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  1. Trying to buy tickets on my phone vs desktop for the first time this season. Is there not a seating chart for reserved tickets for this game? Tried desktop view on the phone and it just says "best available" in Scholarship Reserved and won't let me pick.
  2. Gibson is having repeated issues with traveling today...
  3. There's Wi-Fi at Apogee? Do I have to be paying tuition to use it?
  4. There were probably 25 people last year in the east side "premium" non general admission at The Star. The west side general admission bleachers were packed and included many faces that sit courtside and in premium seating at The Super Pit. Just buy GA Tix.
  5. Looked like more than the normal two thousand something, but not 4k. Maybe 3k? One of the Women's Tennis players throwing T-shirts instead of throwing it hit a line drive direct into our section. It was funny seeing people basically diving away from the T-shirt instead of towards it. Why was the Charlotte coach so ho-hum the whole game? Coach Mac can get worked up, but the Charlotte coach looked like he might just go take a nap he was so bored with the game.
  6. Good game, they don't feel as overwhelmingly dominant as some of the initial games. Still a great basketball team.
  7. And Gibson is fouled out... 😒
  8. XFL on ABC during half time... First impression: QB's are awful.
  9. We are good in the paint and we seem to once again be refusing to play in the paint.
  10. Slow slow start... Need to turn it up!
  11. Did Gibson not get laid last night? He hasn't hit a single attempt.
  12. Pretty sure they called us Rice and Marshall at least once each.
  13. 10 second violation... MESSY
  14. Why is Gibson shooting 3's instead of Draper? Gibson's 8+ 3 point misses account for 24+ points not scored. He's cold tonight, stop trying!
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