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  1. You can check www.isthegameon.com
  2. That's exactly how I saw it. If I were playing on that team, a gesture like that would kinda piss me off. Not in the play-football-good way, either.
  3. Yeah I'd be lying if I said this doesn't tickle me a little bit. Gonna make the beating that much sweeter.
  4. Not so much that we "deserved" it before a down was played this season, and more that after we've seen what this team can do, anything less than a bowl would truly be a disappointment.
  5. I get the feeling their squad will get a bit of a pump out of this change. We should expect them to come out tough. That being said, I hope we rattle this kid early and force him (and the other 6 true freshman starting) to begin to make mistakes.
  6. I was just checking it out. New everything. The football page is especially sexy. www.ntmeangreenfootball.com
  7. Just watching the USM-ECU highlights I saw their freshman kid get slobber-knocked a few times. Threw a couple picks through hits. I think if we can bring pressure like we did against lil Montana and Higgins this kid will crumble.
  8. I didn't realize aTm had cornered the market on pep rallies. We do have our fair share of blatantly copying traditions, but to say that an organized pep rally would be a copy of the midnight yell is just kind of absurd.
  9. I know it would spoil the surprise a little bit, but I kinda wish the AD would leak a teaser to generate hype. I think stuff like that goes a long way. Here's one that the froggies did prior to this season: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYFWeCyFLag
  10. This kid is obviously the second coming of Christ the way most are reacting.
  11. Well deserved. I'm glad he shook off the funk from the beginning of the season. Very proud.
  12. The best thing about this is that I actually bet the black uniforms will look like that. Also the player doing the talons in the top image...gorgeous.
  13. Beautiful. I was so happy throughout this entire game. This is a special season. I wanted this all through my undergrand but as soon as I leave it's finally here. I've never been more proud to be a Mean Green Eagle. GMG
  14. Sam's Club on University has some awesome shirts and hoodies that I haven't seen anywhere else. I got a shirt with sewn-on block lettering that has become my favorite MG clothing item and my girlfriend got a nice softshell hoodie.
  15. I'm doing Green Lantern. Trying to find a small SOW patch to replace the lantern logo on the chest.
  16. The start of a new trend. Lots of dawgs leave Joe Aillet with tails between legs. Trace Adkins renounces his alma mater. Mean Green Machine picks up steam. Green- 28 Doggies-14
  17. Link to the whole thread: http://www.reddit.com/r/CFB/comments/1okm7y/week_8_prediction_thread/
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