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  1. I guess I don't see the inevitable implosion or destruction of the PAC that everyone else does. Why hasn't it already been picked apart if everyone wants out? As a conference, it still has a lot of cachet and brand value IMHO. The Big12 didn't fall apart with the departure of Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC, so I'm not sure why everyone thinks it's a foregone conclusion that it will happen to the PAC. I guess time will tell. Of course there's always the possibility that adding BYU is what convinces everyone else to leave....hahahaha.
  2. But none of those other defections have happened yet. Remember, wasn't Kansas about to join the BIG? The SDSU move is just a rumor at this point, so this is all just what if speculation, but If you are BYU and everything else is equal, would you rather be associated with: Baylor, Cincinnati, Houston, Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa St, Oklahoma State, TCU, Texas Tech, UCF and WVA or Arizona, Arizona State, California, Colorado, Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford, Utah, Washington, Washington State You are defined by the company you keep and the PAC is loaded with state flagship and top-notch universities. The B12 has 2 in Kansas and WVA as flagships and Iowa St.
  3. This move, if true, may put the MW in play. We've heard that AF wants more access to Texas. I'm sure they would like to play every other year in San Antonio were there is something like 4 Air Force bases and the Air Force village retirement community. It could be like another home game for them. If the AAC could get Colorado State to come along, that would be great. If not and Air Force wants to come, then make a run at Army and get the three service academies in the same conference. I think there were 2 spots left open for a reason.
  4. With BYU it has nothing to do with money. It never has. They already have a national following, but see themselves as a west coast team and have wanted to be in the PAC forever. They have also seen themselves as a legitimate P5 team and the B12 was simply a matter of convenience for them to get there. If the PAC12 reached out to BYU (although it may not be the best cultural fit), BYU would pull the fastest TCU move ever.
  5. In the SL era, 8 of the 14 teams have made it to the conference championship game. One team has "dominated." Conference Championship Records UAB - 3 - 0 --> AAC FAU - 1 - 1 --> AAC WKU - 1 - 1 --> CUSA UTSA - 1 - 0 --> AAC UNT - 0 - 1 --> AAC LTU - 0 - 1 --> CUSA MAR - 0 - 1 --> Sun Belt MT - 0 - 1 --> CUSA If you throw out the 2020 season (for reasons I've expressed earlier) then it drops to only 7 teams and UAB goes to 2 - 0. *If*, and at the risk of getting ahead ourselves, we make it to the conference championship, UNT will be one of 5 schools to make multiple visits to the championship game four of which will be moving to the AAC.
  6. Let's go to the tape. I keep reading 7 years or after 7 years. SL is *in* his 7th year. This season isn't done yet, but let's look at the history. I'm going to include the bowl games but not in the season records because I don't think we've made up our minds if the bowl games we play in are that important or not. Unless they are one of the historically significant bowls or playoff games, they seem to be more exhibition games that give teams a few extra weeks of practice. Regular Season including grades for regular season record. 1. 2016 - 5-7. This is coming off a 1-11 record in the previous year and an OT loss in the bowl game. Grade B. 2. 2017 - 9-3. Played and lost in conference championship game. Lost bowl game. Grade A. 3. 2018 - 9-3. Key conference losses kept us out of championship game. Lost bowl game. Grade A. 4. 2019 - 4-8. Fine's last year. Grade D. 5. 2020 - 4-5. COVID year. Not sure how to treat this season, but personally consider it a throw-away. Grade I. 6. 2021 - 6-6. While many poopoo it, includes win against highest ranked team in UNT history (I think). Grade B-. 7. 2022 - 6-4. Two games remaining so the history of the 7th year everyone talks about is yet to be written. Year one was an impressive first season turn-around after a 1-11 season and minimal time to hit the recruiting trail. Years 2 and 3 were very good. Year 4 was a mess. Even with arguably the greatest QB in UNT history we simply were not good. Definitely a down year. Year 5 was dominated by COVID with games canceled or players in and out due to various protocols. Even if we went undefeated, I don't think I'd put much weight on the 2020 season. It's like the first pancake out of the pan...throw it away. Year 6 could have easily been another 1-11 season, but the team (and coaching staff) found some intestinal fortitude and finished the season on a nice 5 game winning streak. Year 7 is currently a work in progress. Records through week 10 of year 7 ---- Overall - 43 - 36 (.544) --- 39 - 31 (.557) excluding COVID year Conference - 31 - 22 (.584) --- 28 - 18 (.610) excluding COVID year OOC - 12 -14 (.462) --- 11 - 13 (.458) excluding COVID year SMU - 1 - 6 --- 1 - 5 excluding COVID year. Post Season through 6 years ---- Bowl Games - 0 - 5 --- 0 - 4 excluding COVID year Conference Championship Games - 0 - 1 While regular season records over the last 6+ could be better (certainly year 4), they are not disastrous. Our bowl game record seems to carry much more weight than regular season performance. I would also suggest that our record against SMU weighs significantly (more than people realize) on the psyche of the fan base especially since the game is early in the season.
  7. I think there are four types of players that go into the portal. 1. The career backup that can’t break the 2-deep, sees his eligibility running out and wants to play (anywhere). 2. The graduate that has 1 more year to play, wants to start grad school at a different school and would like to have a year paid for. 3. The player who blows up and wants (or is told he needs) a “bigger stage” to show NFL scouts what he’s got. 4. Other - all other player situations that don’t fall into the first 3 categories. I think the only one that’s a realistic target for retention is #4. Once the first 3 get to the point where they seriously consider or enter the portal, have made up their minds and will be hard to turn around. I realize that’s what happened with KD, but my guess is that was a unique situation.
  8. Soooo…many would rather have their 2-10 or 3-9 predictions come true than enjoy the season. Sad. Life is short y’all. Don’t let your animus for a coach or a QB ruin it for you.
