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  1. pogWo4life

    Next year's home schedule

    2022 we could have 7 actual home games!!
  2. pogWo4life

    Possible Bowl Games Mega Thread

    For a bowl opponent is out of the question?
  3. pogWo4life

    Mean Joe Greene ad

  4. pogWo4life

    I Want One!

  5. pogWo4life

    Week 3 Bowl Predictions

    I like the Armed Forces bowl but I rather play Army, if possible.
  6. pogWo4life

    UNT Football History-UTA vs NTSU 1977 Game Film

    http://texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metadc272194/m1/ The final moments of Tennessee in 1975
  7. pogWo4life

    Aggghhh trying to make a DVD of the HOD bowl

    How could you do that?
  8. downloading it off of youtube then spiltting it into 2 halves so they can each fit onto a dvd. hair pulling joy
  9. pogWo4life

    well well well

    I was just told by an aggie that basketball doesn't count in Aggieland. really....it's still a sport there.
  10. pogWo4life

    HOD ESPNU broadcast team

    I just tweeted Clay Matvick its "North Texas" also.
  11. First UNT Bowl game. 2nd bowl game alltogether. My first was the 2009 Cotton Bowl (Last one at the Cotton Bowl stadium)
  12. pogWo4life

    question about the tailgate tickets

    So it's not going to matter what "Seat" it is. everything at the tailgate is general admission