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  1. I suppose it's conceivable that we'll be battling for 4th place in CUSA-West. Denton Texas Megabowl? Fourth Place!!! Fourth Place!!!
  2. Ark. State currently destroying the Cajuns. Slightly off topic, but making me feel a little better for some reason.
  3. Surviving the Game (1994) For those not familiar with this masterpiece, a group of wealthy hunters recruit a homeless man as a 'survival guide' for an upcoming hunt, at which he is to be the prey. Inspired by the short story "The Most Dangerous Game" by Richard Connell (1924). Hopefully fans of the film will understand the analogies. The Characters: Jack Mason A down-on-his-luck, but very resourceful homeless man. He is initially excited at the prospect of new employment, and treated to an elaborate dinner with $450 bottles of wine as part of the recruiting process. To his dismay, the next morning he is told that he will be 'the hunted'. (Neal Smatresk, President) 'Doc' Hawkins A psychotic psychiatrist, who provided the initial inspiration for the hunts. He has a penchant for telling dramatic stories of his past to intimidate the prey and secure the confidence of his fellow hunters. He is the first to be killed by Mason, in fiery and sensational fashion. (Dan McCarney, Head Football Coach) John Griffin A Texas oil tycoon, Griffin is a loose cannon. After the death of Hawkins, he is captured by Mason in a cave, and released. Having learned the error of his ways, he announces that he is leaving the hunting party, only to be killed by a fellow hunter. A tragic casualty of the insanity. (Composite of your favorite departed GMG.com contributors) Walter Cole The 'recruiter' of the group, Cole convinces the prey to accept the job, feigning sympathy for their plight. He carries a nickel Desert Eagle Mark VII, and throws a mean gut-punch. Mason sabotages his ATV to explode, and a fellow hunter must provide the coup de grâce. (Mike Grant, Wide Receivers Coach / Recruiting Coordinator) Derek Wolfe, Jr. The newest member of the hunting party, naïve to their evil ways. He perishes at the hands of Mason, attempting to hang on to a log fallen over a deep ravine. (Chris Cosh, Defensive Coordinator) Derek Wolfe, Sr. A successful Wall Street executive and seasoned member of the group. However, not a very good hunter, who meets his fate at the hands of Mason in the woods at night after giving away his position by screaming and firing his weapon indiscriminately in the dark. (Mike Canales, Offensive Coordinator) Thomas Burns The ruthless leader of the hunting group. With the balance of his hunting party eliminated, he escapes to the city, confident that he will evade responsibility for his actions. Mason, however, tracks him down and leaves him a rifle with an obstructed barrel. He perishes when attempting to eliminate Mason with the sabotaged weapon, and the credits roll. (Rick Villarreal, Athletic Director)
  4. Yes - Lucy was the psychiatrist. I'm going to need her around to finish this season out...
  5. DCSP

    Here We Go

    Yes. And if that doesn't work, i'm afraid we might have to resort to this...
  6. First game was 9/3/88 vs. Texas Tech in Lubbock. I was rooting for the wrong team at the time, but the Eagles won in exciting fashion. Subliminal message received and I ended up in Denton a few years later.
  7. Swisher & 35. Also confirmed a sighting last weekend @ 635 and Greenville-ish. GMG!
  8. http://www.meangreensports.com/sports/m-baskbl/spec-rel/022315aaa.html Don't know. In any case, let's get to the Pit.
  9. Not sure about that. Just heard the ticket was going to be broadcasting it, making a big deal about it. Let's say it's his last regular season broadcast, anyway. An attendance boost would be nice for the team, after the nice Florida run.
  10. It's been sparsely mentioned, so just to be sure everyone knows - George's final call of a UNT sporting event is this Thursday. Everybody get out there. It's also a good opportunity to show appreciation for the team's recent efforts. GMG.
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