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  1. Krasniqi

    We do not need to be losing bodies on the d-line... /cries
  2. I heard the moving on was academic... and there's a good chance he'll be going JuCo
  3. First D1 scholly for the school since the 50s. That's a pretty cool story to tell your kids about.
  4. I think this comes down to plain and simple enforcement issue. They can't suspend the entire NCAA and they can't police millions of people well enough, add in fake accounts and people trying to set up other teams, it would be a nightmare. Currently the Wild WIld West.
  5. 18' JUCO DT Duane Tuitasi

    Are you sure it was an offer and not a suggestion?
  6. On the Road

    Headed to pick up the fiance and head to the airport.
  7. New Commit 12/14

    Offers from South Alabama, Troy, Central Arkansas and us. Absolutely crushed his JuCo numbers this year. Rushed for 1300 yards in 9 games. 144 ypg and 12 touchdowns. Here's a cool article with a video interview of the young man after an exceptional first game in JuCo:
  8. 18' K/P Ethan Mooney (Timber Creek)

    Applying a bit of pressure to get one on early signing day. Kickers are mostly PWO so it's a smart choice.
  9. 18' QB Clayton Tune (Hebron) - 3 star

    I don't know about the visit to ol' miss, but you definitely have the rest right. Recommit included lol.
  10. '18 ATH Kevyon Davis

    Should have offered Calvin Avery and it would have beat them for 3...
  11. New commit 12/12

    JayD out here getting us hyped saying we've gotten a recruit from the visit and now this one lol... feels bad man...
  12. 12/8 official visit thread

    When commits are landing left and right and it's been quiet for months:
  13. Probably the best single recruit in CUSA signing classes so far. He's about as close as a 4-star as you can get without going over... Offer list to match. There's a couple of kids on WKU commit list with similar sized/quality offer sheets. Southern miss has a kid named Jemaurian Jones who has OU and Ol' Miss offers among other big programs at CB. Tack on that Lane hasn't either recruited or exposed his class for whatever reason. Sooo this could be a big overall class for CUSA. I think Reggie Williams is up a lot of those guys level in talent and offers as well.