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  1. Anyone else have emotions seeing two in-state rivals on this list? I winder what they say about us now behind closed doors? Maybe they don't say anything....
  2. He had one comment about not making emotional decisions that seemed aimed at football fans right now. My guess is SL will be here through 2022 and then a decision will be made. They should just show Necessary Roughness on the video board after each home game to get the crowd to stick around, and a special on nachos, popcorn and beer after the 3rd quarter.
  3. Wren at the 4:00min mark - he basically says it's time to step up. I wonder what that means (besides more money from fans)
  4. Wasn't 2018 the year we beat all our in state rivals? Here is 3 years later...
  5. I suppose this is good news for the conference, but I don't have to be happy about it.
  6. That makes sense to me. So, is the answer we just weather this season (and probably next) knowing that there's real hope down the road? If so, does it make sense to change coaches or just stay the course???
  7. So, is that the pattern? SL is gone next year (maybe) and the new guy/gal inherits these better recruiting classes. So, they look good early on but then collapse. Rinse and repeat???
  8. If we have some of the best recruiting classes, imagine what the bad ones are like. Maybe we're living in "opposite world" post Covid
  9. I know it takes time for a football program to develop, but why are we going backwards when we seem to have solid recruiting classes each year? 2018 - Ranked 8th in CUSA 2019 - Ranked 4th in CUSA 2020 - Ranked 2nd in CUSA (barely behind FAU for the #1 spot) 2021 - Ranked 1st in CUSA Shouldn't Mean Green Football be "best in class" at this point? Or, at the very least, be in the conversation of conference championship contender every year? We seem to be getting better and better players yet have worse and worse results. Some have told me that Dan McCarney got lucky with Dodge's recruits, and Seth got lucky with McCarney's recruits. Is that the pattern (seems hard to believe)??? So, the next HC will have a 2-3 year run from Seth's recruits and then implode, too? Frustrating!!! Oh well, I guess we'll be a basketball school instead. GMG
  10. Oh how far we've come.. https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/unt-fires-head-coach-after-homecoming-loss/155512/
  11. We did beat Texas A&M last year when they forfeited the game by not playing us, right???
  12. How about a drinking game? One shot of tequila for every bad series.
  13. Ranks right up there with "Peter Pan" vs. Arkansas...great PR for our school 😗
  14. I was at the game and didn't realize it was on Stadium. When I got home and saw it recorded, I promptly hit the delete button. At least the band uniforms looked good GMG
  15. I really enjoyed the highlight video that played before the game started. It brought back a lot of great memories. I'm surprised there aren't 10 year anniversary shirts available - I would buy one. That would have a made a great season ticket holder gift, too, IMO. Anyways, Go Mean Green!
  16. It was a great game! Probably puts a lot of pressure on football now, too. GMG
  17. No sh-ts were given by this writer about CUSA! https://www.underdogdynasty.com/conference-usa/2020/12/31/22206936/conference-usa-hit-rock-bottom-in-2020-cusa-sun-belt-coaching-hires-realignment-tv-contract Poor expansion choices Disastrous TV Contracts Poor coaching hires Geographic sprawl and lack of brand association Stagnation from legacy programs
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