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  1. UTEP moving to Mountain West?

    I have a hard time seeing New Mexico or UTEP being enthusiastic about NMSU. NMSU fills a vital role in plugging the non-conference schedule. Let them in and now you lose a locked in non-conference date across multiple sports. I'd love it for NMSU but I don't see it making good financial sense for UNM.
  2. New CUSA TV Deal

    AState expects at least $350,000 after expenses but we were already producing at ESPN3 standards so it really is almost no increase in expense other than doing more hoops, baseball, and volleyball than normal. ESPN has hired AState to do the production for some championship events in the Sun Belt because our RTV department insisted on building a production truck instead of production rooms. RTV also does part of the Liberty Bowl production so we aren't quite the norm. Only bad part is athletics bought the equipment and donated it to the RTV department and RTV rather than athletics profits when it is occasionally leased out to someone who needs mobile production without satellite capability. I wouldn't swap the linear component with CUSA just because of reach, but I would take the Stadium second-tier component without hesitation because there is that big gap between linear and ESPN+
  3. New CUSA TV Deal

    Sinclair's first stab at doing what became Stadium. American Sports Network. Weird thing that made no sense to me with ASN and still doesn't make sense is that Sinclair is a partner in Stadium and then doesn't put it on some markets that have Sinclair stations. In Little Rock they started out putting ASN on 7.2 and I thought they did a pretty good job. Then one Saturday I tune in to watch USM and someone and instead we were getting a Division II or III game out of like Iowa. Another Saturday try to watch ya'll play and had Stony Brook. Finally gave up when I flipped over to check out UNT-Rice in hoops and the flipping telecast was in 480p, made me miss the 13 inch black and white tv I had in college. Now they don't carry Stadium. I'm all about more games available. I really like the Stadium second-tier component unless the release is accurate about 7 of 15 being Facebook. I watched NMSU-UNM on Facebook and it was OK once I figured out how to turn off the floating thumbs and hearts but I hate casting to a TV because I'm tying up two devices, but that's my beef. The facebook distribution is great for access to recruits. Completely off-topic lower division games can be fun to watch, and you will get a chuckle out of seeing the players huddle up on the sidelines and they aren't as tall as their coach.
  4. The good news is FIU was on spring break so it wasn't as bad as it potentially could have been. The construction technique (qualifier I'm no engineer) as described doesn't sound that unusual. The Broadway Bridge in Little Rock was done in a similar manner with two spans built on barges and then floated into position. I am fully open to anyone knows this stuff better to explain I've misunderstood and those aren't similar.
  5. New CUSA TV Deal

    Really not much there for any Sun Belt or CUSA chest thumping. Both deals are 10 games on linear TV. One is ESPN family the other CBSSN. Neither league pays production for linear TV. CUSA has the Stadium semi-OTA/streaming deal for another 15 games but the release suggests that roughly half are only available on Facebook rather than on Stadium OTA affiliates or app. After that looks like Sun Belt has to produce around 51 football games for online and CUSA will have to produce 60 or find a third partner who will split costs maybe.
  6. Two courts are one too many for C-USA tournament

    Before settling on Lakefront one idea had been to do a dual court at the New Orleans Convention Center then move the finals to Smoothie King arena. I'd play the whole thing at the Convention Center. So many hotels, bars and restaurants in short walking distance but they didn't seek my opinion.
  7. ODU looking to bail C-USA?

    Anderson is going to Texas more and Alabama less but our best teams, the best players were from Alabama. 2012 team was 18 from Alabama, 6 from Texas. They went 10-3 The closest G5 is Memphis and the closest P5 is Ole Miss. Sort of like the South Alabama situation where the nearest P5 is LSU.
  8. Down Goes The MUTS

    Win sends them to Louisville unless Northern Kentucky upsets Louisville. MUTS had one bad loss, unfortunately the last game before selection. I would have put them in.
  9. Two courts are one too many for C-USA tournament

    The temporary seemed to have very little pitch from the photos I saw. Much flatter looking than what was used in Hot Springs. The Sun Belt used the company that provides temporary seats for the USGA at the US Open. Biggest thing is a venue needs to be fan friendly and that starts with bars and restaurants nearby. Sounds like Frisco has that covered. I won't go to the Sun Belt tournament in NOLA because there is NOTHING nearby the UNO arena. If you want to eat without a long hike or getting a cab or driving you have to go to the UNO student union. No thanks.
  10. Two courts are one too many for C-USA tournament

    Two courts is a GREAT format. The issue seems to be execution. I've seen claims on Twitter that there were instances of play stopping on one court because of a whistle on the other court. I think it is very fan friendly to have two courts in close proximity as long as you never force a school's fans to choose between watching their men's team and women's team and can isolate the sound of the horn and whistles. You reduce the off-work commitment of fans and that's a good thing. Only problem is a curtain won't prevent the sound from bleeding over.
  11. Louisiana Tech (3/7/18)

    McCasland is now 7-13 in games played on or after February 1 as a Division I coach and 3-13 in games played on or after February 10. That *might* be other coaches figuring him out -or- it could be that since both those seasons he was a first year coach blending his guys with leftovers and depth caught up -or- he's not made good decisions about strength and conditioning and the guys aren't physically ready for the full grind of the season. I would presume depth until there is a greater sample of seasons. EDIT I wouldn't buy into the "other coaches figuring him out" unless he tanks early conference season next year. Because then every returning coach has seen him one to three times previously. If he runs well through the early conference season and tanks again late, I'd start looking at strength and conditioning.
  12. Would depend on the league's contract. Some sites require all teams to be on-site in a contracted hotel until eliminated. Other contracts don't have that provision. The preference of the coach and AD of course would matter as well.
  13. Gonzaga and Brigham Young considering MWC?

    BYU makes about double what AAC and MWC schools make individually on TV. Remaining a football indy is profitable at least under this contract. It expires the same year as the AAC, MWC, and CUSA's BeIN contracts expire.
  14. Would ARMY add to CUSA ?

    Very interesting. Few years ago it was Navy with the most, AFA second, and Army had around those numbers that AFA has. Thanks for looking that up!
  15. Sun Belt Conference

    I've never tried to stream to mirror to roku, apple tv is easy but hate tying up a device. I bought a TV with with roku as the operating system for the smart tv functions and that is the way to go.