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  1. ...says the Washington Post, NPR, NYT, and misc other blue check marks on Twitter who are all laser focused on hit pieces about her at the moment. I hope to read more about the other 650+ District Court Judges once they're done trying to ruin her life.
  2. I'm going on my 5th season of having tickets in CL, and the regular hand shaker and baby-kisser crew from the AD/MGSF/Ticket Sales (not sure which one, but it's the same few men year after year), has never once come by our seats to ask for even $50 more bucks in donations, etc. Considering how few people have club tickets, combined with the usual declining attendance as the season progresses the last few seasons, you'd think someone would eventually get around to a table touch on our seats at least just to say "hi" and "thanks for being a season ticket holder, have you thought about giving..." Or even "do you have basketball tickets too?". I have gotten harder sales pushes from some random undergrad kid calling me to attempt to get me to donate another $100 towards the University endowment than I've gotten from the Athletic Dept to buy more/better tickets to a sport I already have tickets in, additional tickets to sports I don't have tickets in, and/or to donate additional money to MGSF or their next special project. Some of the people at the AD remind me of the wives of partners in law firms downtown who work 20hrs a week at Neiman's to get their husbands a few thousand dollars off their next $10k Brioni suit. It seems like a fun job where they get to watch sports while chasing 5 to 10 donors who would probably write a big check even if they didn't work there.
  3. We'll probably do all of the away games this year with the exception of the UTEP Sun Bowl in late August... although Sept 17th in Las Vegas may not be much cooler. Wish we were playing FAU in Boca. While their stadium is a great example of how to cheaply build a sizeable football stadium, the rest of Boca is 💯. Also very interested in seeing the new UAB stadium. Haven't been to a game in Bham since some UAB Homer tried to fight us for sitting with family that are UAB fans on the home side a few years ago. The old stadium was a derelict disaster in an awful neighborhood.
  4. No Athletic Dept yard sale right? I saw the gates open at 10:30. I assume they're done by noon? I'm a bit under motivated to schlep up to Denton for this one.
  5. He's too heavy. And time isn't on his side as all of us know... He's going to get heavier unless he gets a good trainer and nutritionist. He reminds me of Zion. All hype in college and then has missed over 50% of his NBA starts because of injuries that are probably related to weight.
  6. MAYBE in Dallas... In the entire state? No. For every SMU grad I've met who knew how to navigate the social and professional circles of SMU alums, I've met 5 who will brag of the worth of their SMU degree from their entirely average or below average job that they could have gotten with a piece of paper from Tarleton State. I interviewed a SMU grad a few years ago now for a entry level staff Finance Analyst job. He bragged about how he interned at Nike in Oregon and was interested in our job but that it was an absolute after thought if Nike called. Fair enough... I offered him a position and he started asking for 10's of thousands more and equity in the company because SMU and did you know he interned at Nike? I hired a kid from UTD and as far as I know the SMU guy spent so long trying to get a finance job that he SUDDENLY had a high interest in going back for his Masters at ole SMU. Unemployment will do that to you.
  7. Maniacs didn't get an overview of what a layup is...
  8. It's pretty underwhelming inside only 10 mins out. Far less seated than at LA Tech game.
  9. Against my better judgement I picked UAB in my bracket both because they are a good team and because CUSA/AAC solidarity. But there could not have been a worse team to draw for them than Houston. Hope Houston goes out next round or my bracket is in trouble!
  10. Looking forward to some good basketball!
  11. I see at least one user name that is familiar on GMG also active on M&G. Can't believe @El Paso Eagle would step out on us like that.
  12. Dicky V picked SMU to win the whole NIT. 😒
  13. MS ST is hanging in there. VA looks scary good in the paint where we are sorely lacking in every game since Abu's performance in the Rice game.
  14. Absolutely did. Unlike the conference tourney all access tix, with NIT you just buy the games we actually have which is nice. I believe I got the email on Sunday night and had all day Monday to buy them.
  15. I think the most disapointing antics were the green clothed fans who got up and left with just under a minute in the game. It goes to show how much we aren't a basketball school when so many fans are like "well we're down by more than one posession with under 60 seconds on the clock... see ya!"
  16. Lots of our normal season ticket holders were missing in my section... which i thought was weird. Also lots of people just Southwest Airlines-ing it and picking their own seats especially since they took the Season Ticket sashes off the seats. People who were in our seats asked if we would sit in different seats a few seats over, I just said those are my good luck SEASON TICKET holder seats. They sorta rolled their eyes and went and took someone else's seats.
  17. It was so uncomfortably warm in The Pit. I can't help but think that doesn't help a positive performance. Can we ask Neal to turn on the A/C for the athletes and fans next game?
  18. This offensive scheme isn't all that people make it up to be. It's very gimmicky and seems to fall apart more than it doesn't under pressure.
  19. Basketball and football problem year after year.
  20. They already turned off the A/C in The Pit... Lights are next.
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