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  1. Does the NCAA not allow UNT to stream the game on YouTube or FB Live when there's no streaming contract for ESPN+ or Stadium? They're clearly filming it like every other game.
  2. The play doesn't look convincing from our Green Guys today.
  3. Seth won't need his contractually gifted private jet hours by then, he will have enough money from UNT to buy a jet.
  4. I just want to shake most of the fans on here. The student body, 80% of which writes off the football team before the first game, has more sense than the "Just win 6-8 game plz" crowd of alumni.
  5. #Hit6 is forever our only goal. Forever Denton!
  6. An improvement by the numbers but unless those 8 wins include a conference championship and a bowl game win we're just another kinda okay G5 team paying their coach an astronomical amount. By our current allowance 7 wins is perfectly acceptable for 2022, 8 wins is perfectly acceptable for 2023, and on and on. #NewOldDenton
  7. Every UNT fan current and future should get that tattooed on their body. An 8 win Littrell 2022 season is NOT an improvement.
  8. I hear you but that was not the issue. They messed up the sacks.
  9. I can smell the ink on Littrell's contract extension and raise... 🥲
  10. "The 940 Golden Triangle" helmets... Sponsored by Golden Triangle Mall
  11. They can't even get it in the Hub Club pregame this season. It's very annoying.
  12. Sounds like half the fans on this board right now...
  13. The football culture among the UNT fanbase is so frustrating. There is nothing Seth has done in 6 seasons to say we won't be bottom of the barrel in the AAC. I expect each of us will watch that season ticket check cash in Feb of 2023 while hoping teams like Tulane, Rice, and Memphis are bad instead of being comforted that our wins will come decisively and convincingly from our 8th year $2m paycheck coach.
  14. Straight to Disney+... 12% Rotten Tomato 🍅 viewer rating. 🤮
  15. Hope this means I can actually unload my HC tix online. Unfortunately we have to do the Planes Trains and Automobiles racket this Thanksgiving. When we play this game at end of season in San Antonio I'm usually successful in going because we can tell everyone we're seeing the Riverwalk Christmas celebration on Friday. Extended families still don't understand why I try to escape Friday night or early Saturday for the Thanksgiving weekend home games.
  16. Just suckering UNT Fans into getting on an email list. In other news, I can't wait to get an email from Modern Woodsman offering to help me secure my financial future.
  17. I don't disagree, but if they don't retire him on the last reg season GameDay next week, I assume they'll keep him around at least for the picking segment till he can't put the mascot head on himself.
  18. Dan Patrick said this week an expanded CFB Playoff is a lock come 2025. Hope he's right!
  19. Realistically Corso only has 1-3 seasons of GameDay left in him. He's a national treasure but time marches on unfortunately.
  20. Wasn't that because we were playing players who may never see the court during conference play?
  21. But then I'd miss the game unless it was there at the half.
  22. I want to ruin UTSA's perfect season, but I also want fundamental New Denton 2.0 change in the program. A coach already in the UNT machine for a full season prior to AAC conference play HAS to be better positioned for success than one walking into the Denton UNT Malaise Machine and AAC conference play at the same time.
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