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  1. The questions were apparently adjusted differently for everyone. Most of my questions related to UTEP but I ranked them 3rd out of the universities that I consider rivals.
  2. Yes, according to Brett McMurphy from College Football Insider. https://twitter.com/Brett_McMurphy/status/1338864811610816514?s=20
  3. "Grrrr. Those gosh darn folks at GMG! I hope the Roadrunners beat them a bazillon to nothin' so we can wipe those smug superior looks from their faces." There. Are we rivals now?
  4. The UTSA President, the AD, the head coach and the band director have all responded to this unfortunate event. This was an accident and we own it. This was not done out of malice, anger or resentment. The UTSA Band Director, Ron Ellis responds:
  5. It should have been a blowout win for y'all last year but for some reason the games between the Roadrunners and Mean Green are always close. ("Rivalry!" "Not a Rivalry!") The average points margin is 7 with the largest being 14 in the 2016 UTSA victory in the Alamodome. (31-17) I feel this is y'all's game to lose but I'm expecting (hoping for) a hard fought game from both teams. And a Roadrunner victory of course.
  6. We don't start playing UT until 2022. And then every other year until 2030.
  7. RowdyTalk is back online. www.RowdyTalk.com
  8. I tailgate with the RowdyTalk/Rowdy's Roadhouse combined tailgate in Lot B. If any of y'all are interested in joining us, PM me. (Our tailgates lean towards family friendly so if you're looking for a frat party atmosphere, this isn't it.)
  9. UTSA: 27 UNT: 24 I'm expecting a tough game and we'll probably all be stressed the F out until the winner is determined at the end. The average score prediction on RowdyTalk.com is 32-27 UTSA. And just like here, not everyone is predicting a home team win.
  10. Haha. That was actually funny. Yum! Brands (KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut) is a faithful sponsor of UTSA and our athletic programs. I'm appreciative of their support. http://www.yum.com/
  11. It's obviously a troll account. The individual does not legitimately support UTSA.
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