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  1. Good win for the team today! It appeared we were undersized bit on both sides of the ball and were short handed as well. After getting out played In the 1st quarter we didn’t panic. The team pushed forward and recovered. After that start, I had my doubts. I thought Rodriguez kept us in the game early with his punts, in what could have been disaster. The defense made in game adjustments and the offense started rolling. Just wish we could start a little faster. Oh well, a win is a win and it’s been a weird year. GMG, beat nUTSAck!
  2. As much as I wanted to see this game played this weekend, I have to commend our UNT Leaders for doing the right thing. Screw UTEP and their crybaby coach! That said, not sure bringing them to Denton from that environment would be the smartest thing to do either.
  3. There is too much talent on this team for the crap we are seeing on the field. Don’t want to hear the COVID excuses, everyone is dealing with it. We are getting schooled by bad teams. Either we are worse than bad or the players have quit. This brand of football is hard to watch. Reminds me of the end of the Coach Mac era. Someone needs to be held accountable. If this mess can’t be fixed then heads need to roll! The sooner the better. Anybody that watched last season should have seen this coming. What a embarrassment. Not sure how we beat HBU.
  4. I remember that. Thanks for the video. The Green Brigade can hold their own with any other college band, period!
  5. The Baylor / LaTech game scheduled for this Saturday has been canceled. There were 38 LaTech players who have tested positive for COVID-19. This is bad news for CUSA.
  6. I heard on the radio broadcast that Smith was ill. They didn’t elaborate.
  7. Fearful this season will get cut short.
  8. If this season gets to conference play I will be shocked. If we can’t get the band to a game, how will contact sports survive? Hope I am wrong. That’s why I kept my freshman daughter home from campus and online this semester. Hate it for her as she was set to live in the Joe Greene Residence Hall.
  9. Has anyone heard if the Green Brigade will be present at home games this fall with all of the COVID restrictions and seating assignments? Hope they will be there. It will be a strange season without them. Glad we are able to start the season but it my seem like the Twilight Zone.
  10. You can access the parking through your ticket account after you log in.
  11. I have been a season ticket holder since 91. Either I get in or it’s a refund. Spending a lot to send my youngest to UNT this fall. Hope they get this figured out. My guess is the semester will end in everyone being sent home for online school and football will be cut short if it starts at all. Hope I am wrong! I’ll hang up and listen.
  12. I found them at Fossil Creek and Bear Creek about three years ago. Bought several since they are hard to come by. Haven’t been back to those two courses in a while. They do exist though.
  13. Thoughts and prayers to the Mills family.
  14. Draper is a class act! Best of wishes to him in the future. Enjoyed watching him play. He will be missed. GMG
  15. 03/02/2020! Enough said. You had your chance.
  16. Either one should not be a problem if we play to our potential. The semi final potentially against Charlotte bothers me a bit. Can’t afford to sleep on any of them.
  17. My guess is coach Mac won’t be organizing a pool party on game day. I’am quite sure he will have them focused on the task at hand. Won’t be much time to fool around with Sunday’s game looming in the not too distant future.
  18. No issues on my end with TuneIn. It’s been good all season when I am not able to watch road games.
  19. Just win out and there won’t be any worries!
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