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  1. One of the biggest differences is the number of Greeks on The Hill vs the number in the stadium. Could be just perceptive, but it always seemed that way to me.
  2. From what I understand, we might have a shot at winning that hypothetical tie breaker.
  3. Me too. Who was the last school to bring their band? Laffy last year?
  4. If we really think keeping the "reveal" until kickoff is going to translate to more people going, then yeah. But I really don't see many people saying "well the only reason I'm going is to see what that damn uniform looks like!". Instead I see people maybe catching a glimpse and generating interest that was previously not there.
  5. This is something I haven't considered yet. It seems like such a foreign concept to me, but it's so exciting. Why couldn't we have been good while I was still in school dammit?!
  6. Too close for comfort, but a win. 28-27 Mean Green
  7. This. Plus their D line is thin with injuries so our run game looks like it might have a good shot at carrying the weight.
  8. Which is obviously just a photoshopped version of a picture of our normal home uniforms. I don't take that as indication as to what the kit will look like.
  9. The most homoerotic mascot since the SFA Lumberjack
  10. My girlfriend said they're really pushing this promo hard on campus. That and there was a large group of students in line for tickets around lunch today.
  11. Yes, 90, women are the only people on Earth that care about their appearance. Colors and art and design...pishposh! Women stuff!
  12. We could really use a Tulane loss. Their hype train needs derailing.
  13. Well that got me thinking. I really hope they don't look bad. I'd be happy with a black version of our home kit (black w white numbers no frills) but I'm kinda hoping they do something flashy.
  14. Me too! The other schools that are doing special unis this week have already leaked theirs. I want to start the hype train rolling early.
  15. On campus stadium wins, every time. Tulane knew better and now are building their own. Good luck with the Alamodome long-term
  16. Did you see how many fans were at the Miami game last Saturday? Yes, runner, aim for the stars.
  17. This is the most delusional thing I have heard about any football team, ever.
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