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  1. Caw Caw's post in Summary as I see it so far was marked as the answer   
    I thought it was odd how often in the live feed they reflected on character, culture and work ethic. And, when you look at our guys we offered with no other offers, most of them were offered, and stuck, waaaaaay earlier in the process than our more highly recruited guys. That means, to me, that the coaches had other options, maybe even ones who were more highly recruited, but chose these players for a specific reason. At this point, you either think Litrell and co are the guys, or they aren't. You think they're building the right way, or they aren't. They admitted they lost some battles, but they also got some under recruited guys they offered 6 months ago or more. They would have asked them to blue shirt if that's what they thought the best move was. After hearing them talk, and and as we know Litrell is no salesperson, I felt better about the their selections. They seem like thoughtful choices. So at this point you either think they are good evaluators of talent or you don't.
  2. Caw Caw's post in MGB: UNT women add yet another transfer was marked as the answer   
    I don't know how anyone has any complaints. She's taking P5 Talent FROM THE AREA and bringing them back home. If this was happening in football people would be spouting out the ass how happy they are. We'll see what she can do with the little she has. Why wouldn't you invest in the future? At least she has learned that it's a building process and that it's about long-term success not pleasing everybody and doing it now.
  3. Caw Caw's post in Ex-Dawg (UNT's Brelan Chancellor) signs with Chargers was marked as the answer   

    Here's a list of Free Agents WR signed by San Diego (what matters in regards to Brelan):

    Brelan's edge is obviously his special teams ability. Danny Woodhead was fielding kick returns last year for SD he averages just 21.8 yards per attempt on 12 attempts. Woodheads longest return was 37 yards. It was good enough for 36th best KR in the league. San Diego ranked a weak #26 as a team in the returns category. So i think Brelan is a really calculated signing.

    Keenan Allen fielded 15 punt attempts with an average of 8.3 yards per return. He was the #31 best returner in the league. Great receiver for them though, 1,046 yards on 71 catches. He should have no problem stealing the return spotlight, it will allow the other two guys to focus on the offensive piece. Woodhead, Allen, Gates were the biggest producers last year.

    A footnote is Eddie Royal, he's their #2 receiver and has great return potential. He recently restructured his deal in the off-season so he could stay in San Diego. He caught 47 passes for 631 yards. Brelan could break into the receiving core but i don't think that's why he's there, which I think is a double-edge sword. He has a niche, i hope they give him a shot to expand out with it.

    Other recievers:
    16 Seyi Ajirotutu WR 26 6-3 215 5 Fresno State
    86 Vincent Brown WR 25 5-11 190 4 San Diego State
    80 Malcom Floyd WR 32 6-5 225 9 Wyoming
    73 Dontrelle Inman WR 25 6-3 198 R Virginia
    --Tobais Palmer WR 24 5-11 178 1 North Carolina State
    16 Tevin Reese WR -- 5-11 163 R Baylor
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