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  1. The voting for the All-Century team has closed. More than 11,000 votes were cast, and we will now begin the final count. The results will be announced at the spring game. Some folks are still casting ballots online, but any votes cast after the 13th will not be counted. The votes have a time and date stamp, so any further voting will not affect the final outcome. Just thought you'd like to know. Thanks to everyone who participated.
  2. North Texas came out attacking from the start and went up 3-0, but Middle Tenessee rallied to cut it to 3-2 before halftime. The Mean Green defense buckled down in the second half, although MTSU got a really good scoring chance late but missed. North Texas rang the ball off the posts twice late. This puts North Texas in first place, but they need to beat Western Kentucky this weekend to clinch the regular-season title. If they lose to WKU (which I hear has a good team and is in third place) then MTSU can retake first place if they win their last game next week (also against WKU). North Texas is 8-0-1, MTSU is 8-1-0. Very good crowd tonight, including members of the football and basketball teams.
  3. No, the map and the accompanying story concern which lots will be closed to normal school traffic Tuesday afternoon.
  4. That is correct. Lots 80 and 81 are the two lots shaded red and blue.
  5. Meangreengear.com is now shop.meangreensports.com. Just changed a few weeks ago.
  6. A photo album of coach Payton at Champions Night is now up: Sean Payton photos
  7. Photos from Saturday's scrimmage at Apogee are on MeanGreenSports.com. Here's a link to the story and the photo album. Steven Bartolotta wrote the story. At the top of the story is a link to the photo album with 31 photographs. Saturday scrimmage story and photos
  8. I've added new wallpapers for desktop and laptop computers and mobile devices, including high-resolution smartphones and tablet PCs, to Mean Green World. As always, everything on Mean Green World is free. Many of the new offerings, naturally, are of Apogee Stadium. The desktop/laptop wallpapers are with and without the 2011 football schedule. I also added a new wallpaper of the Administration Building. I planned to do a few new wallpapers for cellphones this year and went researching new sizes, only to discover that ninety percent of my previous mobile-device wallpaper sizes were obsolete. Had to chuck 'em all and create wallpapers in fifteen new sizes (bringing the total to seventeen sizes). And I triple-dog dare you to find another university that has so many different sizes of wallpapers on the Internet. When you view some of these mobile-device wallpapers, they are going to look much larger than your device's screen. That's because your smartphone or iPad has higher resolution than the Internet on your computer monitor. Save them to your device and they should fit just fine. I've also updated the Flash banner on the top of each page with more recent images (though I kept one rumored to be a favorite of many viewers). Hope you enjoy.
  9. Some photos from today's game. I hope everyone liked this year's t-shirt design. Pre-game activities. Coin flip. White team. Green team. Kram's pre-game speech. Game action. Beating three defenders to pull in the deep ball. Good bye to Fouts.
  10. That's the Underwoods my family went to all the time. After it closed, the next closest was in Waco, and I made the drive there a few times. Now the only one left is in Brownwood.
  11. One of the young people in the department I supervise at work commented recently, when a vintage Rush-era 1980s tune was playing on the office radio, that she really liked that song. Me too, I agreed. Yeah, she continued, I went through an 80s phase. So did I. In the 80s.
  12. Complete agreement. Chili is one of the ultimate home-made comfort foods.
  13. Although (not to start a new thread) the best fried chicken is at Babe's.
  14. Great fried chicken. Loved the Underwoods in Denton many years ago.
  15. Sammy's in Dallas has very good smoked sausage and a great side dish, baked-potato casserole. Underwood's has outstanding BBQ sauce and amazingly tender BBQ beefsteak. Also some of the greatest rolls I've ever had. Unfortunately, there is only one Underwood's remaining, in Brownwood. Made the drive down on a Saturday last summer for lunch and a load of take-out (which made the journey back to Dallas in my Mean Green soft-side cooler.)
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