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  1. FFR you beat me to it about Coach Fry and I don’t care where you were before as long you help my alma mater🦅
  2. I believe the NCAA will allow some kind of work out like the UIL used to with schools that didn’t have spring practice.
  3. Where were these great moral types when Clinton and Obama abused the pardon system
  4. Now maybe the MEAN GREEN can get a fair shake at Guyer worth Walsh gone
  5. His Dad would sit down in one of our seats when would walk by trying to stay up with offense to get a better view, very classy so Jeff had a good role model.
  6. Most of worked our way through school I worked 51 hours a week and graduated in four years + 2 summer sessions so 97 don’t be condescending to boomers we can’t help you graduated with debt.
  7. Good win what did attendance look like
  8. How many scholarships do we have left
  9. If you’re correct it’ll be great as to off to recruiting
  10. Has the dates been set for spring training and game? Inquiring minds would like to know.
  11. Mountain West and I believe it’s a Walsh thing
  12. GG you are right on point he lived on one class and trying to get another job Idaho of all places!
  13. Phelps I wasn’t talking about Renfro I was about lil Briles . The kid (your terms) really I would want him to come to my university but he has to do what thinks is in his best interest
  14. As Ricky said to Lucy there would a lot of splaning to do for me to get on board
  15. I don’t want Lil Briles he’s as crooked as his dad I’ve been supporting UNT for 50 years through a lot bad times as well as good but for hiring him may end it for me.
  16. I have 3 as Wardly stayed look up these three JOE HAMILTON- Dan Spokane era TERRY BAILEY- Bill Blakeley era KENNETH LYON- Bill Blakeley
  17. UNTLIFER this my assessment as well I would add very tentative at guard in taking shots. Maybe thus is because we can’t shoot we need to get easy baskets via the break
  18. Could someone do google map labeling pond street etc as I’m technically deficient
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