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  1. greensleeves

    *** OFFICIAL La. Tech vs. UNT GAME THREAD***

    I feel sick. Still love the Mean Green, but I feel sick right now. BUT we live to fight another day
  2. greensleeves

    Free Student Shirts

    I want one of those sweet tee-shirts..... But that is a great promotion for the students
  3. greensleeves

    The Hated North Texas Mean Green

    Could you provide me the names of the Thai places? I live in East Texas--although we have many fine barbecue joints, Thai restaurants are scarce to find. I always like to find decent Thai food on my jaunts to Big D. Thank you in advance.
  4. greensleeves

    #1 play in CUSA last season

    I love that play so much. That's all.
  5. Love these, but I'd also like a SMU rivalry tee shirt. Something derogatory about SMU would be awesome.
  6. They are lazy and not just about sports either. Believe it or not, Kilgore over here in East Texas hosts an amazing professional Shakespeare Festival every summer. But does the DMN theater critics ever drive over and write about it it? Nope, they just prefer to review stuff from NYC. They also heap undeserved praise on the vastly over-rated Dallas Shakespeare festival which probably has a bunch of SMU theater kids in it. Sorry to deflect from football, but it's a pet peeve of mine with the DMN. And how hard would it be to include UNT in their football section? I still miss the Times Herald.
  7. I like the photo of Tre Siggers the DRC used in this story. Nice to see a Duncanville kid playing for the Mean Green. (my home town).
  8. greensleeves

    Josh Wheeler

    I've really enjoyed watching 18 Wheeler play the last 2 seasons. I'm proud to say he was a TJC Apache before he headed for Denton. He will be missed and I wish him the best.
  9. Disagree with that call on targeting. Wow!
  10. greensleeves

    Boca Raton Roll Call

    Awesome! Loud and Proud!
  11. greensleeves

    Boca Raton Roll Call

    I'm so envious of the MG faithful going. I looked into those Spirit airlines round-trip Saturday flight, but I don't think it's meant to be. I feel like I brought great luck to the MG when I attended the LaTech game but I think they'll have to do this one without me. I wonder if the Muenster crew supporting Fuschle will be there?????
  12. greensleeves

    Mitch Maher joins in praise of Fine

    Somewhere I may still have the poster with Mitch and some others on it. It said something like "Grit, Guts and Glory??? You Decide". It was to promote UNT's moving up to D-1.
  13. greensleeves

    Let's turn Boca Green!!!!!

    I keep pondering that Spirit deal too. Their no luggage rules would work out great since all you'd need is your wallet.
  14. greensleeves

    2017 Player Adoption Thread

    I sat near Flusche's cheering section from Muenster at the LaTech, which I'm fairly certain consisted of the entire population of Muenster, TX. Very nice, spirited folks. We need to sign someone from Muenster to keep them coming to the games. I mean, they have the coolest matching tee-shirts and lots of Mean Green pride.
  15. greensleeves

    What Happened in 2005?

    Interesting thread and very informative. I've also wondered what the heck happened two years ago during Mac's last year.