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  1. Arkstfan

    Change to Redshirt Rules

    They still have to sit a year unless they are a graduate transfer
  2. Arkstfan

    Change to Redshirt Rules

    Every year there are guys who get hurt early in the season and might be cleared medically to play in the final third of the season or the bowl game if the coaches really wanted them back but instead can't get medical clearance. I'm not sure that it isn't better to have that fiction take place because that guy ends up getting the chance to full heal and regain strength.
  3. Arkstfan

    Change to Redshirt Rules

    What is scary is when a guy completes his degree and wants to grad transfer and the coach can block him from getting a scholarship at his new school. Mike Gundy had a list of 40 schools that a grad transfer couldn't go to. I can understand blocking an intra-conference transfer or a non-conference you are scheduled to play. Can't remember where it was but there was a school in the Northeast that wouldn't give a guy a release to get a scholarship at any Division I. The coach can take a scholarship away if he needs to make roster space but players didn't have the ability to transfer without being blessed.
  4. Arkstfan

    Change to Redshirt Rules

    Everyone can play 12. At least 60% of schools will play 13 games. At least 15% will play 14. Going to 4 makes sense. The old rule was 3 and came from when 11 was the cap and around 36% played 12 games and less than 6% played 13 It gets the ratio closer to what it was when the old rule was adopted. As to enforcement. After every game or match, the schools send a participation report to the NCAA. Off the top of my head I can only think of two cases of bad participation reports. One was Tulsa claiming they sent more female track participants to meets than they actually had. Since Tulsa was at the minimum number of sports for FBS the NCAA in its sanction report said that they could have reclassified Tulsa football FCS or even drop them to Division II. Instead because they failed to meet the sport sponsorship requirement for that year they declared them ineligible for post-season in all sports. The other case was from the NAIA when someone noticed that scrubs who rarely got into games at home suddenly became really good players during road games for Arkansas-Pine Bluff. They were actually using players out of eligibility on the road and claiming they were the scrub players. Some of the older folks may remember when Dallas Carter had the big crime spree by players that a college coach asked the judge for leniency and promised that he'd keep them on the straight and narrow got chewed out in open court by the judge and cited his attitude as part of the reason the players thought they could do anything without any repercussions. That was UAPB's Archie "Gunslinger" Cooley. UAPB got a two year death penalty in football. Normally both schools in any game is tracking participation so if UTSA played Joe Freshman and didn't report it when they play UNT, someone would see the discrepancy.
  5. I have my modem/router next to the TV and run an ethernet cable into my Roku TV. Learned that from seeing four iphones, four iPads, and a laptop or two all on wifi at the same time.
  6. Four reasons for stutter. Insufficient processing power encoding Insufficient capacity going out. Insufficient bandwidth at the end user Insufficient processing power at the end user.
  7. Once in awhile I'd get a stutter but I never had any serious problems other than occasional drops in resolution. But so far ESPN+ has been like watching except without's 60fps, the 60fps is just beautiful
  8. They bought a very expensive technology firm, BAMtech and need to monetize the acquisition. They offer a game of the day from MLB and NHL and they are incorporating and NHL Game Center into ESPN+ as add-ons for an additional subscription. There are rumors that if the Fox sale goes through that they will sweeten the ESPN+ pot by making your local Fox regional available on ESPN+. If that happens then an ESPN+ subscriber in Dallas will have a way to watch the Rangers, Stars, and Mavericks without cable.
  9. Oh absolutely. I can sit down with a good notebook and sketch out how Freeze, Malzahn, Harsin, and Anderson are all different offensively and defensively in what they do and how they approach recruiting and even how they run their practices. I can also outline how Harsin changed his offensive philosophy mid-season by elevating a Malzahn holdover to play calling to blend the styles and salvage the season. I'm more speaking in terms of Arkansas hiring Bielema which required a complete roster overhaul because none of Petrino's recruits fit what Bret was trying to do or how USM went from a young high energy staff in a spread offense to an older, another day at office staff, trying to whip people at the line to run between tackles.
