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  1. Yes Booger weighed every bit 300+I am from Terrell,he was an amazing athlete played some point guard in basketball 🏀 also he could dunk at 5'10-11". His brother played at Arkansas D Broncos &D Lions. Worked with his mom Judy great lady. All siblings played sports,my son and his best play poker with him. Kenoy,Wilson(Ithink the Colts). Booger listened to an agent and signedSF(mistake)Broncos wanted him rehab knee injury he played with all Sr year for at less bonus (guaranteed spot. Great family
  2. Since I'm in the hospital someone please it a recap on the board
  3. Cooley I agree with what you're saying about coaches today,but I remember player(Furmia Nealy) sp. that really worked on his shooting over the summer sophomore going Into his junior year. He became an outside threat and contributor, I'm not saying Stone will but maybe there's hope!
  4. Real JD,JTM or does anyone know when the football roster with all the changes will be available on the AD website?
  5. We're comparing Apples and Oranges here, it's a National Championship Game and both their fanbases like nothing better than getting out of N & S Dakotas in the dead of winter! If lived up there I'm would gladly go from a high of 20 to 60. Also sure there would be 20,000 from those states make the trip south!!
  6. GREAT JOB MAZ🏈🦅like this from our students and athletes!!!GMG
  7. Jay-D/Billy Could one y'all list assistants hired and what their coaching assignments for an old fart that would like to know! Thanks
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