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  1. I agree. Two grown men should be able to do whatever the hell they want on their own time. Their AD Chun is really pulling a stunt if all this ruckus was for a little pot.
  2. AD has clearly stated that Pelini and the DC were the only parties involved. They were both taken away from FAU offices by popo. No arrests. Coach and his assistant were just trying to get a lil post practice buzz y'all.
  3. Yeah and now they're doing a circlejerk speculation thing
  4. lol Dieter Kurtenbach ‏@dkurtenbach 1m Carl has a statement: I apologize for exercising poor judgement.
  5. We have a winner! Drugs, ladies and gents! Dieter Kurtenbach ‏@dkurtenbach43s Illegal drugs. Chun found out monday, reported to general council.
  6. Serious question: do you guys think we should change our shade of green? I was thinking something that sparkles
  7. I'm gonna laugh so hard if this is all because of pot
  8. Latest rumor says weed. The two were at a function where it was being used apparently. https://twitter.com/McMurphyESPN
  9. Folks on the CUSA board report seeing tweets stating that police were at the FAU facility this morning. Could be nothing, but damn if it doesn't sound scandalous.
  10. Again, you're missing the point. Just stop calling people names because they don't like the things you like. Also it may be worth noting that I was once a collegiate athlete and therefore probably have a much different perspective than you do.
  11. Tiebreaker The following tiebreaker formula is recommended for the Conference USA Football Championship game: Two-team tie to determine host 1. Highest regular season winning percentage based on overall Conference USA play. 2. If tied, head to head between tied teams. 3. If still tied, team with highest BCS ranking. Two-team or multiple team tie for divisional champion 1. Highest regular season winning percentage based on overall Conference USA play. 2. If tied, head to head between tied teams. 3. If still tied, highest winning percentage within division. 4. If still tied, compare records against divisional opponents in descending order of finish. 5. If still tied, compare records with common cross-divisional opponents. 6. If still tied, compare records against cross-divisional opponents in descending order of finish. 7. If still tied, team with highest BCS ranking. 8. If still tied, the representative will be the team that has not participated in the championship game most recently. 9. If at any point the tie is broken in a multiple team tie, the remaining teams will begin the process again at #2.
  12. What do you know about the internet 90? I bet you still use AOL.
  13. Which you say to suggest that those that care about appearance are somehow less of or not a man. I dare you to say that to just ONE of these guys. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTqDYL0VHEY That would be a nice gauge of manhood, Ron Swanson.
  14. Let's not turn this into a frat vs gdi thread dudes. Everybody loves the Mean Green. Those that do will be in the stadium watching and yelling regardless of their affiliation.
  15. Good one, dad. Now can we go play catch like you promised?! I'm worried I might not ever become a real man. If you're denying the importance of uniforms in today's college game, you just aren't paying attention.
  16. Agreed. Anticipation is good PR, though. I'm glad this is as big of a deal as it seems to be to the AD.
  17. I am sure you are the biggest, toughest, most manly person out there. Please give me more lessons on how to be a man.
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