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  1. Let's play this game... We recruit high school stud's. They play extensively for two year's then (i.e. like we saw in softball) get recruited to a P5 school as they are doing today. We are then a farm system to the P5's. How do you combat this from happening (since the NCAA is useless to the G5's)?
  2. The Animals - House Of The Rising Sun (Music Video) [4K HD] - Bing video ... for all the fun we had in the "BIG Easy"!
  3. His mother, Kathy, told me in Indiana that his knees are the limiting factor. He has problems with them and wants to play professional ball in Europe. His mom's background is from there. So, we knew that the tournament was his swansong at UNT. Sadly though! He's very smart hopefully he will come back for his masters to Denton.
  4. I can't believe what I'm seeing here. If your thinking about about smu that way, post on their boards not here. If you are anywhere other than dallas, smu is non-existent. All this should emphasis should be put on our D, for if B isn't IT ( i.e. the defensive genus ) we are looking bad again. SO you can then grip about that till BB starts! Thanks to all you ponies, GMG
  5. If you remember why NE, CO, Missouri etc. left the conference was that they said that tu wants to be KING. SO, the question should be where, if they left, can they be crowned King?
  6. President Gretchen Bataille {2004-2010) told a donors meeting in her conference room that the face for the new stadium for the student vote was the College of Arts and Sciences Dean Mike M. They reason she said is that if RV got involved the students would vote down the additional funding needed for the stadium! I guess we forget easily
  7. Looks like an Ex-Lax model. Anyway I wonder who cares anyway (i.e. Portland SU game).
  8. Like I stated the offense was fine in the past but the defense was... 2020 North Texas Mean Green Fun Stats – 1st Quarter Scoring: Opponents 111 – North Texas 45 – Time of Possession: Opponents 34:23 – North Texas 25:38 – Points Per Game: Opponents 42.8 – North Texas 34.4 So we score but can the defense keep them out of the end zone? That is the question we can ask about Seth's future1
  9. Maybe, they still think we have a D-coordinator from ( of all places) Kansas!!! Our season will depend on the D-side of the ball totally. Basically, that's why we went so heavy on that side of the line this year. Losing 40+ to our oppositions 50+ is telling. I pray the money we are spending on D will show up in the Win column since we will be able to score points with who we have on the field this fall. But, can we stop the other's from scoring?
  10. SL has been AWOL on the defensive side of the ball. If its not fixed with B than he has no idea about having a D, therefore, we will never win a bowl or W division with him at the helm. He has to recruit and coach too both ways...
  11. I think unlike other holidays that's "Happy...", it's remember and HONOR MEMORIAL DAY. Just saying you're never happy when someone dies.
  12. Miyah Verse Arizona Elite Prep (Arizona) espnW rating: Four stars The 6-foot Verse has good size on the perimeter, serious leaping ability and an emerging skill set. Her shooting, defensive talent and finishing skills at the rim set her up as one of her class' top rising prospects. She averaged 13.2 points and 9.8 rebounds as a sophomore. Verse can draw fouls when she attacks the paint because defenders have to respect her shooting. She has a relentlessly slashing type of game on the offensive end, and her speed, explosiveness and willingness to defend project very well at the next level. She is being recruited by the likes of UNLV, Hampton, Arizona State, Yale, Eastern Michigan, Washington State and North Texas.
  13. June 10 = April 1
  14. SWEET... was there... Saw heaven With Lewis and Kathy... & friends!
  15. More info... https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/ncaafb/georgia-bulldogs-wr-names-transfer-destination/ar-BB1gMaMn?ocid=msedgntp
  16. FROM THE FORUM RULES: Do not at any time ever cut and paste an article or excerpt on this board as it is subject to copyright laws and is essentially stealing someone else's work. You are welcome to link to an article/ story and provide an excerpt of that article/story as a component of your link to help draw attention and traffic to the site that wrote the article.
  17. A college softball pitcher struck out all 21 opposing batters in a historically perfect pitching performance (msn.com)
  18. In todays WSJ business section is a picture of TOBE NWIGWE! This is in an article named "Apple Backs Firm That Helps Artists Release Music Without Major Labels". FYI
  19. I remember that game because we wanted the Goodyear blimp to highlight it, so they didn't and sent Andre instead!
  20. Moderators 14,487 10,255 posts Posted Wednesday at 11:35 PM Here’s a perspective I’d like to touch on. Does James Reese, or any future departing senior leaving, think NT has gone as far as it ever will in basketball? I would think he understands that 32 teams didn't get a win in the 2021 NCAA BB tournament this year. I would think he would want to be given praise (i.e. as he said after getting off the bus at UNT) for our success in BB this year. Additionally he was a big part of our success. So, I'm feeling there is something we do not know about this matter.
  21. Hires prior to Mc's were likely what he sees (i.e. as to not a basketball school). They were failures that the AD hired and then allowed to fail in MOST NT sports. My roommate from NJ ( late "60s) started taking me to the Snake Pit. If you hadn't seen a game there you would agree with us being a non-basketball school. But, those games were unreal. Some were on TV as the MV game of the week. Packed house and loud and hot. We stayed up with teams like Louisville, Bradley, Memphis etc. national ranked teams. People sitting on top of each other to get to see the game even standing. Our crew sat under the basket to support our players and give the visitors living HE__ __! We are historically a BASKETBALL SCHOOL. GMG
  22. Watching J Ham over the year I noticed something about our best LEFT handed guard. When he is in the lane pivoting around and goes to his right (sometimes) the person guarding him favors his right because most of the time they are guarding RIGHT handed ball handlers. Leaving his LEFT handed shot open. He really took advantage of this in his time with UNT. He will be remembered by us old MVC ex's with UNT playing the best teams around in the Snake Pit!
  23. I was trying to get Zach's mom to talk about that but... Zach has just so much time left with his KNEEs and he wants to play pro-ball. Probably in Poland they think. He has one of his knees wrapped now. He has problems with his knees and has dreams. Very smart man though as he had considered all his options and but after winning a game in the tournament I'd like to be Grant talking to them after a win at Lucas Oil Stadium!
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