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  1. GG you are right on point he lived on one class and trying to get another job Idaho of all places!
  2. Phelps I wasn’t talking about Renfro I was about lil Briles . The kid (your terms) really I would want him to come to my university but he has to do what thinks is in his best interest
  3. As Ricky said to Lucy there would a lot of splaning to do for me to get on board
  4. I don’t want Lil Briles he’s as crooked as his dad I’ve been supporting UNT for 50 years through a lot bad times as well as good but for hiring him may end it for me.
  5. I have 3 as Wardly stayed look up these three JOE HAMILTON- Dan Spokane era TERRY BAILEY- Bill Blakeley era KENNETH LYON- Bill Blakeley
  6. UNTLIFER this my assessment as well I would add very tentative at guard in taking shots. Maybe thus is because we can’t shoot we need to get easy baskets via the break
  7. Could someone do google map labeling pond street etc as I’m technically deficient
  8. If there was a 3 point line then, Hamilton would’ve averaged 40 & Whitaker high 20’s
  9. GMoney & Plum the game against UAB on the Saturday after Thanksgiving you will be able to shoot a shotgun into the stands and not hit anyone(sort of like SMU the last few years.
  10. The moniker MEAN GREEN was for the 1968 defense that Joe was a part of with Cedric Hardeman , Chuck Beatty, James Ivy ect. When Joe was drafted by Pittsburgh they saw the nickname and started using Mean Joe Greene
  11. Harry & Billy I too look at offers not star rating, because Booger and a couple of kids in the past were rated only 2*s but had a lot of people talking to them but because of no publicity, camps and no test /grades made their rating.
  12. What a great young lady to be representing UNT and we need to make sure she knows we appreciate her!!!!🦅
  13. Guys it was Kansas State and they just beat Mississippi St
  14. BRYCE ENGLISH stays healthy great year🦅🏉
  15. I second Plum have a GREAT DAY GRAY EAGLE 🦅aka Jack Fincher I know Jessie will have a great cake🎂🎂!!
  16. Unless someone from UNT invited to be on the show WHO CARES
  17. I think this Bowl ends up in Arlington @ GLOBE LIFE PARK after it is reconfigured for football and the CFL team. Around 40,000 seats would be perfect for this game
  18. Chose SMUT & Houston for recruiting and local pub we don’t run into Cal much on the recruiting trail. That said just win all three!!!
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