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  1. Accrued offers from UTEP, ULM, USM, SHSU, NMSU. Committed to us today.
  2. This is a huge point I think that's missed on the boards. God/Evolution (whatever you believe), has only created so many 290+ lb men that can run 40 yards in under 5 seconds. G5 in general is not a bastion of D-line talent. You got one all-american at Houston, and another of similar caliber that just graduated from UTSA. Ware from troy a few years back, etc. But athletic, talented behemoths go to big programs. With that being said, I think UTSA takes some huge steps back defensively, as no one or no rotation will replace Davenport. I think our offensive line will actually be significantly improved this year. Maybe it's a gut feeling, but I also think having a full red-shirted crop of o-line will really help us this season. And Manase Mose is the "Tyreke Davis" of the offensive line. Almost everyone said he could/should have started last year, but the staff wanted to bank that year. That's a decision the last staff would have never made. My concerns are really as follows in order from biggest to least: LB, D-line, RB. With linebacker, we just lacked any ability to beat talented run teams to the edge, whether that's shedding blocks, understanding schemes, or pure speed, it was definitely an issue. EJ was a bright spot, garner still scares me, if they can get JoJo ready, I actually expect him to be a difference maker. He had a lot of really good plays/athleticism just needs to raise the consistency and that will come with more reps. D-line is of course the Bryce English question. I think Rod will be a difference maker at end, just not sure we'll be able to afford to keep him out there if there are any injuries, similar to last year. He is really athletic for his size and I think he helps us on the edge a great deal. There's a reason they wanted him there last year. From either of these two groups we need a consistent pass-rusher to emerge. Without pressure, this defense is a sitting duck. This system operates with pressure, and we have not gotten a consistent amount form anywhere. It's the key to improving that 35 points a game. And honestly, i don't care where it comes from. If TJ/Bryce can force a double often enough, I think we could be alright. At RB, i'm just not sold on Smith and Co yet. Jeff, like lance, was special. Maybe we continue the RB magic, but Smith isn't built like the prototypes of the past. Not a lot of successful teams are RB by committee. The upside is that spreading everyone out in the pass, and having a productive pass-catching backfield can help close the gap. Hopefully.
  3. Caw Caw

    Jeff Wilson Interview

    Man, who's cutting onions... How can you not root for this man to succeed.
  4. Caw Caw


    We do not need to be losing bodies on the d-line... /cries
  5. I heard the moving on was academic... and there's a good chance he'll be going JuCo
  6. First D1 scholly for the school since the 50s. That's a pretty cool story to tell your kids about.
  7. I think this comes down to plain and simple enforcement issue. They can't suspend the entire NCAA and they can't police millions of people well enough, add in fake accounts and people trying to set up other teams, it would be a nightmare. Currently the Wild WIld West.
  8. Caw Caw

    18' JUCO DT Duane Tuitasi

    Are you sure it was an offer and not a suggestion?
  9. Caw Caw

    On the Road

    Headed to pick up the fiance and head to the airport.
  10. Caw Caw

    New Commit 12/14

    Offers from South Alabama, Troy, Central Arkansas and us. Absolutely crushed his JuCo numbers this year. Rushed for 1300 yards in 9 games. 144 ypg and 12 touchdowns. Here's a cool article with a video interview of the young man after an exceptional first game in JuCo:
  11. Caw Caw

    18' K/P Ethan Mooney (Timber Creek)

    Applying a bit of pressure to get one on early signing day. Kickers are mostly PWO so it's a smart choice.
  12. Caw Caw

    18' QB Clayton Tune (Hebron) - 3 star

    I don't know about the visit to ol' miss, but you definitely have the rest right. Recommit included lol.
  13. Caw Caw

    '18 ATH Kevyon Davis

    Should have offered Calvin Avery and it would have beat them for 3...