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DENTON, Texas- North Texas head women's basketball coach Karen Aston announced her first assistant coach hires on Monday as Angela Ortega and Wesley Brooks have joined the coaching staff. Ortega, who served as an assistant coach under Aston at Charlotte after spending 15 years as a North Texas assistant joins Brooks, who comes to the Mean Green after spending three seasons as an assistant at Texas Southern.


CUSA had two teams in the NCAA tournament where we've had one most years since UNT joined. They appeared in six bowl games last year where the SBC was in three. CUSA schools average just a hair less than 10k per football game more than SBC schools. They average almost 3k more per basketball game than the SBC; 2k more if you remove Memphis from the equation. They just got a $43 million contract with FSN, and I can't find any information about how much the SBC's is currently worth.

The SBC is coming along, especially in facilities, but the conference as a whole is not on the same level as CUSA. Now if you're talking strictly perception, I doubt your average joe sees much of any difference between CUSA and SBC, since most average joes are all about the big six conferences.

The main problem with the SBC is there are certain schools that underfund their programs either by choice or by lack of options. The smallest athletic budget at any CUSA school is $19.5m at Southern Miss. The smallest in the SBC are Louisiana-Monroe at $10.7 million, Louisiana-Lafayette at $12.3m and Arkansas State at $13.3m. We've been at about $17 million, and next year I'd imagine it'll be $24-25 million. You basically have NT, WKU, MTSU, FAU, and FIU pumping cash into athletics (all spending in the low to mid $20m range), and then it falls off a cliff from there.

Edit: Another thought is that the SBC is barely on TV compared with CUSA. An SBC basketball or football game on ESPN is an event, because it doesn't happen but half a dozen times a year for both sports combined. Hopefully that changes as ESPN attempts to put the screws to CUSA and the MWC via the SBC and MAC (or maybe WAC still instead of MAC?). Good timing on our contract being up for re-negotiation. It'd be great to see one of our games this year on ESPN2 or ESPNU. Bet that stadium is gonna look as amazing on TV as in person.

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My daughter and I attended the game yesterday and got heavily sunburned (or at least I did)...

There were four small things that left an impression with me...

1) I actually liked the white helmets with no stripe... I prefer green, but if they are going to remain white, lose the stripe...

2) The flea flicker touchdown that was called back was absolutely perfectly executed... It had 2 instances of flawless misdirection before the pass that you will ever see... A thing of beauty (if not for the penalty)...

3) The offensive line for the White team was really bad... I hope that is not a reflection of our OL depth...

4) Derek Thompson looked really good... He made some really nice throws like the one to Carey in the back of the end zone... I think he is poised for a big year...

And now it is just a matter of waiting to see which seats I get in the new stadium and waiting for the season to START...!!

Can't wait...

Mean Green 93-98
DENTON, Texas - Quarterback Derek Thompson's 181-yard afternoon powered the Green squad to a 27-17 win in the annual Green vs. White Spring Game in front of 2,637 at C.H. Collins Stadium on Saturday. The sophomore was 15-of-20 with a pair of touchdown passes, including an impressive 34-yard fade-route score to Brelan Chancellor. The Green defense, which started the game in a 17-point hole, held the White team scoreless all afternoon and limited their six rushers to -16 yards.



Hoops Update

By UNTMike81, in GoMeanGreen.com,

If CLA was the issue and not "late qualifier for Big XII" then in my mind Tony Mitchell wouldn't have a HS diploma, right? How could the NCAA refuse to allow an athlete to play if they've completed lets say 24 hrs. of course work, or the NCAA minimum requirement with an acceptable GPA of 2.5 or again whatever the NCAA has state as their minimum requirements for students grades?

I've always thought that Tony Mitchell is smart enough to make his grades in college. Mr. Mitchell is no different than any of us that have goals life. First and foremost Mr. Mitchell needs to make his grades so he can get on the court. Once Mr. Mitchell does this he can improve his BB skills and show NBA teams over the long haul he has what it takes on the court to be successful in the NBA. At the same time being a success in the classroom will show the NBA teams they can trust him to successfully represent them off the court. If successfully done this means more money in Mr. Mitchell's pocket later in life!!! I for one am willing to let the past be the past and support Mr. Mitchell in becoming all he can be on and off the court. Without Mr. Mitchell's past hurdles regarding the CLA and being a late qualifier are the only reasons the UNT nation are fortunate enough to be bless with Mr. Mitchell's involvement with UNT. I'm not interested in anything else but supporting him to get on the court and enjoying a great experience at UNT. Mr. Mitchell's course work and grades at UNT just a part of the requirements to be here and a success within our program. I have just as much faith in Mr. Mitchell's ability to do this as I do in his abilities on the court.

Green Jackal
Yea! Yea! And what about Dr. Phil? Is it too much to ask him to jump on his private jet and come to Denton for a couple of hours? What about Don Henley? What, he puts out a new album every 28 years and all of sudden he's too busy? And the guys who played Robo Cop, what is he doing tomorrow at 1:00? What about Charles "Tex" Watson? He has to be out of prison by now, right? He could coach the defense.

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