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  1. 20,500 according to their website.
  2. It’s all but over so why do the announcers sound excited that it’s “Roadrunners ball!”?
  3. New year, same offer! I'll gladly pay face value for any game that you are unable to use your club seats. Go Mean Green!
  4. Just on here posting for the points.
  5. You can lead a man to college but you can't make him think.
  6. So does this mean Emmitt will enter the fan portal?
  7. If you hold club seats for any game this year that you are unable to attend, I'll be happy to buy them from you. Thanks!
  8. Please use the education provided by UNT. The word is lose, not loose. I can explain the difference if needed.
  9. Didn’t y’all see the video? He said it himself. “This is.....home”.
  10. Come on guys! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?
  11. Anyone able to get it near Denton with Spectrum?
  12. 200,000 alumni and 36,000 student body and we can’t get 5,000 to the Pit on a Saturday for a team that was 17-3. Not sure how to fix that.
  13. I had five seats in section 107 Row U. We were basically at half court at the top of the lower bowl. If you were there, or watching the stream, you know how crazy the end was. But it was even crazier for us. We all stood up when UNT went back in front with just a few seconds left. That's when the camera operator behind us said "Hey, y'all need to sit down". Mind you, it's a tight game, a few seconds left, and the entire arena is standing. I looked back and said "what?". The operator said "Y'all need to sit down, I can't get the shot with y'all standing up". Now I'm a fairly understanding guy but this was ridiculous. I didn't want to sit down so the five of us left our seats and stood in the walkway for the final seconds. I asked the lady if she worked for UNT or ESPN and she said "both". Not sure what that means but this was not cool. If anyone knows who to contact with the AD's office, they should really check into this. Even my 19 year old son, UNT student next fall, couldn't believe we were asked to sit down. Very exciting game and I'm glad we won. Go Mean Green
  14. This will be my first time at Killarney's. Do we register or buy tickets (like Alamo)?
  15. At 9-1 going in I could not believe there weren’t more students there. Ridiculous. Looked like five in the “Student Section”.
  16. I know very little about any of this but......is it possible Littrell plans to stay here but won't say so because it keeps UNT in the news?
  17. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2802059-ranking-the-best-quarterbacks-in-college-football-this-season#slide0 And to think, Littrell was the only one to offer him. Enjoy this while it lasts!
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