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  1. honestly dont remember...sry
  2. Now that the strike is over i can say this.... I am from the Northeast....and i HATE pecan pie.
  3. John iS A buddy of mine....cool kid. worked his butt off just to be a walk on!
  4. Im on Strike also...this bored is boring in the off season without them! Free Quoner, Tasty and Green P1
  5. well its being covered by FCS and is about 30,000$ cheaper then the CBI tourny....i just wanted this team to keep playing i wanted to see if my University could win this tournament
  6. i bet you NT turned them down....I am friends with Tramiel on facebook and his status on like thursday or friday said he was going back to Lousiania for the whole srping break, so it seems like the players knew they wern't going to any tournament.....very sad as we should have accepted some kind of tourny...
  7. and western gets gonzaga or akron in the second round if they beat illinois which i think they can. they have a chance to maybe go to the sweet 16 again.
  8. yall may of had more...but it wasnt much more...and they were not vocal at all but i can understand why!
  9. and CMJ doesnt have to talk to him self anymore...becuase im here!
  10. MTSU had a lot of fans there...but they were old and quiet for the most part.....we may have had less fans, but we were much more vocal. Hot Springs is nice and the arena was a good venue.
  11. as a fat guy, i voted for pie....Pie is wonderful.....i like pie!
  12. bstnsportsfan3 6'0 310. OL or DT. Positives: Only 21, have the gurth to block up holes, by just standing their.... Negatives: In the last year i have torn my meniscus in my left knee, broke my left ankle last june, and severaly sprained the same ankle 3 weeks ago (yet it feels better!) I will more then likely hurt or roll at least 1 of my ankles or have some other type of serious injury which will render me useless for the rest of the game. Also havent played flag football in over 10 years, have no speed, crappy hands and im fat and out of shape. also have glasses...that usually suck when your trying to play sports. Prediction: Dead Last, i was always the fat kid picked last. so im use to it. Shirt Size im usually a 2x, might wanna go 3x to be safe ( if it cost more ill pay, i dont care!)
  13. Liberals are the one's who dont like america, they are the one's trying to turn us socialist! Im a independent who leans a little towards the right, and i can tell you conservatives love america!
  14. i dont think we will have to worry about that for a while...i see Todd Dodge being here for a while, and us having a very succussful football programs, the kids are buying into his program and are much happier that riley is running the team. i see a great future for UNT in football!
  15. i had no one on mine either....guess im just special!!!
  16. wish i could have gone...also wish we were playing tommrow so i could have been in hot springs and missed classes! its all good though, good year overall!
  17. Great Job by those guys, part of a stretch of some of the most winningest basketball in north texas history. maybe we get a CBI homegame and we can send them off in style! Go Mean Green! Go Seniors!
  18. tough tough loss...but a great year overall. im hoping we get into the CBI or the other new tourny and have a nice home game! Lets make it 4 20 win season's in a row!
  19. even though we were up by 8....ill take a 3 pt lead at half any day....Go Mean Green!
  20. several emails were sent out if you contacted deanofstudents@unt.edu like the flyer that was handed out last wednesday at the game said....then yes there were several emails as i recived them all and got another today!
  21. there is no bus today...so it will be lacking...and there are ALOT of WKU fans up there...but it looks like they will be having a bus on tuesday if we beat western tonight...
  22. its a good place to watch a game...i watched superbowl 42 there when my pats lost to the giants but its a nice venue. i would join yall but im working tonight. GMG beat Western!
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