  10. No. Now it is probably true CUSA doesn't look like what it would have looked like had ECU, Tulane, and Tulsa left with the rest and that made things awkward but there is no magic wand to realign. There is no way you make La.Tech happy to be with ULM. There probably is no way to align UAB/USA/Troy into the same mix that the rest of the people in the conference are going yes we want our football team going to Alabama three times in two years or hoops playing three games there every year (well A-State would probably take it) Look at CUSA. When Bankowsky wanted to add ULL and A-State to push UAB to the east to cut their costs and give them more regional games, it was ODU and MTSU who were bellyaching that they didn't want to go 16 unless someone like James Madison was added. Getting UAB in their division wasn't a big enough reward for them. The Border and Skyline leagues didn't realign into something more sensible, schools bailed to start the WAC. When the WAC didn't make sense, schools bailed. When the Metro schools had trouble working together, they split and formed the Great Midwest. When the economics changed, they didn't just merge, they booted people. Sun Belt and CUSA aren't going to sit down and make a happy family. The only choices that are REALISTIC. 1. The two agree to form an LLC to sell their media rights jointly. 2. The two create a schedule alliance and instead of CUSA playing 8 league games in football, plays 6 or 7 and replaces a crossover game with some scheduling alliance game and does something similar in hoops. 3. People get really wild and agree to consolidate the two league offices to save costs and improve bidding leverage for bowls and tournaments. 4. A group of schools that aren't happy talk to another group that isn't happy and they defect to start their own conference. But no. There is no way to divvy the two into two conferences that will get enough buy-in to work.
  11. But they then wen 7-6, 7-6, 8-5, 12-2 with Larry Fedora. USM won only 7 games in four of Bower's last six years. What got USM was the AD repudiated everything about the Fedora period. They scrapped the spread offense for a power attack. They hired a bunch of older guys for the staff and had a median coaching staff age that was nearly 10 years older than Fedora's staff and hired a guy with one losing season in Division II and two losing and one 6-6 in FCS. Fedora wasn't loyal to USM, he was loyal to advancing his career and brought USM along for the ride. It was the school rejecting everything Fedora did and represented that took them from 12-2 to 0-12 in a year. That is how I took what TIgreen01 was saying.
  12. Showing games on ESPN and ESPN2 is a money grab by ESPN also, we are just used to it. I'm old enough to remember when we people were ANGRY that you had to have cable to watch a game, especially a bowl game. You are wrong that it is a worse ESPN3. I spent way too many hours watching ESPN3 and I've been watching ESPN+ since the Roku version rolled out. The switch to BAMTech has made a big improvement in streaming. MLS Live last year vs ESPN+? No question ESPN+ has been an improvement and there has been no change in production, it's the same feed from the RSN that it was last year. Now I'm not sure how exactly the CUSA deal is going to work, but the Sun Belt deal means we get more hoops (men and women), more volleyball, more women's soccer and more baseball (which I know isn't relevant here). For $50 a year I'm getting what was $80 a year from A-State and I'm getting rid of the $70 whatever I was spending on MLS. Save a $100 a year and get more stuff with a better stream? Take that deal every day. My understanding is that CUSA TV will survive and my fan side perspective is that's not great because it signals that there is still content the schools are unwilling to produce up to broadcast TV quality. I know what it looked like when ULM did non-broadcast quality stream in football or Troy did it in basketball and I felt they should have paid me since most local cable systems do a better job on high school sports. If subscribers watch CUSA content on ESPN+ that is good for CUSA because it will impact what ESPN will pay for CUSA content.
  13. My 85 year old father uses Roku to stream games and he can't keep a laptop working for clicking on every damn we detected your computer is infected ad.
  14. Arkstfan

    25 Predictions for 2020 from 2010

    Nearly hit that one. If Fresno and Nevada hadn't blabbed to the MWC, BYU would have gone back.
  15. Writer made predictions for 2020 in January of 2010. Some are amusing (Todd Dodge will get hired by Baylor) but a number of others hit well like Georgia Southern to Sun Belt and Charlotte and La.Tech to CUSA and Big East leaving the elites and taking Memphis.