  9. That was a really nice article Brett. Hopefully the effort by the AD and the student leaders of the Maniacs stays strong and continues this season. The goals we’re after won’t happen overnight. It’s easy to get beaten down, but don’t give up. Stay the course and we’ll turn the Super Pit into the atmosphere the Snake Pit was famous for. GMG!!
  10. Do we need to file a FOIA request to find out how many students claim tickets through the app vs. how many actually attend? It would be interesting to know, for example, if 90+% who claim (download) a ticket attend vs. only 10-15% who claimed a ticket attend. Anything that gets in the way of students attending will be a hinderance. It seems petty, but I'm sure some see an app that gets used a handful of times a year is a hassle and will avoid using it and by association avoid walking through the gates to attend the game.
  11. That's game. Mean Green bow out in the semis 2-1. UTSA defense was stingy all game.
  12. 10 minutes left....UTSA in hang-on mode ragging time whenever they can.
  13. Ladies find the back of the net on a nice header from a corner kick. 2-1 with 30 minutes left.
  14. UTSA has controlled the game winning more of the 50/50 balls. The Mean Green desperately need a goal to get back into this game.
  15. Ladies down 2-nil at halftime. Need a strong 2nd half to stay alive.
  16. Nice write-up by Mr. Smith. https://247sports.com/college/north-texas/Article/North-Texas-heads-into-homecoming-contest-with-chance-to-clinch-bowl-eligibility--196787084/
  17. You bring up a good point about the level of competition he goes against. I mean he can't really do anything about that, but are you talking about the "eye test" watching him in game situations or stats during these games? Some of the competition is simply better than we are, so stats will generally hurt. Likewise, some teams are simply overmatched and a QB can rack up style points. How many times did it seem Fine was in a game way too long? So, should we only look at a QBs stats against relatively equal (i.e. conference games) competition and ignore OOC games that may include teams above and below our weight class? Right now, with the exception of one statistic (Completion %), Aune is ranked between #1 (Yards per Completion) and #33 (Passing Yards per Game) of all D-1 QBs in all individual QB statistics. In terms of how he stacks up against all other QBs, that seems pretty solid.
  18. These message boards are what make college football so fun. We started the beginning of the season with we’re horrible, we will be lucky to win 2 maybe 3 games so that will be the end of SL to the only way we keep SL is if he wins a conference championship *and* bowl game, and finally to, damn, if we win out then SL will be seen as a good coach and get hired away by a P5 program so we get rid of him that way. This cracks me up.
  19. Hahaha. I think the announcer just referred to us as Northern Kentucky along with Western Kentucky looking to get bowl eligible this weekend.
  20. This only applies to home games, but I made a suggestion earlier this year in the basketball forum (would apply to football as well) that after a home victory, the video display would switch to a live shot of the tower. The Talons or whoever could come to center court (or field) with a big green button that when pushed, lit the tower (done remotely) and this would be a great tradition to keep the home crowd in the stands to actually see/participate in the lighting instead of it being done when no one is around to witness it. They could make a big to do about it and would only take an extra 5-10 minutes after a game and allow the fans to celebrate the victory with the team. Some things are too easy to not be done.
  21. Let's see where Mr. Aune ranks against the rest of the 130 QBs in D-1 at this point in the season. Passing Efficiency - #27 27 Austin Aune North Texas Jr. QB 9 255 145 9 2339 23 156.62 Passing TDs - #4 4 Austin Aune North Texas Jr. QB 9 23 Passing Yards - #14 14 Austin Aune North Texas Jr. QB 9 255 145 9 23 2339 Passing Yards per Game - # 33 33 Austin Aune North Texas Jr. QB 9 255 145 9 23 2339 259.89 Passing Yards per Completion - #1 1 Austin Aune North Texas Jr. QB 9 145 255 2339 16.13 Points Responsible for - #16 16 Austin Aune North Texas Jr. QB 9 0 0 0 0 0 23 0 138 Points Responsible for per Game - #29 29 Austin Aune North Texas Jr. QB 9 0 0 0 0 23 0 138 15.3 Yards per Pass Attempt - #9 9 Austin Aune North Texas Jr. QB 9 255 0 2339 9.17 Completion Percentage - > #50 (they only report top 50) and he's not in the top 50. For a comparison, Chris Reynolds for 2-7 Charlotte is ranked #47 at .648. If Aune had a .648 completion percentage and had us at 2-7, would everyone be happy then?
  22. Yep, pretty bleak, but by AAC teams you really mean SMU - 7 of the 9 games. Other than SMU we've only played Houston once (leaving the AAC next year) and Memphis once (a ten point loss on the road), so we don't really know how we stack up against the rest of the AAC. Lots of times when I look at head-to-head match-ups between teams from different conferences, I usually, but not always, go with the team from the "stronger" conference. I don't think it's a stretch to say that the AAC is and has historically been a much stronger conference than C-USA, so games between the two conferences would generally favor the AAC. We won't know how our program will do in the AAC until we are in the AAC and its composition changes dramatically next year. If we look at our records going back to 2016 against the teams that will be joining us in the AAC next year we have a larger body of work to work with. Our record is 12-11 with games against UAB and Rice yet to be played this year. Not earth-shattering, but not a 0.11 winning percentage either. The level of success in the AAC is yet to be determined and doesn't depend on games played in the 20-teens.
  23. Yes please! If nothing else, it creates some buzz, separates us from the crowd and gets people talking. As the saying goes, there's no such thing as bad publicity. The decal fits so much better on the helmet than SOW does which is why we end up with an oversized part of SOW (wing feathers) as our helmet logo. We should somehow incorporate the green apple green (if that's what it's called) into the trim or accent parts of our uniforms.
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