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  1. got to shoot better from 3pt range
  2. Tom’s problem is his cognitive comprehension still maybe on Crack
  3. JD could enlighten us about the problem with K Martin what is the thoughts on him?
  4. Keep eyes out for Fuentes and/or Odom
  5. It's long been my contention that at least three to four years to evaluate a coach to see how recruits, develops players, and not just using a previous coaches players. Example Tom Herman (Houston) .
  6. Video all your points are spot on Tech looked down their noeses at the Sunbelt and member schools.(my .02)
  7. Why do we worry about this guy’s opinion he’s a local hack,besides thatWichita State was a conference mate in the old MVC. He also fails to mention that they dropped football and was the school other than SMU had the most NCAA probations
  8. Jim you correct the commuter school thing has changed in the last 20 years because I would say 60% live on campus now or in Denton, before that it might have been in 30-40% range(that’s been generous) also the Denton county transplants from other states and areas will come if you give them a decent product.(my 2 cents)
  9. Hell no , he played with Levine’s recruits at Houston and fell flat at Texas!!
  10. I may not want to commemorate this 🏈🦅season for my trophy self😀
  11. When is the athletic department going to release the full schedule asking for a friend?🏀
  12. The problem Baker has is losing the hardcore of which I think of myself. I didn’t go to the game and watched that shitshow (the 1st quarter). I didn’t want to invest three hours of travel time even though I’ve had season tickets for 40 years
  13. He couldn’t do any worse than what we’ve seen so far🦅🏈
  14. EP Eagle I agree with you as I stated earlier we need to get an up and comer Colby Carthel fits the bill
  15. Jim I agree with you on a winner from smaller situation. I wanted Colby Carthel’s Dad I think he was West Texas during the the time we hired Dodge. Colby has Texas high school contacts and roots also very good recruiter now at SFA.
  16. I think they got these officials from Highland Park Youth football and I hope these guys weren’t CUSA officials. As someone stated I have never seen more conferences than some governmental agencies.
  17. It’s Cardinal the color not the bird and Stanford changed from the Indians
  18. UAB looks like they are playing it close to the vest have Georgia next week
  19. CBSSN is the worst picture on on my cable almost like old rabbit ears reception
  20. McKrackin I think you’re on CRACK because Whitman was shooting on the UT campus not UNT. Also we’ve already had wr make sla the Great Ronnie Shanklin with the Steelers and the Bears🏈🦅
  21. Harry You beat me to Roderick, he’s not a BOOGER but will make an impact. I got in trouble with the Dickey staff when at a preseason get together I said if Booger wasn’t starting by the second game his staff didn’t know what they were doing!!🦅GMG!!
  22. Billy I’m sure he had summer courses and I gave nephew that were Juniors when they tendered UT because in high school they took community college classes and AP classes , so he probably classified as a Junior or almost so when he enrolled 🦅GMG!
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