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  1. I thought this one was particularly funny: Hopefully we "Darnell Smith" 'em real nice.
  2. I completely agree. I think we and Tulane both have a good crack at beating them. I'm hoping we beat them and then Tulane loses to make things interesting. I thought it was weird how he still picked Tulsa to beat us.
  3. Thanks Harry! Easily one of my favorite football shots ever. I can't believe I missed this. You saw what they look like? Do you think we could track down a photo? The curiosity is killin me.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIr0jbbc6AY - This one? I'm just confused about where you're seeing black jerseys.
  5. My girlfriend and I will be watching at ESSC. Caught some of the TU vs OU game before kickoff at Apogee last Saturday. GREAT place to watch a game.
  6. Theirs. The LaTech board is rife with dismissive attitudes. The post I shared actually called our game "a battle to be the tallest pigmy".
  7. Seems like Skip is giving a lot more respect than some of the fans are: http://imgur.com/1Lc75ia
  8. You make it sound like you were forced to get a degree in music comp. Which we all know isn't true. Degree =/= entitlement to work
  9. Here is an awesome photo of said hit from Tenn newspaper. http://imgur.com/dxOapAq
  10. I think you might have inadvertently helped me pick a Halloween costume. Mean Green Plague Doctor seems like an awesome idea. http://1-media-cdn.foolz.us/ffuuka/board/tg/image/1336/75/1336752395618.jpg
  11. I like this idea. Accountability for all! I've already planned to be "sick" on November 1st. Going to lose all my self-respect and shamelessly will people into coming to this game.
  12. Apparently we're still using last year's numbers to make predictions about this year's games? Somebody hasn't been watching this year....
  13. To be fair, this was posted on October 8th. Before we destroyed them handily.
  14. The Vito comments are killin' me. Just cackled in the office.
  15. Also Saul Garza from Fox 4 retweeted it. Editing to say that Lance Dunbar has also tweeted about it. I'm impressed with the social media buzz this is getting. Let's hope it translates to butts in seats.
  16. Don't know if you've seen it yet, but she tweeted this to her almost 10k followers: http://imgur.com/92t652V
  17. This ^ It's just Mac doing his coachspeak bit. Nothing but lip service. Also I don't doubt that the homer writing the piece colored it to sound a little more ass-kissing than Mac meant it.
  18. Both the #fillapogee and #packapogee tags are generating some interesting buzz: https://twitter.com/search?q=%23FillApogee&src=hash https://twitter.com/search?q=%23PackApogee&src=hash
  19. I've been a lurker for quite a while. I can't say I'm surprised by the negativity as it seems to be cancerous around these parts. I have been a little disheartened at how quick everyone is to spread their misery however. The frustration is real, I get it. But does that mean we have to piss on everyone with a little hope (however much we perceive it to be misplaced)?
  20. What a complete baby. It's disgraceful to read that garbage coming from a member of the football team.
  21. Somehow watching the video hurt even more than being in the building when it happened.
  22. Thanks for being better at scouting than this guy: Scott Kushner: North Texas currently ranks last in total defense, allowing 488 yards per game. It allowed 40 points to Idaho in the opening week of the season. This is a solid opponent but it isn't exactly the '01 Canes. UNT can make plays on special teams and can strike fast with a solid offense but there are definitely some weaknesses on the defensive line and secondary which has allowed 314 yards per game through the air. 40 points to Idaho? Is he high? Keep in mind this guy works for a newspaper.
  23. I thought it was pretty clear that the "public school trash" comment was sarcastic and self-depricating.
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