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Hey Everybody,

It's been a long time, but thought you all might enjoy this. I know I enjoy sharing the news!!

Mitch Maher, pastor at Redeemer Community Church in Katy, TX, and author of www.clarifyingthebible.com, recorded a hole in one at Monday's Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Ray Dorr Golf Classic held at Pebble Creek Country Club in Bryan, TX. In doing so, the pastor won a 2011 Toyota Venza donated by Atkinson Toyota of Bryan. On the 17th hole, playing 199 yards downwind, Maher hit a 5-iron that landed about 20 feet short and rolled into the hole. "This is such a blessing. My wife and I have often wondered what we would do if my 1999 Mazda broke down. Well, now we don't have to find out!" What's more, this won't even be the most exciting event of the Maher's week, as Tara Maher will deliver by C-Section their third girl this Saturday morning.



island eagle
Clearing out the attic today, I ran across a letter from Hayden Fry, dated February 1, 1977, to Mean Green Club members. In it he states that "we have four immediate goals that you can help us achieve". Guess what they were??





I wonder where we would be today if we had been able to accomplish all of that back then instead of 34 years later?

C Vo
What are the latest plans for adding a baseball program? I know a facility will have to be built & there are some Title 9 problems to address. Division 1 baseball only gets 11.5 scholarships so the Title 9 issues aren't that great. I'm a big fan of softball. But having a baseball team on campus is what I need to enjoy spring & early summer.

Do you think baseball will be added in 3, 4, 5 or more years?

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Game is SET for JUNE 11th 3PM at FOUTS FIELD for the 8th annual GMG.com Bowl Flag Football Game. This could very easily be billed as the last "officially sanctioned" football game in Fouts Field...the real Fouts Finale!

We still need volunteers and invite everyone to come out and be a part of the event. Please send KRAM a PM if you are interested or respond to this post.

The beneficiary will be once again the ANDREW SMITH MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND. Donations welcome.

Of course additional donations welcome from any and all. We have some unique items including a football and mini helmet signed by Hall of Famer Mean Joe Greene!

HERE WE GO...this is going to be great fun! Get your tailgate gear in shape for the after party tailgate extravaganza!

Green Dozer
Congratulations to the Mean Green Basketball Great, Kenny Lyons! He received his diploma Saturday and is now a graduate of UNT! I can say from personal experience, it is not easy going back in your forties or so to earn your diploma. Sorry, but I do not know what his degree is in. Kenny is usually at our bb games (looks like SUMG's bodyguard), and I have seen him at other athletic functions. So if you get a chance, be sure to congratulate him on this milestone. As for as I am concerned, the next time he attends a ceremony at the coliseum it should be to retire his number!

I'll get it started. My fandom started in my freshman year of 1991, so I missed the famous 1990 SMU game.

Best: Watching UNT pound Baylor in front of a full house in 2003, 52-14. This game served notice to the local folks that we had a really good team, since we demolished one of the sainted-SWC teams. If only the momentum from this game would have lasted. This may have been Dickey's high point at UNT, along with the win over Cincinatti in the NO Bowl.

Worst: Watching UNT beat Nicholls State on a Saturday night in 1992 in front of a cool 500 people, including the band. It was a terrible opponnent in a terrible conference in a division of play that we had no business playing at for so long. I always thought that this game was proof of what poor leadership from the university and city had given to us. It was so empty that you could hear the Cajun accents of the coaches for Nicholls State without any problem.

In this episode, Evan and Harry get a chance to visit with UNT Sports Information Director Eric Capper. Over a decade of manning the media messaging for UNT's athletic programs has provided him with a unique insight that we think you will find quite interesting.

Capper shares with us the inter-workings of his department, staff, history and his personal thoughts regarding the future of Mean Green Athletics. He also addresses the how sports information has changed and evolved to meet the needs of this new age of electronic media.

We hope you enjoy this podcast (just click player below to listen) and feel free to post any question that you have in the comments section below. Our thanks go out to Eric and UNT Athletics for their efforts on behalf of the program and their continuing support of GoMeanGreen.com.


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