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  1. The way that they're saying it, I bet we don't see them until the team comes out of the gate. But I agree, I wish we could get a sneak peek to generate some hype. Believe it or not, people all over the nation pay attention to stuff like this. It would probably help our PR cause quite a bit. But I predict that our black duds will get lots of love after their debut.
  2. 90's uncharacteristically calm attitude has some kind of transference properties. I'm also feelin' good about it.
  3. It has quickly become my favorite place to watch a game.
  4. This is what comes to mind. Not official, mind you, but still heard on Saturday nights in Death Valley. Loud and clear. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLaOTrVXWso But really this is all just silly. I'm not advocating its use. This issue has come up more than a few times and I feel like the negative hype behind it far outweighs the actual damage done. Not looking for an internet battle, my friend.
  5. Hotty Totty is the Ole Miss Official Cheer. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ole_Miss_Rebels#Cheers They chant it every time they score.
  6. Missed the point. Are you a congressman perhaps? My point was that it is part of many a storied tradition to incorporate "rough" language into football chants. That's it. Again I'll say that I'm not for it but getting upset about it is just nitpicking IMHO. Regardless, it sure is nice to have a reason to sing that song so many times in one night. Kumbaya
  7. First of all, that's Ole Miss, not Southern Miss. Secondly, it has nothing to do with "parents letting them". That's just absurd. People of all ages sing that chant loudly and unabashedly. It's on the school's Wiki page for pete's sake. I think getting up in arms about something that offends you is the worst way to get it to stop. If we pay no mind, the trend might die. If it doesn't, that's fine. What are we going to do about it anyway?
  8. For the record, I'm not a huge fan of the cursing alteration. I just think it's unimaginative. However, I think throwing stones at students is just a futile and divisive way to get your feathers ruffled. You make an excellent point, Harry. We should be happy that there are people together singing our Alma Mater's fight song and that they have a reason to do so with pride!
  9. Belittling things that you don't like and writing them off as "youngsters" trying to "look cool" is a pretty weak argument. Again I will mention Hotty Totty: "Are you ready?! HELLLLL YEAH! DAAAAAAMN RIGHT! Hotty Totty gosh almighty, who the hell are we? Flim Flam, bim bam Ole miss, by damn!" Sung loudly every Saturday in the grove around what I'm sure is a sizable amount of young people. It is not the community's job to parent children, it is the parent's. Again, not an F bomb but still not "G-rated"
  10. I'm just hoping they let students spill over into other areas. I would much rather have an evenly-dispersed crowd covering the lower bowl than have one grandstand full and everywhere else look empty.
  11. I saw him limping a bit coming off a run in the 4th quarter. My guess is that he's fine (just a stinger) and Mac is using the perceived injury to his advantage as a trap card.
  12. I mean, Ole Miss still sings the "naughty" version of Hotty Totty and it is very very much part of their tradition. Not quite a MF bomb but I think the tradition argument holds little water.
  13. I've been back and forth on this one. I think we see a bigger student turnout than we have in years. However, as many have noted, it being Thursday night might keep away casual fans. My hope is that the droves of students overflow the east side and we see a black and green mass spill out into other parts of the stadium. A loud 23k.
  14. Yes, please stop whining about cursing. I spent some time at a college down in Baton Rouge that some of you may recognize. I can assure you that you couldn't sit within a stone's throw of the student section without hearing a naughty word come out of the purple and gold mass. It's college football, not church camp.
  15. I'm gonna go ahead and officially recant my statement about rushing the field. When we beat Rice, I'm all for it. Gatorade on Coach Mac and the whole nine.
  16. Save the rushing of field for something more impactful. I think it might be cheesy after the Rice game.
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