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  1. Arkstfan's post in Hugh Freeze fired at Ole Miss was marked as the answer   
    My thoughts?
    I'll give him a half point credit for using hookers instead of seducing chicks for fun and maybe causing them to think there might *love* involved. At least kept it a business transaction where everyone got a fair price.
    He's a helluva coach I am not crazy about guys using their faith as part of their branding. I go to church, I send my church a check every payday, I volunteer, but I don't expect that to be on my performance evaluation at work. If you are at Liberty or Baylor, then it makes sense.
    Now I drew up tight when the NCAA started crawling all over him and his assistants because nothing the NCAA enjoys more than knocking a little guy around. They started digging in 2012 and actually started over women's hoops. By December 2013 they had enough to chase Louisiana Lafayette over assistant David Saunders and that wrapped up January of 2016. Clock ran out on anything he did at AState on December 4, 2015, so they didn't find anything, but he came to AState in 2010 after signing day and his only class at AState was mostly guys Roberts had been recruiting. Wasn't a notable bunch, rated 4th in the Sun Belt and 102nd in the nation.
    I was stunned when he had his superclass at Ole Miss because I hadn't seen any signs of him being a megarecruiter, I mean his starting QB at Ole Miss the first three years was a kid who quit at AState because he not only wasn't starting, he wasn't playing and got mad at then OC Freeze when Freeze shut him down when he claimed he was the best QB he had. I mean guys who are second best at AState aren't exactly the guys you expect to start 39 games in the SEC, Freeze wasn't at AState when either were recruited.
    Terribly stupid way to embarrass your family and on top of that, everyone who took a job with him at Ole Miss will be on the chopping block come December, the kids who signed to play for him don't get that. Pretty much everyone who put faith in him loses because he liked hookers.
    Now come 2021, I'll stand up and clap for him and the players who make it back when we honor the 10th anniversary of his team but beyond that it's his life to repair.
    Not a chance. Guarantee you Kiffin is thinking, have a good year and I can get the Ole Miss job or whatever decent P5 opens. He's not going to saddle himself with Freeze.
    Why should he have stayed at AState? Unless he went crazy with the money he has more banked than he would have made if he had stayed at AState.
  2. Arkstfan's post in Wren Baker has a lot of friends (Tweets) was marked as the answer   
    As I told Harry, I sent a text to AState's AD about the hire, he immediately responded saying he's great guy. He's dealt with Baker at Mizzou and Memphis that I know of.
  3. Arkstfan's post in Future OOC was marked as the answer   
    What is wrong with scheduling in the 2020's?

    AState goes to Iowa State in 2024 and hosts in 2025. We wanted earlier but we took what they were offering rather than get nothing.

    Terry Mohajir was on CBS Radio yesterday. He was asked how he finagled a home and home with Mizzou. His answer? "We asked. That's how."
  4. Arkstfan's post in Power conferences' increased autonomy could affect C-USA was marked as the answer   
    The game is over Harry.

    The old model died yesterday when ESPN and Fox agreed to boost Major League Soccer's rights fees 5X.

    Old contract, MLS got a game each week on NBC Sports and most weeks a game on ESPN2.
    New contract, MLS gets one game a week on ESPN2, one game on FS1.

    How is that worth 5X more?

    Simple. ESPN bought the digital rights to all MLS games not shown on FS1 or Univision. Folks like me who paid $65 a year to see those games on a computer, or phone or tablet or Roku will now get them free on ESPN3 and the WatchESPN app.

    The rights increase is almost all about ESPN gaining leverage to charge internet providers, cable and satellite more money to carry ESPN3/WatchESPN and don't think ESPN won't use the data gained from MLS to show them how many of their customers were shelling out $65 a year and let them know those people are a risk to change providers if they don't pony up.

    The market model is dead and now TV carriage is becoming Internet carriage.
  5. Arkstfan's post in Congrats Ark St. was marked as the answer   
    Thanks gang, I'm hearing there are schools that go to a bowl with the same coach from the regular season, hoping to give that a try.

    Mobile does a great job putting on the game. The stadium is old a right at dump status but everything about the event is first class. The players are treated very well and the coaches wives have some great events.

    The community really goes all out with the Mardi Gras parade (first Mardi Gras in the US was held there, and they'll happily tell you that). Two different bars set up computers and projectors to get ESPN3 when they found out the ASU-WKU game was on ESPN3 in order to show the game.

    Used to be a CUSA bowl but they dumped CUSA for ACC vs. MAC (the MAC was at the insistence of then sponsor GMAC). Like to see it be CUSA vs. Sun Belt in the future, the MAC teams just don't make the trip.
  6. Arkstfan's post in A great view of conference realignment from 2005-2015 was marked as the answer   
    Of the first 6 CUSA football schools only USM remains. Of the 11 CUSA schools prior to the first Big East raid, only two remain. Of the six added after the first Big East raid, only four remain.

    Of the charter 8 football members of the Big East, Temple is all that is left and they were booted in 2005 and just made it back this year. Of the next four schools added, three are left.
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