's very explosive. The main workhorse back Beall was CUSA freshman of the year before that. And we have an all around back that got a lot of time last year.

The OLine we don't know much about yet. We lost plenty there but hopefully they'll at least be average. If they can do that, it should give Keenum enough time because he is such a fast decision maker. A new Center is scary is this offense because the snaps have to be on.

The defense will determine whether UH is good or great. If the defense is even average, UH will be great this year. If they're anywhere near as bad as they've been the last couple of years, we'll be good. We can score with anyone even with a bad defense, but if we have a decent defense, no one can keep up with our offense. Run defense has been the Achilles heel. And even worse, running QBs really hurt UH. I'm curious how Dunbar will do against the UH D. I'm sure he'll get his yards. He's too good not to. But if that's all UNT has, UH will be able to outscore them.

I can't wait to see Carrier returning kicks again. You don't want to miss him if he touches the ball on kickoffs. He's returned 6 kicks for TDs in his career including 4 in 2009 and is looking to break the record. He runs track for the UH track team and is one of the fastest guys in Track, not just football. He's a solid receiver too.

I'm so tired of endless conference realignment discussions. What did we ever discuss during the offseason before that?

I'm ready for some football!!! I can't wait for my UH Coogs to play at UNT! I lived in Denton for several years and have lived in Providence Village for even more now. Living so close to UNT and being a hardcore college football fan, I follow UNT a little more than the casual college fan.

I went to the UNT-Rice game at Fouts and had a great time. It will be even better at the new stadium with my team playing in it.

Hopefully I'll make some other UNT games this season too. I've been to games at smaller, older stadiums like Fouts. I've been to giant stadiums like UT's and aTm's. I've been to games involving my team and games where I had no affiliation at all. I've been to games in beautiful weather in crowded stadiums and games during hurricanes with a few hundred people in an emergency stadium relocation. And I've loved them all, even if I didn't always enjoy the results because my team lost. In my opinion, if you can't enjoy any college game in any stadium, you're just not a college football fan.

I'm sure we'll talk more about the actual game itself as it gets closer, but I was just bored during the offseason and thought I'd check in here. Looking forward to talking more on this forum and seeing you in at least one game.

For those of you that have never been to a game at CH Collins (probably very few if you have lived in Denton for the past 7 years), you will be in for a nice treat. I've always loved the atmosphere this place has to offer and every seat has a great view. I would not have been ashamed if the university had asked for Denton ISD's permission to add 3K seats and start using this place for our games back in 2004. So what if we would have been the only division 1 team to use a high school field (someone should look into that, didn't check my facts - just seemed right)... that place is a monumental improvement over fouts.

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