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  1. Your Nuts....i drink the Green Kool-Aid but even i wont predict a lead over LSU!
  2. Thanks Rick, your doing a great job! Keep it Up! Lets get this new stadium!
  3. are we really built for any games?...... just kidding, just kidding ....lol
  4. my mom just moved to the Gavelston Area in march....shes in a town called league city which i heard is 3 miles under sea level.....im gonna make sure she leaves!
  5. This is Great News....if he can be anything like he was suppost to be going into this season....that would be great! He will hopefully provide us with a stronger pass rush and maybe we can accually pressure the QB a little! Finally some good news in Mean Green Country!
  6. I went to the Pourhouse today to watch the pats game ( brady )....nice place.... only thing that sucked was that you could not have audio as thier was 5 tv's their and 1 tv was loud enough to fill the whole place....food was great, expensive for a poor college kid like me but it tasted good....heard they have a media room with a HUGH tv...gonna look into that next week....overall i would give the place a B+. Good food, nice staff, lack of UNT stuff ( did see the schedule though) and bad audio situation ( sucked not being able to hear about what happened to brady) but over all a good place!
  7. I never got to ask you yesterday....is this the HKS or whatever the company is design? or is the one from last year as it looks alot like the concept that u posted on the facebook groups a few years ago....just wondering!
  8. Tom Brady is a god to me.....thank god though that i auto drafted my fantasy team and i didnt get brady...
  9. as a life long pats fan....i am praying right now that its not a torn acl and that is just a knee sprain or hyperextention....Please god dont let it be a tear!
  10. we opened against cameron last year also....beat them like 108 to 54 or something like that....lol im up for that again!
  11. yes....i talked to one of the football players last night....he told me riley's redshirt was coming off on the tulsa game becuase he is in some packages as a reciever that that he would most likely play....so not a big suprize to me....i was happy he was in thier....seemed to be only one on our team faster then the Tulsa guys...
  12. and i know where your staying.... you mom showed me last night...by the way....did you know her bed is really springy.....it made it alot easier!
  13. i was gonna go....decided to watch the red soxs game here at the dorm instead....should have gone!
  14. i fail...i didnt go....i found out the redsox's game was on local tv and now im staying in and watching it lol!
  15. anyone going to the Soccer Game tonight vs OU? it starts at 7 and i think im gonna go. i have nothing better to do tonight and our soccer team is good and i wanna see us beat a big 12 team! anyone else tonight?
  16. Final score: UNT 38 ASLUT 35 i think it will accually be lower scoring then most people think....and we hit a GW FG and all go nuts and tear down the goal posts(i wanna be apart of that once in my life!)
  17. at least he wrote up a nice write up for us! i dont want the WAC and i think we have made that clear, its like the girl who doesn't take no for an answer.
  18. in 2011 i got in to C-USA...and you would never guess the team that got kicked out and put in the Sun-Belt!....................................SMU! i was so happy! :)
  19. Maybe you should have a crown and coke on saturday! Just incase you didnt know if you should have one or not!
  20. well if im a nerd....your a poopy head....ya i went their...dont make me do it again!
  21. my dad and stepmom live in NW arkansas and i graduated high school up thier (gravette class of 2005!) my dad also owns a business in centerton and my step mom works for the wal-mart home office (like everyone else in that area). i talked to my dad today and it was poring up thier and flooding bad....hope it stops for yall soon!
  22. i know one of those guys........ but i think that was before i knew him...lol
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